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Default Transformers Revolution Pilot




Robert “Bobby” Fordman: Michael Rosenbaum

James “Jimmy” Ross: Jason Marsden

Edthaniel “Eddie” Olsen: Will Friedle

Rachel Watts: Erica Durance


Megatron: David Sobolov

Starscream: Mark Hamill

Soundwave: Corey Burton

Shockwave: Tom Kane

Transformers: Revolution Pilot Part 1(1st half)

(Visible on a cliff is the peaceful small town of Ridgeview Falls, right in the beginning of the summer peak one of the many ridges that gives it his namesake is visible past the woods. Above the town is a red jet flying through the sky. We zoom in on the town and see a close up of Ridgeview High, an older, red bricked building, then we see the inside. It’s the end of the day, lockers are slamming. A girl with red hair in a green blouse is walking down the hall, and 3 boys leaning against a row of lockers, and one of them who has dark hair, cut military style, and a Ridgeview High letterman’s jacket, is gaping at her, mouth open, then he shuts it and turns to his two friends, one with red curly hair, the other with straight hair and glasses(he resembles Raf from Prime, but is taller), and blushes.

Dark haired kid: Oh my god that’s her, Rachel Therese Watts

Curly haired kid: Back up Bobby, you know her full name how?

Brown haired kid: Isn’t it obvious Jimmy? Because he stalks her all over the school.

Dark haired kid: What makes you think you have the right to question that knowledge, Edthaniel?

Edthaniel: Hey, my parents couldn’t decide on Edward on Nathaniel, and the whole school, know it’s just Eddie anyway. Sometimes I wish I just could go back, tear up my birth certificate, and name myself.

Bobby: Well back to reality, I overheard it when she went into the office to register last week. She’s new, and just moved here a month ago, still unpacking.

Jimmy: How’d you find that out Mr. Smooth?

Bobby: Well she was picking up her schedule and I was passing the office, I happened to be in study hall and had got all my homework done, so I was just walikng around, to think, about the end of this year coming pretty soon, how freshman year was, you know high school stuff like that. She asked and I said sure, but then I got and mixed the directions up, she just laughed as I kept correcting myself.

Eddie: Mr. Big Shot Jack Who would’ve thought?

Jimmy: Nice one, Mr. Smooth. Where’s she from anyway?

Bobby: Los Angeles, I think I forget why she moved here though, think it was a bad neighborhood, her dad lost his job. I think she said she wanted to be a model or actress. Hey she’s hot so I forgot stuff ok?

Jimmy: Robert “Must Remember Everything So He Can Go To A Good College Cause Not Everyone Can Cruise Through Life On A Scholarship” Fordman. Boy, your mother will have a cow.

Bobby: Well, I plan on on finding out where she lives so I can walk her home and hopefully get to know her better.

Eddie: Yeah, that way you can peep in her windows

Jimmy: Raid her underwear

Bobby: Guys, what is this junior high? I think she said she lives on the other side of the woods, but didn’t mention her address. You guys coming, if we get this done early, we can just call our parents and say we’re hanging out in the woods, messing around on our dirt jumps or something.

Jimmy: Can’t. Got detention

Eddie: Figures, smoke bombs in the hall again?

Jimmy: I’d be suspended then, I’m not an idiot. I snuck a tape recorder in so my science teacher would think she sat on firecracker one time, and she just wouldn’t let it go. I even told her it was an experiment and she gave me detention anyway. What’s education coming to if you can’t have a little harmless fun.

Bobby: Jimmy, you seem to have a knack for getting in trouble because of “science experiments”. Wasn’t that what the smoke bombs were?

Eddie: Let’s see what happens if I explode smoke bombs in the hall, someone might pull the fire alarm, maybe the smoke detectors will even go off.

Bobby: Eddie, you coming or what? We gotta catch up to Rachel now, if I’m ever gonna have a shot at her and I’d like to ask her out, sometime before graduation please?

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Default Re: Transformers Revolution Pilot

(They follow Rachel down a sidewalk, and into the path leading into the woods. tip toeing, and going through the thick bushes, a red jet hovers above them , not moving, but not noticed, as it’s is stashed in the clouds, zooming in on Rachel. Then a voice comes out of the jet)

Voice: Starscream to base, I have a plan.

(The signal tracks to a dark room, with two robots standing at a computer, one who’s head is round, the other who’s head is pointed, they turn back toward another one, also round headed, who appears to to be sitting on a throne, a cape that wraps completely around him is visible)

Round headed one: Lord Megatron, incoming transmission from Starscream.

