Sakura Wars

Actors: 49
Characters: 52
Shows: 4
Movies: 1
Games: 7
Sakura Wars Sakura Wars


Sakura ShingujiSakura Shinguji
10 incarnations
Ichiro OgamiIchiro Ogami
12 incarnations
Gemini SunriseGemini Sunrise
4 incarnations
Erica FontaineErica Fontaine
6 incarnations
Kanna KirishimaKanna Kirishima
7 incarnations
Sumire KanzakiSumire Kanzaki
8 incarnations
Iris ChateaubriandIris Chateaubriand
7 incarnations
Kohran LiKohran Li
7 incarnations
Yuichi KayamaYuichi Kayama
6 incarnations
Maria TachibanaMaria Tachibana
6 incarnations
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