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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Mel Blanc
Why? "60's Batman."
Why? "One of the most badass Japanese VA's of all time. Solid Snake, Batou, Wamu... he's great in everything."
Why? "ATATATATATATATA!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "A great actress with a sexy, husky voice and a stunning beauty."
Why? "One of the sexiest Japanese voices of all time. Also quite beautiful for someone who's in her late 50's."
Why? "She has such a lovely and sweet voice."
Why? "The Jennifer Hale of the 80's."
Why? "Ireland's greatest actor."
Why? "One of the greatest talents from the Ocean Group. Can do high-pitched and deep, monstrous voices effortlessly. Vegeta, Benny, Zechs, Ryuk..."
Why? "He really defined how Wolverine should sound like."
Why? "Dr. Eggman, Gol D. Roger, Tao Pai Pai and Big Boss were his best roles."
Why? "One of the quintessential voice actors of the 1980's. Starscream and Cobra Commander were two of his greatest roles."
Why? "Great as serious and menacing villains like Lex Luthor and the Kurgan, but can also be funny as Mr. Krabs."
Why? "He really defined what it means to be a character actor."
Why? "Just excellent as Jotaro Kujo. ORA ORA ORA!!!"
Why? "Lois Lane and Andrea Beaumont."
Why? "The best voice for Venom."
Why? "The master of body horror. It's a shame he can't get funding for his projects nowadays. Also what a soothing voice."
Why? "Sentinels and Master Mold."
Why? "Along with Scott McNeil, Brian Drummond and the Dobson brothers, one of the best Canadian VA's. Megatron is his best role out of many."
Why? "One of the weirdest directors of all time. Blue Velvet, The Elephant Man, Mullholland Drive, The Straight Story, Wild at Heart..."
Why? "An underrated voice actor with a badass deep voice."
Why? "One of the finest voice actors and a great successor to Mel Blanc. Amazing as Megatron, Fred Jones, Soundwave, etc..."
Why? "HULK SMASH!!!"
Why? "She was amazing as Bulma and Meryl Stryfe. R.I.P."
Why? "I hope my body can take it."
Why? "He might be a nut, but he's a damn great actor. Despite some duds, he's always the best part of them."
Why? "Such a sexy and lovely voice. Ocean is sure full of beautiful ladies with sexy voices."
Why? "Darkwing Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger... This man has a lot of great and memorable roles."
Why? "One of the greatest actors of the Golden Age of Hollywood. George Bailey, Scottie Ferguson, Jefferson Smith, L.B. "Jeff" Jeffries..."
Why? "Great as creepy characters."
Why? "One of the coolest voices of all time. Amazing as Goliath, Tombstone, Mongul, Despero, Spawn and Black Panther."
Why? "Epic voice for Shenron, Raoh and Armstrong."
Why? "She's 17 years old. Oi oi!"
Why? "One of the best actors to play intense roles of all time."
Why? "Easily the most talented Japanese VA of all time. Incredible range..."
Why? "Impressive that she can voice Sailor Moon as well as Murrue Ramius. She's also very cute."
Why? "A cool badass voice for Cable."
Why? "An incredible amount of range. It'll be interesting to hear his Frieza."
Why? "The Joker and Luke Skywalker."
Why? "While he might have phoned in most of his performances in later life, his incredible acting talent can't be denied."
Why? "Her Lady Jaye voice is so sexy."
Why? "An absolute legend in the world of voice acting. She's simply perfect as Goku, Gohan, Goten, Bardock, Turles and Goku Black."
Why? "Krillin, Yajirobe and Luffy."
Why? "One of the best Japanese voice actresses of all time. Amazing in everything she does. Also a lovely singer."
Why? "Sailor Uranus, Kurama, Makoto Naegi, Nagito Komaeda and Shinji Ikari."
Why? "It's cool that he can still sound youthful even in his 80's."
Why? "The definitive voice for Wally West."
Why? "Guts, Knuckles, Lancer, Kabuto, Cao Pi, Nnoitra, Saonel"
Why? "The Tom Cruise of voice acting."
Why? "No one can voice Cell like he can."
Why? "Who would have thought that the guy who voiced Yusuke Urameshi would go on to voice Johan Liebert?"
Why? "The eldest of the Dobson brothers."
Why? "The definitive Optimus Prime, but has also shown in the past that he can do more than just Optimus Prime."
Why? "Amazing as Goku, Rolf and Whiplash."
Why? "Amazing how he can voice John Stewart and Static Shock. Also great in many other roles like Samurai Jack."
Why? "Raiden, Arcade, Spider-Man, Axel and Kon."
Why? "He's always a treat to hear in everything he does."
Why? "Such an incredibly underrated and underused VA. He's my favorite Spider-Man along with Christopher Daniel Barnes. Also a great Batman."
Why? "A great character actor who can also be a great leading man. Still kicking it at 88."
Why? "A very lovely husky voice. Her performance as Edward Elric made her one of my favorite female Japanese voice actresses of all time."
Why? "One of the greatest football players of all time. It's such a pity he got that knee injury since he would have been unstoppable."
Why? "Frieza, Cooler, Mayuri... A very distinctive voice for villains."
Why? "Great VA for little boys and mature women."
Why? "The greatest Canadian VA that has ever lived."
Why? "His deep smooth voice is music to my ears. Zarbon, Aizen and Vanilla Ice are his best roles."
Why? "Excellent at playing comic relief characters like Emperor Pilaf and Kuwabara, but can also be serious and menacing as Raditz."
Why? "I can't think of any other Japanese voice actor that could have voiced Zamasu better than this guy. A masterful voice acting performance."
Why? "The definitive voice for Piccolo, but also great as Kai Shiden and many more great characters."
Why? "Blackarachnia, female Ranma Saotome and Jean Grey."
Why? "April O'Neil."
Why? "She has such a cute and adorable voice for characters like Videl and Pan."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "It might have some flaws such as censorship and bad animation, but it's still a great show and one of my favorite depictions of Spider-Man."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "A very fun film. Great voice acting and incredible animation. Also that color palette is to die for."
Why? "While the special effects are dated, you can tell the filmmakers put a lot of work on all departments to make this film great."
Why? "An Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece. That shower scene is the stuff nightmares are made of."