(We see Megatron from the front, but all we can make out besides his cape, are his glowing red eyes, they light up when he hears the news of an update from Starscream mission)

Megatron: Good, Soundwave.

(Megatron turns to the pointy faced one)

Megatron(CT): Shockwave, see if he’s located the base yet

Shockwave: What is the status of your mission?

Starscream: I can’t locate that infernal base, but I have a plan, My Lord.

(Starscream changes the monitor to the ground, showing Rachel)

Starscream: Optimus Prime is a sap who values all Earth life, I kidnap this girl, and use her as a hostage to lure the Autobots out. If that blasted base is really around here, they’ll have to come to her rescue, then we can ambush them and blow them all to kingdom come!!!

Shockwave: Negative, involving humans in this conflict goes against all logic and

(From behind Megatron grunts from his throne then lets out an angry yell, and storms over to the monitor, pushing Shockwave out of the way)

Megatron: If you really aren’t capable of finding anything that even remotely resembles Cybertron’s technology by yourself then do as you please. Earth’s natives are too pompous to acknowledge our existence if she does find out about us, and even if they did decide to believe her we’d eradicate their forces in minutes!!!! For your sake I hope this works, I’ll have no bumbling incompetence from a Decepticon of your caliber.

Starscream: Yes, My Lord

(Megatron shuts off the monitor)

Starscream(CT): My bumbling incompetence? The nerve!!! If I were leading in my rightful place, the Autobots would be destroyed, faster than flicking an entire fleet of Mini-cons in my hand with a brisk tap of my pinky. When this works I’ll tell him where to stick his commands.

(Bobby and Eddie break a twig, catching Rachel’s attention. She turns)

Rachel: Who’s there?

(Bobby and Eddie stay crouched down, and Rachel keeps walking, but all three turn to the roar of an engine, and see Starscream flying really low, and gaining on Rachel. He transforms and lands directly in front of her).

Starscream: Greetings Earthling, I do mean harm, I don’t come in peace.

(Starscream grabs Rachel by the arm. Bobby picks up a rock, and gets ready to throw it)

Eddie: This is no time to play David and Goliath, especially cause your kind of lacking a slingshot.

(Bobby tightens his grip on the rock, as Starscream is tightening his grip on Rachel)

Starscream: Now you have two choices, little girl. One is I could do this swiftly and exterminate your spark as quick and painless as possible, but that’s not really my style. The other is you can squirm for your wretched existence while I torture you until your spark goes out, which is my personal preference.

(Rachel starts to squirm and Starscream is getting ready to blast her, then Bobby throws the rock. It hits Starscream and he loses grip on Rachel, dropping her to the ground)

Starscream: Ow!!!! What the slag?

(Starscream zones in on everything nearby to find out where the rock came from, and spots, Bobby and Eddie. He points to them)


(Starscream goes back into jet mode, but stays low, and starts firing missiles at all 3 of them. Bobby runs towards Rachel, and jumps when the missile fires, grabbing Rachel’s hand to get her to duck down followed by Eddie, then they run into the trees on the other side of the path, trying to hide in the bushes, but Starscream fires randomly hoping to hit them, they keep moving till they reach the river)

Eddie: We are so not swimming, he’ll nuke us!!!!

Bobby: We don’t have to.

(Bobby leaps down to the river bank, grabs mud on the surface, packs it and throws it at Starscream’s windshield, Rachel and Eddie do the same, blinding Starscream. They look around desperate for an escape, noticing an opening in the shale of the cliff, recognizing it as a tunnel entrance)

Bobby: In there!!!!

Eddie: But that’s the first place he’ll try, he’ll cave us in, or avalanche us!!!

Rachel: You got a better idea?

(They all jump into the tunnel, out of breath)

Eddie: Wait was this here 5 seconds ago?

Rachel: I assume so, why?

(All 3 turn around to see the doorway vanishing, then vacuum ilke tubes opens in the ceiling above them, and suck them up. Outside, Starscream switches and quickly activates his jets on his feet to chase the 3 faster, before he even notices they escaped, and jets straight forward, realize his mistake too late, and sees he’s going into the real shale, and is about to plummet into it, a look of surprise is displayed on his face)

Starscream: Relp

(His entire body plummets head first into it, making a full imprint)


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Default Re: Transformers Revolution Pilot

Transformers: Revolution Part 1(2nd Half)

