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Default Smallville Season 11

Having completed all the main comics besides Chaos, even though I only got through 2 short stories, I decided to do a Dream Cast. It does not included the main characters/tv cast as I imagined them reprising their roles and no need to write them in constantly. Going by a logic that the Arrowverse would not exist if Smallville continued in live action, I included a few of its cast members but not the majority. I also has some Gotham reprisals in here, since I imagine a Gotham esque premise if Smallville had been a Batman show. Arcs with no new characters are left out since they only have the main cast or recurring characters in the comics. The last decision I made was to avoid trying to cast someone bearing any resemblance to the likeliness of the characters since this is a voice acting cast, with some exceptions. I plan on adding Vancouver soon, since Smallville was filmed there, and some of its cast is from Canada.

So here's my cast in order of their characters debut.

Batman/Bruce Wayne- Stephen Amell

Nightwing/Barbara Gordon- Emily Bett Rickards

Mr. Freeze- Nathan Darrow

Prankster- Robin Lord Taylor

Black Flash*- Tony Todd

Flash/Jay Garrick- John C McGinley

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince- Jessica Camacho

Steve Trevor- Rick Cosnett

Felix Faust - Tom Felton

Hades- Keith David

The Monitor- Christopher Daniel Barnes

Joker Bruce- Neal McDonough or Cameron Monaghan

Green Lantern/John Stewart- Laurence Fishburne

Parallax- Robert Englund

Ravaged/Rose Wilson- Katie Cassidy

Miss Martian- Danielle Panabaker

* Not sure if he was actually named Black Flash

* Casting Stephen Amell as Brice made it difficult when an alternate version that becomes Joker showed up. I immediately thought of Cameron Monagan but was struggling thinking of someone to do the duality so hearing Neal as Barry Allen and seeing him as Malcolom in the Arrowverse I went with him using his Barry for Bruce and a more flamboyant for Joker who only appears in the climax.

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