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Default Gundam 0083 Credit Screens

Bit of an odd one here, and no offense to whomever added this, as this is pretty confusing on the face, but the credit screens from Gundam 0083's dub are actually from a fan restoration edit. I haven't actually ever seen the Gundam 0083 dub credits from the Bandai releases, but I highly doubt they credited actors with their roles. Animaze rarely did that for non-union dubs (basically if the client insisted, resulting in situations like the Street Fighter II movie and Ghost in the Shell 1 where they clearly went even further out of their way to make the cast credits difficult to figure out) and never on a Bandai non-union release to my knowledge.

The credits for the Adult Swim broadcast are just a list-o'-names, and while these credits were definitely reconstructed from the home video release, I think they're just a straight copy--even in that same font and style as all the ZRO Limit shows online edited by Point.360 (or whatever they were known as at the time)--probably just swapping what I would assume were originally individual credit title cards and replacing them with a scroll, so that they could conceivably speed it up so much. They even keep the fact that it's credited to AnimeVillage.com, despite them having long since rebranded as Bandai Entertainment. I don't even think the website existed at that point--just redirected to bandai-ent.com

Also, I have seen the home video credits for Gundam 0080 and can confirm the Toonami edit is just a direct copy--this time just a cast scroll instead of individual titles, but they don't bother to change anything. While some Toonami/Adult Swim edits have featured different cast credits than the home video release (Yu Yu Hakusho I think, for one; .hack//Sign had cast-to-role credits on the DVDs I think, but just a list-o'-names in the TV edit), I don't think it was really ever the case with the Bandai/Animaze stuff.

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