CT: Continuing


The Revoultion Begins




Robert “Bobby” Fordman: Michael Rosenbaum

James “Jimmy” Ross: Jason Marsden

Edthaniel “Eddie” Olsen: Will Friedle

Rachel Watts: Erica Durance


Optimus Prime: Clancy Brown

Sideswipe: Josh Keaton

Red Alert: Kristin Kreuk

Ironhide: Fred Testasciore

Thifter: Sam Regal


Megatron: David Sobolov

Starscream: Mark Hamill

Soundwave: Corey Burton

Shockwave: Tom Kane

(Bobby, Eddie, and Rachel. are being sucked upward into the tube, and are pilled into an opening. where 3 robots, two males, one orange, one red, the latter is buff, and a female charge at them, the female pulls her gun out, Bobby sticks his arm out to protect Rachel behind him, and a 4th one, also male, but skinny, not displaying muscles like the other two, and is white with blue eyes.

4th Robot: I don’t understand, how did they get past the cloaking device and security alarms?
Female Robot: i think the better question is why is Megatron using humans to infiltrate our base?

(She points the gun further at them, but a booming voice, comes out from the base)

Voice: Stand down soldier, that’s an order.

(Another buff robot with a blue head, abd red body enters the room, and the white robot approaches him)

White Robot: Why aren’t the security defenses working sir?

Buff Robot: Becase I disabled them for their safety.

Female Robot: Sir, Cybetronian law prohibits involving other species or races in our affairs

Buff Robot: The situation was dire, Starscream came prety close to roasting them alive!!!

Bobby: Is that the one who was after us in the woods? I take it he’s a bad dude.

Orange Robot: “Bad dude” doesn’t even begin to describe him

(Cue The Revolution Begins)

(Images of slaughtered allies on appear in the buff robot's memory, including Starscream murdering his own ally, and the tratior in the council who drove a sword through Merthureus Prime)

Buff Robot: I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. Let me start from the beginning, many eons ago, when the universe was stil young, on the planet of Cybertron, Eonus Prime, the first Prime in Cybetron’s existence. He set up on Cybetron, what Earthlings would call a government, the Cybertronian High Council, The Grand Order Of Primus, and then the Supreme Prime. To be a member of the Grand Order Of Primus was considered te greatest honor on Cybetron. I diiscovered by a trusted member of the Grand Order Of Primus, Megatron to overthrow the Supreme Prime. I was serving under the Cybertronian Academy, as young officer Orion Pax at the time. I exposed Megatron, challenged him to a duel, and defeated him, he was banished from Cybetron and he swore he’d have his revenge. I was admitted into the Grand Order Of Primus, as Optimus Prime, member of 13 Primes, that were apart of the Grand Order Of Primus, but Megatron had followers who hid him, and then infiltrated the Grand Order Of Prmius, by claiming that they knew there was a spy in our ranks. This was the villain known as Starscream that you encountered, in order to gain the trust of the Supreme Prime, known as Merthurus Prime to the inhabitants of Cybteron, he murdered his own accomplice right in front of him. On Earth Merthureus Prime would have been very much like King Arthur of lore, and the Grand Order Of Primus was much like King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table. Starscream’s ploy worked and he found two others who dreamed of conquest and they aided him in assassinating Merthureus Prime, one of them Plaguernia, gave Megatron the throne, and took one for herself, making themselves the emperor and empress of Cyberton, my fellow Autobots have been fighting to free the universe from the tyranny of the Decepticon Empire ever since.

Eddie: Wait then where’s rest and why are you here? Megatron and Plaguernia they plan on conquering Earth too?

Optimus(CT): Sadly, Cybertron was lost during the revoluton

(An image of a giant head with horns and glowing red eyes appears in Opimus’s memory, then Cybetron blowing up)

Optimus(CT): We pursued Megatron across numerous galaxies, doing what we could to prevent him from conquering various worlds. His empire divided once Cybertron was destroyed, his generals, being spread across space, to strengthen his dimishing empire, and my what remained of my fellow comrades, hunting down the remaining Decepticons.

Rachel: How many remained? Were they dead?

Optimus(CT): We lost a bunch of comardes in the revolution, but the survivors either abandoned Cybetron, right before it was destroyed, or were thrown in the prisons both sides designed. According to Thrifter and his mentors , Wheeljack and Ratchet, who are sadly among the captured, thanks to the enemy, a former friend known as Shockwave, who opened up a space bridge to Earth to save what of the Cybetronian race he could, but betrayed us when Cybetron was destoyed blaming us for it's destruction.

Bobby: With various groups of Decepticons are here, wouldn’t you be outnumbered?

