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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Johnny Yong Bosch
Why? "Do I even need to give a reason? Okay, fine, I will! Lelouch, Izaya, Koizumi, I mean, the list is endless1"
Why? "Batou, Rider, Gato and many more. Powerful and full of life, Akio Otsuka always bring a smile to my face."
Why? "Her voice can go really low and threatening, but she also has this motherly quality as well."
Why? "Obviously Saber, come on! Definitive voice for Saber, no doubt."
Why? "This guy is a beast of voice acting."
Why? "Shizuo, Kirei, Itachi, Alan Gabriel, Alucard and so much more. His unique voice is smooth and deep with a hint of superiority."
Why? "Jotaro, Shizuo, Sebastian, Koizumi solidify Ono-san as a fave."
Why? "Gilgamesh, Grimmjow, Senketsu, Jin, Xingke. A smooth badass, who can snap like a twig at any moment."
Why? "This guy is just insane."
Why? "A voice that oozes confidence, with a touch of ham. What's not to like?"
Why? "Heero Yuy. That's it."
Why? "Always fun to listen to with his deep, rich voice. Very powerful, especially as Heihachi and Rider."
Why? "Awesome VA. Her voice is so badass, so tough. Why not?"
Why? "Darkwing Duck, Tigger, Pooh are good reasons to add this legend. I just love how light, yet rambunctious Jim can get."
Why? "Rejoice youth! The voice of Kirei, Alucard, the Count never fails to impress with his powerfully deep voice and mannerisms."
Why? "Why should I give a reason to the guy who played Lelouch. Hear for yourself and make judgement."
Why? "Rin and Rachael are so delightful snobby, but the former can also have some heart. In no small way is this because of Ueda-san."
Why? "The VA to go to for tough characters."
Why? "Emma Frost, Saber, Ashe, Fuu are all done perfectly. Especially Saber, who continues to grow into something of her own. Kari's awesome!"
Why? "Saber, CC and even Sakura are very well done. Please come back and do more work!"
Why? "Just listen to his work."
Why? "Damn, this guy's voice is so deep, so powerful and so badass, I couldn't help but add him!"
Why? "Well, considering the fact he's Spike Spiegel, Togusa, Kaji, Beerus, Donald Duck, Stitch and so much more, how could I NOT add this legend?"
Why? "Archer, Gaara, Kariya, Asura, Lloyd and much more. A variable voice artist with extremely strong acting."
Why? "A beast at VA. His screams are epic."
Why? "Motoko! Duh. That sultry voice is amazing. xxx"
Why? "An unstoppable tour de force in voice acting. Every and any line he says as Kiritsugu is perfection incarnate."
Why? "She brings a certain charm to Rin that only she can. She is Rin to me."
Why? "He is a voice of authority. Ever character he plays exudes such a commanding presence."
Why? "Yuki Nagato, man! What other reason do I need to give? She always brings her roles to life and she always does her best. Plus she's cute! XD"
Why? "Peter Pan and Kaneda. That is all."
Why? "Sanageyama, Link, Shirou Armada, Viral and many more hammy and charming characters! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
Why? "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Man, this guy can scream and his voice is like silk. Always a badass."
Why? "Commanding, hilarious, hot-blooded, you name the emotion, he does it perfectly."
Why? "As Optimus and Eeyore, he's awesome."
Why? "Green Lantern sounds badass, as does Samurai Jackson. Oh, and he's funny as **** as Hermes."
Why? "Batou. That is all."
Why? "Such a badass VA, especially as Kiritsugu, Frank West, and Hideo Kuze."
Why? "His Sonic is amazing and his Chris is badass."
Why? "Has one of the strongest voices around. Also, she's proof that minorities can achieve, if they work hard enough. An inspiration."
Why? "Milly, Erza, Irisviel, Beatrice. Her voice is like heaven itself, although it can also be quite......hellish."
Why? "Sagat, Charizard/Lizardon, Lockon, Aikuro, Allen, Aladdin and more. His voice just oozes cool. I love it."
Why? "A sweet, kind, soft, cute voice. Can also become quite creepy."
Why? "His voice is distinct and deep, with so much life into most of his roles. His Spike, Roger Smith and Wolverine in particular are great."
Why? "Kono Dio! Dio, Zechs, Mu La Flaga, Father Balder and many more characters are awesome thanks to his awesome voice!"
Why? "Her vocal abilities are not only impressive(being able to go low and high), but her performances are a treat to hear."
Why? "The more mature answer(pitch wise) to Nobuyuki Hiyama."
Why? "Chrom, Kyon, Ragna, Joseph are done very well thanks to this man's badass vocal chords!"
Why? "VOLTEKKA!!!!! Also Dante. And Charlie. And Sepiroth. And my underpants."
Why? "A beast of VAing. He has so much energy and vocal range, as well as emotional range."
Why? "A legendary female VA! Konata, Faye, Haruhi, Angel and so much more!"
Why? "Reminds me of a Japanese Stephanie Sheh. By saying that, there's no need for me to expand my reasons any further."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "JYB was just perfect, as was Daisuke Ono. That aside, he's so cool compared to the other characters."
Why? "He's not what you think he is. Oh, and JYB and Jun Fukuyama FTW."
Why? "Has 2 of the best VAs around and is such a contrast to the rest of the characters. So hopeful and proud."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "Everything from the depth of its premise to the voice acting is masterfully done."
#1 All Time Favorite