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Voice Actor
Why? "Too many to properly list in 140 characters or less. I mean, he's Frank Welker, for cryin' out loud!"
Why? "For many of the same reasons I've fav'd Tara Strong. But I could and will name one name and just drop the mic: Azula"
Why? "The iconic basso voice of two of the most famous fathers in media. Plus, everyone and their dog keeps saying I sound like him."
Why? "When your voice is that awesome, what more reason do you need? Goliath, Admiral Anderson, Dr. Facilier. Just pick a role and he owns it."
Why? "Yet another great bass voice actor I hope to model my career after. Great inspiration and a heavy number of roles too."
Why? "A powerful, resonant bass voice that I only hope to measure up to. Some sweet roles too."
Why? "Wanna talk about range? Green Lantern to Static to Samurai Jack. And he's another prolific actor to boot."
Why? "I can't think of a single reason someone so prolific, with such range wouldn't be."
Why? "Someone who, to me, is fairly new to the game. Able to be brash and loud or soft and reserved. An excellent VA."
Why? "That perfect voice for an adolescent male, typical of the heroic variety, or sometimes anti-heroic."