(Optimus is gonna respond but the buff red Autobot speaks up instead)

Buff Red Autobot: It’s not just those blasted Cons, I would’ve slagged all their sparks a long time ago, but other baddies, not exactly here to bring out the welcome wagon, are also here to fight against Megatron.

Rachel: There’s more here?

(Rachel trembles and Bobby tries to hold her)

Eddie: Is there a way to build a reverse space bridge and send them to the Autobot prison?

Orange one: You’d have to ask Thrifter that

(He points to the white one)

Thrifter: Space bridges don’t work like that, you can’t just make them nto a black hole, or let’s say make special containg a space bridge, that zaps these guys back from once they came.

(Optimus begins talking again)

Optimus: Apologize for the harsh welcome, but I had to act fast, without letting my soldiers know anything.

(The orange Autobot walks up to Bobby, Rachel, and Eddie)

Orange Autobot: I’m Sideswipe looks like you already met Thrifter. Muscle Joe here is Ironhide, and the babe is Red Alert, I’ve been dating her since the academy)

(Red Alert shoots him a glare)

Sideswipe: Can’t I make a joke just once in a while babe?

(She sighs and turns around OPtimus appraches Bobby, Rachel, and Eddie)

Optimus: I realize this is rather dfificult to acknowledge, but now that I’ve revealed our existence, know that you have made a friend this day

(Optimus extends his hand, Ironhide picks up Bobby so he can shake it)

Optimus(CT): You guys need anything before we make it’s safe for you to go home?

Rachel: This is gonna sound silly, so don’t take it personanlly, but you’ve got anything close to a shower and washing machines? Oh, abd a blow dryer We were running through the woods, and then the river, my clothes are wet and muddy, and my hair is soaking wet, and a mess.

Thrifter: Uh, sure. I built these invention, using basic tools from what Earthlings call a car wash, along with stuff from thrown out blow dryers, washing machines, drying machines, maybe a few Cybertronian tweeks added in. It can clean you up without even getting your clothes wet. When we get messy in our vehicle modes we use it to wash off. Give me a few minutes to set it up.

Rachel: Thanks, you guys want to come, I mean we’re not gonna be, uh, you know.

(Bobby and Eddie laugs)

Rachel: (CT): It’s Bobby right? We met last week when I started. I liked our little chat abd was hoping we could, well, have more like that.

Bobby: Well actually, I uh was so nervous and tongue tied, that I was too nervous to talk to you again, and I thought I should try again t get to know you better, and uh

Eddie: He think you’re hot!!

(Bobby shoots Eddie an annoyed glare and Rachel bushes)

Bobby: (CT): Before my backseat explainer cuts in again, I wanted to cach you today to wwalk you home, but you were gone too fast, I saw you headed into the woods, abd tried to catch you but

Rachel: (ct) You were too busy hinding in the bushes to talk to me?

(She laughs again)

Bobby: (CT)Uh knida, I wanted to find out where you lived, so I could uh talk to you whenever I wanted, and we maybe, we could, uh gang out or something.

(Rachel laughs)

Rachel: (CT) Really it’s no big deal, but I find it funny the brave hero who saved my life is all nervous and tongue tied.

Thrifter: Ok, the shower’s ready. Bobby and Rachel go in, but Eddie sneaks out of the base, while the Autobots are focused on Bobby and Rachel)

(Starscream wedges out of the crevis he’s in, abd spits out some shale)

Starscream: The great and glorious Starscream, runnning smack into a cliff like some cartoon coyote. THey’ll pay for that!!!! Now where are they? Is this an energon stream? Last I saw them, they were crossing this, what do you call them? Hydrosparks. It’s clearly a regular hydrospark byt the looks of it, unless those oversized brats did get ahold of energon they could have used to humilaite me. I’ll make them suffer tenfold!!!! Now where did they escape to? They must have gone and drifted down the hydrospark, couldn’t have gotten far.

(Starscream hovers through the air searching the “hydrospark”. He is blasting everything in sight

Starscream: I need to kill some time, how about ruining some of Earth’s accursed nursery rhymes. Eeeny, mini, miny, mo, blasting humans to and fro, blasting humans to and fro, if they hollar, blast their toes, eeeny, mini, miny mo. Nah, not thrilling enough

(He finally notices a big round pile of sticks)

Starscream(CT): Aha! You wretched Earthlings think you’re so smug, hiding beneath a big pile of sticks. All around this blasted forests, All Mighty Starscream chased the weasels, they thought they could outsmart my genius...

