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Default What are your favorite games of this generation?

I'm curious to know what the favorites are of the gamers on the site. This generation includes everything that's come out since the XBox 360 came out. Here's mine... the ones I remember anyway!

Batman Arkham Asylum - I'm probably one of the rare few gamers who might prefer this game to Arkham City, but I just totally loved playing it. The gameplay was smooth, fun, and the level design was atmospheric and stylish. The voice cast was solid all-around, the sound effects were good, and this is game is honestly the reason Batman is now my number-one character. Before this game, I had a VHS tape of Batman TAS, the Batman Beyond "movie" (which was just the first two episodes) on VHS, Return of the Joker, and the Nolan films. I had never gotten into it big time up until that point, but last year when I finally played the game it showed me the Batman universe in a way that I had never seen before. And there you go, I am now a Batman fan.

Bishock - The story and atmosphere was extremely immersive without it getting bogged down by hours of cutscenes, the gameplay was very fun by giving you many different ways to play the game including the unique RPG features as well as hacking, and simply put it's a lot of fun. The voice-acting was incredible and perfectly accentuated how the inhabitants of Rapture were truly mentally and emotionally disturbed. Most of them had gone tragically insane and they ranged both tragic, detestable, and even funny, but none of them were ever forgettable either. The difficulty of the game is a little inconsistent and I think the Vita chambers were a bit of a bad idea, but I love it otherwise and I think it'll stand the test of time.

Dark Souls - I started playing this because one of my favorite let's players on YouTube was doing it and I thought it looked brilliant. I rented it and I put in about 25-50 hours into it on that rental alone. I got hooked, it's a game that doesn't tolerate making hasty and lazy decisions, the world it creates is brilliantly immersive and massive, the gameplay always requires concentration and quick thinking and is by no means a button masher which a lot of games try to be, the graphics are incredible from lighting to fire and lightning, etc. It may very well be my favorite game of this generation.

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves - I played the first game for a while, but I wasn't crazy about it. This one on the other hand was an action-packed, tight third-person shooter with addicting and fluid gameplay, incredible level design, beautiful graphics, and voice-acting that I still can't help but admire. It is also what introduced me to Nolan North. I think it's my all-time favorite game from Naughty Dog, and I've a little of the Crash Bandicoot series, and every Jak and Daxter game. I hope Naughty Dog doesn't take too long in making a new one on the PS4.

F.E.A.R. - This game made me feel very isolated while playing it, I never knew whether I was going to fight a psychic ghost girl in a little red dress with the powers of Hell on her side or a group of elite soldiers. It had a slow-motion function like a lot of games and it was always SO satisfying to run around a corner and ambush a team of soldiers and blast them away in slow-mo. Plus this game was just made well. The sound and lighting effects were incredibly effective to the point where I would jump in my seat just from a grenade going off. The A.I. was actually pretty intelligent, the enemy types and weapons surprised me and I always felt a mix of feeling like a totally awesome [email protected]$$ as well as feeling like a scared little child. To put it simply, this was my first real shooter on the PS3 and it was an absolutely exhilarating experience the first time through it. I can still play this and have a ton of fun.

There are still a ton of games from this generation I need to play, as well as games from last generation as well, but I have no idea if I'll ever get around to all of them. But from what I remember these were some of the defining games of this generation for me.
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Hah?What are You a Joker?
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Default Re: What are your favorite games of this generation?

I will elaborate later, but here is a sampling of my list... (assuming 3DS and Vita don't count)

Animal Crossing: Wild World
Dragon Quest IX
Kingdom Hearts II
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2
Pokemon Black 2 and White 2
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Team Fortress 2
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
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Default Re: What are your favorite games of this generation?

Yeah, I wasn't too clear on what I meant by "this generation". I was trying to say console generation, but let's just say anything from 2006 to now counts.
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Default Re: What are your favorite games of this generation?

Alright here's my list!

1. Kingdom Hearts
2. Kingdom Hearts 2
3. Batman: Arkham City
4. Persona 3
5. Pokemon Fire Red
6. Batman: Arkham Asylum
7. Bioshock: Infinite
8. Skyrim
9. Mass Effect 2
10. Mass Effect 3 (that ending still hurts me...but it was still a great game)
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Default Re: What are your favorite games of this generation?

