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Default The LEGO Movie Videogame

I need help determining voice actors for The LEGO Movie Videogame. Besides using lines lifted directly from the film, I got a confirmation that the rest of the game's dialogue are played by soundalikes. Here's the list:

As long as we're here, I'd might as well take a shot at the main characters:
  • Emmet: Keith Ferguson (there's something going around saying it's this, but I can't source it outside iMDB; it sure sounds like him, though)
  • Lord Business: Keith Ferguson (same as above)
  • Wyldstyle: ???
  • Vitruvius: Josh Robert Thompson (known to do a good Morgan Freeman impersonation)
  • Bad Cop/Good Cop: ???
  • Batman: Dave Boat (by ear)
  • Unikitty: Hynden Walch (by ear)
  • Benny: Orion Acaba (by ear)
  • MetalBeard: ???

Since there are scenes and lines from the film used in this game, the movie actors were also credited as "Film Talent". I'm not sure if BTVA policies would allow their inclusion on the game's potential page, seeing how they're from the movie. Just something to consider, is all.

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