(He launches a missle at it blowing it up, abd the sticks scatter in every direction, but the sound is loud enough for the whole forest to hear. He lowers himself into the water)

Starscream(CT): KABOOM GOES THE WEASELS!!!! That had draw the Autobots out of hiding, wait till Opttimus Prime finds out he couldn’t save those overgrown brats, I’ll slag them all!!!! Victory Shall Be Mine!!!!

(Starscream starts to sing in tenorous tone)


(He hears a stick that blew up snap, and turns to see 4 brown creatures with webbed feet and padded tails, staring at him)


(The monitor on his arm goes off) and Shockwave appears on the screen)

Shockwave: Starscream stop this foolishness at once!!!

Starscream: I just eradicated those infernal humans, in an explosion, that had draw Autobots from across the universe, and I’m going to slag them all!!! This is truly a great day for me to me declared Emperor Starscream. Megatron is just a pawn, in an agenda suited for my genius!!!

Shockwave: Slaughtering innocents will just anger the Autobots, and cost us a battle.

Starscream: I found a hut those overgrown brats made, when they drifted the hydrospark then blew it to kingdom come!!!! No sign of any life forms escaping.

Shockwave: You mean they swam upstream?

Starscream: Huh?

Shockwave: What you just destroyed was a common beaver dam

Starscream: Beaver?

(Starscream turns his monitor off, and looks up beaver in his arms computer, then looks up at the creatures on the riverbank)

Starscream: Oh, scrap

(They lash out at him beating him around with their tails, till he hits a pine tree on the river bank. He looks up at a round papery object then turns his monitor on)

Starscream: Shockwave, get Megatron now!!!

Shockwave: Did you find the base?

Starscream: No, but I think I found something that can!!!!

(Starscream points his monitor at the object)

Starscream(CT): My guess is it’s some sort of Autobot scouting device)

Shockwave: Starscream don’t that’s

(Starscream reaches to yank it off the tree and hears a buzzing, and a bunch of wasps fly at him)

Starscream: Curse The Allspark!!!!

(He gets stung 2 dozen times at least, trying to swat them away, droppping the nest)

Starscream: Earth is despicable

(He is struggling to balance himself on one kne then falls)


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Default Re: Transformers Revolution Pilot


CT: Continuing



Robert “Bobby” Fordman: Michael Rosenbaum

Edthaniel “Eddie” Olsen: Will Friedle

Rachel Watts: Erica Durance


Optimus Prime: Clancy Brown

Sideswipe: Josh Keaton

Red Alert: Kristin Kreuk

Ironhide: Fred Testasciore

Thifter: Sam Regal


Starscream: Mark Hamill

(Eddie is feeling around the cave trying to leave, finds the opening, falls out,and splashes into the river, Starscream hears it, gets up from his episode, and from behind on the rive bank, tapping him on the shoulder)

Starscream: Excuse me little boy, are you lost?

(Eddie turns around and gasps but his shouting is cut off when Starscream puts a hand on his mouth, then mockingly raises a finger to his lips)

Starscream(CT): Be vewy quiet, be vewy quiet, I’m hunting Autobots

(In the Autobot base Thrfiter is viewing the monitors, then turns to Red Alert)

Thrifter: How mank kids did we rescue?

Red Alert: 3 why?

Thrifter: Looks like one of them tried to sneak out of here and Starscream abducted him. Check the showers.

Red Alert: Or see for ourselves cause Starscream abducting ANYONE is bad.

Thifter: I had my auto probes put a tracking device on him same with any lifeform o our base in case they’re a Decepticon, but the auto defenses will 1, expose us, and 2 hurt the hostage)

(Red Alert goes to the shower where Bobby and Rachel are having a conversation)

Bobby: So where you from again?

Rachel: Los Angeles but my parents wanted a quiet life because it’s bad neihborhood and this town is so quiet and peaceful.

Bobby: Wait till you see it in the fall, I gotta show you the leaves.

Rachel: Count on it

(The showers shut off)

Bobby: What the?

Rachel: Might be aut set and the timer’s done, should we ask Thrifter to turn it back it on

Bobby: I’m good you?

Rachel: Clothes are bit damp but it will have to do

(Rachel ties her hair into a pony tail and Red Alert comes in)

Bobby: What happened?

Red Alert: Thifter turns these off.

Rachel: Why?

Red Alert: Know where your friend is?

Bobby: Eddie, welll thought he wanted to check the base out.

Red Alert: He’s missing, looks he tried to make run for it and Starscream got him.

