King of the Hill

Actors: 41
Characters: 14
Shows: 1
Games: 1
Voice Compares: 3
King of the Hill King of the Hill


Hank HillHank Hill
5 incarnations
Bobby HillBobby Hill
2 incarnations
Jeff BoomhauerJeff Boomhauer
2 incarnations
Joseph GribbleJoseph Gribble
3 incarnations
Luanne PlatterLuanne Platter
2 incarnations
Dale GribbleDale Gribble
2 incarnations
Peggy HillPeggy Hill
2 incarnations
Bill DauteriveBill Dauterive
2 incarnations
Cotton HillCotton Hill
2 incarnations
Kahn SouphanousinphoneKahn Souphanousinphone
2 incarnations
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King of the HillKing of the Hill (1997)


King of the HillKing of the Hill (2000)

Voice Compares

John RedcornJohn Redcorn
2 comparisons
Roger (Booda) SackRoger (Booda) Sack
2 comparisons
M.F. ThathertonM.F. Thatherton
2 comparisons


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