I'm too lazy to explain why I chose these games right now. Anyways some of my favorite games from this generation are Batman AC, Bioshock, God Of War 3, Infamous/Infamous 2, Red Dead Redemption, and Mass Effect 2. I still have to play other games from this generation like Metal Gear Solid 4. Batman Arkham Origins and Grand Theft Auto 5 still haven't come out yet and I think those games will be good.
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Default Re: What are your favorite games of this generation?

I like Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, the Pokemon games, the Yu-Gi-Oh WC games, and Ducktales Remastered, which I will post a review on YouTube for soon.
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Default Re: What are your favorite games of this generation?

I like playing the Strider series(especially 2, waiting for 3), The King of Fighters, Bomberman, all of the Koei warriors series, the Hoshinengi series(one of them made it as Mystic Heroes overseas), Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Legend of Dragoon, Tales of, the Megaman series, One Piece Grand Battle/Adventure, Mario Party and Katamari Damacy
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Post Re: What are your favorite games of this generation?

No one minds if I talk about some of my favourites for any console old and new? Here i go.

Tekken 2- A fighting game that was truly ahead of its time IMO. Revamped characters and move sets and authentic looking backgrounds really add to the play experience. I remember the days of playing Baek Doo San and constantly beating opponents with the TKD style. I still play it to this day. But my most favourite part of the game is the soundtrack. Many tunes from the first game return. But the new songs are a definite blast to listen to. The opening AMV is amazing too. A great gem from the PS1 era.

F-Zero GX- The fastest racing game you're likely to come across, with speeds of over 2000km/h! With 30 diverse and distinct racers and machines, you are never short on characters. This is also (possibly) the toughest racing game. The difficulty can be a pain for the less experienced players, but there are always chances to hone your craft with practice. The courses also provide challenge, but can also be really fun once you get used to them. The soundtrack is varied for a future racing game. With the variety from pop (Jack levin), techno rock (Blood Falcon) to 8-bit (John Tanaka), the music is sure to get you pumped for a race. For a GC game that is a decade old, GX is truly amazing. And I will always have my fingers crossed for the 4th F-Zero game!

Batman Arkham series- To me, the Arkham series bought something new to the superhero genre. This series throws you straight into the action, where you ARE Batman. The challenges and the battles with Gotham's greatest villains is very well done. Particularly with the Scarecrow encounters, and the search down Killer Croc's lair. The Arkham series never has a dull moment to it.

Dynasty Warriors 7- My favourite of the Dynasty Warriors (Three Kingdoms) series. Now most of the Three Kingdoms story is covered with the inclusion of the late Wei story. The witty dialogue of this game is a definite highlight for me. Here are three examples:

"Lord Cao Shaung thinks he is a capable leader. It's really quite embarrassing."

"A true idiot knows not the limit of his own abilities. Zhuge Dan, find your father in the afterlife and learn from him!"

"I hear many in Shu oppose this war. Jiang Wei is on shaky ground."

I also think that the deaths in the series are much more emotional, which is a big plus. Not to mention that getting power-ups that increase health/attack/defense is less repetitive than simply trying to level them up to 50.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl- The best Wii game IMO. The character roster is amazing. With the likes of Princess Zelda, Captain Falcon, Mario, Sonic and Snake in one game. Now that is what I'd call a roster. The soundtrack is equally great. With many tunes from Mario, Earthbound, F-Zero, Wario and even those from the Nintendo games available in Japan. And with 30+ video game composers in the works. Wonderful from start to finish. If you are yet to have played this game, you are seriously missing out.
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Post Re: What are your favorite games of this generation?

On top of my list, it's League of Legends for me.
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Default Re: What are your favorite games of this generation?

Currently I'd have to say my favorites so far are (I'll elaborate later as to why. It's 2:45AM right now and brain can barely function):

Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3
Last Of Us
Mario Kart
Little Big Planet 1&2
Alice Madness Returns
Pokemon Black 2
Red Dead Redemption
Sims 3 (for lulz)
Outside? What's that? Is it in HD?
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