(Bobby and Rachel run out of the showers to find Optimus, who notices them scared, and assumes it’sjust shower trouble lik cold water)

Optimus: Situation in the showers

Bobby: Starscream just grabbed Eddie

(Optimus gets a look of despair on his face then hits Thifter hits the alarm as Red Alert tells hims about Eddie’s abduction, Sideswipe and Ironhide)

Optimus: One of our himan frends is now in the hands of Megatron, Thrifter has a tracking device on him, Autobots, TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT.

(Optimus lets Bobby and Rachel in his driver’s seat after transforming, and Sideswipe gets into his orange motorcycle mode, Red Alert in black cop car mode, Ironhide in his truck mode, and Thrifter in his white car mode, they splash into the river in an exit different from the one the human enter and exit from and drive off)

End Of Part 1

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Default Re: Transformers Revolution Pilot



Robert “Bobby” Fordman: Michael Rosenbaum

Edthaniel “Eddie” Olsen: Will Friedle

Rachel Watts: Erica Durance


Optimus Prime: Clancy Brown

Sideswipe: Josh Keaton

Red Alert: Kristin Kreuk

Ironhide: Fred Testasciore

Thifter: Sam Regal


Megatron: David Sobolov

Starscream: Mark Hamill

Soundwave: Corey Burton

Shockwave: Tom Kane

(Autobots are cruising through and drive up on the riverbank, going through the bushes, the human trio ran through to escape Starscream, then the path they came down when they encountered him)

Sideswipe: Why are we bringing the babysitting job into this?

Optimus: That’s out of line soldier

Sideswipe: I just don’t think we should have any human casualities that’s all, it’s not their fight.

Optimus: Once the humans made their way to us escaping Starscream, it was destined to become their fight.

Ironhide: The important thing is IT’S CON KICKIN TIME

(Starscream is flying some miles ahead, holding Eddie in one arm, trying to get in touch with Shockwave, Soundwave answers)

Soundwave: Update from Starscream my lord

(Shockwave puts him on)

Starscream: I captured one of the humans, bringing him back to base now.

Megatron: You’e what

Shockwave: Bringing him back here goes against all logic, it will it start an intergalatic incident, because the humans will get involved

Starscream: We call Imperion or Plaguernia have them send a bunch of our best warriors abd SLAG ALL THE ACCURSED HUMANS AT ONCE. If I can, I’ll get my revenge on those fort scavening vermin too.

Shockwave: That’s intelligent life that isn’t involved with the fight, no need to mercilessly end the life of remarkable creatures.

(Megatron comes to the screen)

Megatron: STARSCREAM!!!! Your task was to lower the Autobots into the open, not in the base.

Starscream: They don’t know we know they’re coming, juset set a trap.


(Starsceam shuts the monitor off, then arrives in the base still mad)

Megatron: Get him out of here NOW!!! Just redeem yourself, and blow the Autobots to kingdom come!!!

(Starscream ignores him tosses Eddie to Shockwave then storms up to Megatron, pointing his finger in his face)




(Megatron twists Starscream’s arm, and then kicks him into the far wall. Starscream looks at him, glaring menacingly then smiles)

Starscream: The truth hurts doesn’t it?

End OF Part 1

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Default Re: Transformers Revolution Pilot

Part 2



Edthaniel “Eddie” Olsen: Will Friedle

Silas: Michael Ironside

Phillip Blackwell: John Glover


Starscream: Mark Hamill

Shockwave: Tom Kane

(Starscream grabs his drone Lazerbeak and whispers a command while no
one’s looking. Megatron drives onto the moutainous terrain where the
Decepticon base is hidden in his tank mode to meet Optimus, Shockwave
drags Eddie into the experiment room, strapping him onto the lab

Eddie: Let me guess your name: Cyclops?

Shockwave: Earthly humor will get you nowhere

(Starscream enters the room)

Starscream: Shockwave, have you see my Illudium Q-36 Explosive
Space Modulator?

Shockwave: Your what?

Starscream: We’re going to blow up the Earth in just a few seconds,
there’s going to be a Earth shattering kaboom!!!

Shockwave: Megatron didn’t say anything about.. never mind you watch
it him, no torturing.

Starscream: Oh come on, that’s the same as blowing stuff up, you’re no
fun, oh wait you never were!!!!

Eddie: Is he insane?

Shockwave: You haven’t met Tarantulas, that prize goes to him.
Starscream, stay here.

Starscream: Have you forgotten I’m still second in command around
here, I call the shots when Megatron is IMA got it?

(Shockwave leaves the room, while Starscream stands there with a bored
look, yawning)

Starscream: Wish I had an earthly manual to read, oh wait I’d destroy
it, one of these we need to steal one of hydro dispensers or energon

Eddie: We don’t call them...

Starscream: Who cares what your pathetic race call the, I need a nap,
oh and maybe some cartoons.

(Starscream leaves the room, Lazerbeak flies in to the room, and zaps
the cuffs on the lab table, Eddie leaps off the table, and runs out,
not noticing Starscream around the corner, speaking into Lazerbeak,
his hand over his hand too look dramatic)

Starscream: They’re here!!! They’re after me!!!! Somebody help me!!!!!
Call the police!!!!!

(Lazerbeak flies off to a nearby military base, where he sends
Starscream’s transmission)

Random soldier: Sir are you reading this?

(A man in a mustache military style haircut is watching the screen,
next to guy in a suit with long hair and a beard)

Mustached Man: Can you lower the frequency soldier?

Soldier: Yes Commander Silas.

(They hear a staticy They’re here!!! They’re after me!!!! Somebody
help me!!!!! Call the police!!!!!

Bearded man: It must be the aliens!!! They’re attacking!!!! Silas, get
all your forces now!!!!

Silas: Yes, Mr. Blackwell, Soldier sound the alarms, we’re going to war!!!!

(An alarm sound breaches the base, as solidiers run through it,
heading to tanks and helicopters)

End Of Act 2

Act 3


Robert “Bobby” Fordman: Michael Rosenbaum

Edthaniel “Eddie” Olsen: Will Friedle

Rachel Watts: Erica Durance

Silas: Michael Ironside

Phillip Blackwell: John Glover

Officer Louie Darnell: Robert Constanzo


Optimus Prime: Clancy Brown

Sideswipe: Josh Keaton

Red Alert: Kristin Kreuk

Ironhide: Fred Testasciore

Thifter: Sam Regal


Megatron: David Sobolov

Starscream: Mark Hamill

Shockwave: Tom Kane

Soundwave: Corey Burton

Imperion: David Kaye(grunt only)

(At the base, Shockwave notices Eddie is escaping)

Soundwave: Permission to pursue the fugitive requested

Shockwave: Permission denied he’s no threat or priority, how did he
escape though?

Starscream: Looks like you forgot to secure the cuffs

Shockwave: Impssible. Forgetting is illogical and does not compute

(Starscream looks behind the see lazer break reparing the melted
cuffs, then notices him notices Shockwave looking at him, and whistles
and walks away, and fkys out the base)


(Eddie has made it down the mountain, and runs into a road, flagging
down a police car, a fat cop exits)

Eddie: Yes Officer

Officer: Name’s Louie Darnell what can I do for ya?

Eddie: There’s aliens up there

Darnell: Aliens what is this Area 51? You’re coming downtown for questioning.

(Darnell tries to grab him by the arm but he runs away)

Darnell: Hey rookie follow that kid?

(They follow Eddie for a few blocks, but he ditches them and catches
up with the Autobots, in a field, they stop and Bobby and Rachel get
out of Optimus)

Rachel: Why did you run?

Bobby: He’s not a fighter

(Before they can say a word a grey tank approaches them, the Autobots
get ready to attack it)

Ironhide: Now it’s time for some action

Optimus: Stand back get the humans to safety

Sideswipe: But it was just getting good

Red Alert: No time to argue let’s move, quick to that hill, we can
watch from there

(The tank jumps into the air and slams on the ground, revealing a grey robot)

Optimus: Megatron

Human trio: THAT’S MEGATRON!!!!

Thrifter: Yeah so it’s best we don’t get in the way

Megatron: Greeting Optimus, it took a half a decade of spark cycles
but at least I’ve drawn you out. Now let’s finish this

(The humans run towars the hill)

Rachel: You were there and ecaped from him?

Eddie: I was out drugged so I couldn’t see where they took me.

Bobby: How did you escape?

Eddie: They must hace not secured me in their lab

(The Autbots shush them as they watch the battle. Meagtron charges
first and takes a swing, knocking Optimus sideways, but Optimus rams
him with his head, taking him down, Megatron and extracts a sword,
resbling a ightsaber, that then turns into steel blade, Optimus does
the same. They swing back and forth, then Optimus pushes Megatron
back, he charges and leaps into the air, and brings his sword down,
but Optimus dodges and swings at the blade, breaking both and while
Megatron is still in mid-air kicks him to the ground, then Megatron
fires a cannon from his arm, knocking Optimus to the ground, then
Megatron goes to pick up Optimus’s sword)

Megatron: At long last I will extinguish the spark of the biggest
thorn in my side and have my revenge, for stopping me a millenia ago,
then I will have my empire eradciate the primtives of this blackwater
planet, and make it the New Cybertron. Victory will be ours.

(Megatron raises the sword to Optimus’s spark, everyone gathered at the chill

Optimus: NO!!!!

(Optmius slides out his foot tripping Megatron, then jumps on top of
him with the sword, Megatron holding it off with his grip. Starscream
has arrived and is watching the battle from the sky)

Optimus: One of us will fall today Megatron, both of us will fall in thend)

Starscream: Excellent, I can destroy all of them at once, even the
accursed human brats, good thing I stole that sparkcorn from that slob
leaving the hologram theather, cause now the real thundercrackers are
about to begin!!!!

(Megatron shoves Optimus off, who lands on his back, losing the sword,
Megatron again makes a grab for the sword again, and tries anoher leap
with with the blade but is kicked by Optimus with both legs, before
gets up a bunch of tanks and jets arrive, and Silas exits)

Silas: Fire!!!! Exterminate all 6 of them, as long as the scrap metal
is in tact, we can still find out more about these life forms!!!!

Optmus: Hold your fire, there are innocent bystanders!!!!

Silas: Destroy them all!!! Leave no survivors!!!!

(Optimus transforms and meets the Autbots at the top of the hill,
Bobby, Rachel, and Eddie get in, and the Autobots drive off, Megatron
attempts to transform and follow them, then notices Starscream in the
sky, eating his “sparkcorn” and making a bye bye wave)


Starscream: Tiime you learned you place ol’ great leader

(Megatron looks in horror at the rocket coming at him, it makes a
direct hit then explodes on impact, and makes a mushroom cloud
explosion, Starscream is using his arm to cloud his eyes, Bobby,
Rachel, and Eddie are looking back through Optimus’s windows and al
the Autobots pause to view the field, on another road Officer Darnell
is viewing the explosion and gets on his radio)

Darnell: Chief you’re not gonna believe this...

(In a high tech underground operation, far beneath the mountains, a
good couple million miles from the Decepticon base, an African
American man in a suit is in his executive chair, watching the
situation on his monitor)

At The Decepticon Base

(Starscream is dancing around in Megatron’s cape and crown)


Shockwave: Though he has the right to lead this type of celebration is
Soundwave: Contacting for reinforcements

(He punches in a few things on the keyboard, and a singal goes off
Earth to a floating space prison)

Soundwave: Lord Megatron has perished, requesting backup to anyone who
reaches this

(A tall figure, colored black with a red crown, representing his
status, and matching red eyes, hands, and feets grunts at the news)

At The Autobot Base

Bobby: Is that Megatron dude gone for good?

Optimus: Something tells me he wasn’t destined to perish just yet. I
apologize for any harm I could have unwillingly inflicted upon you or
your species today, if you all wish to return to Earth customs you are
more than welcome to do so.

Bobby: Hey I’m a football captain, fighting is kinda what I do

Rachel: Bobby saved my life, if he’s in I am

Eddie: I’m not a fighter, but you can count on my aid when you need me.

Optimus: Very well are you sure you wish to dedicate your lives to our cause?

(Bobby extends his hands into the middle, followed by Rachel, Eddie
hesitates then does the same)

Eddie: How about a name for us?

Bobby: Fighting to save Earth, hmmm... Team Earthbot sound cool?

Rachel: Fine with me

Eddie: Then it’s settled


(Raise hands in the air)

At The Military Base

Blackwell: Is the alien still in tact?

Silas: Very much so

(They’re looking at a window in the lab, where Megatron is still tact,
although damaged in some aspects, being looked at by a man with bushy
hair, a beard, and a monocle, above the table is a logo that says


(Bobby is up at the lookout point in Ridgeview Falls, looking into his
telescope. He hears footsteps looks over and sees Rachel walking up to
join him)

Rachel: Hey

Bobby: How you’d know I was here?

(Rachel giggles)

Rachel: I didn’t, when I first moved here this was my place to think,
I came here tonight and saw you were here so I decided to join you.
What are you looking at?

Bobby: You think any of asteroids could have been Cybertron?

Rachel: Interesting theory

(Giggles again)

Rachel: Oh look a shooting star, care to make a wish? Could be good
forune? Or... a new ally.

Bobby: Or a new enemy

Rachel: If it is, we’ll face them together.

(She puts his hands on his, and they move their faces closer about to
kiss, when beam of light flashes upon them, they look to see Eddie
holding a flashlight)



(He chases Eddie down the hill and Rachel follows, and the view shifts
towards space, and a view of the stars)


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