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Movie Discussion Discuss all things related to upcoming, latest and classic movies! Threads may contain SPOILERS!

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Exclamation If The Movie Is Officially Released, Assume Threads Contain Spoilers

What the thread title says. If the title in question has already been released in a major English-speaking market (Europe, North America, etc.), all bets are off for spoilers. You enter threads at your own risk.

-The first point of courtesy is to obviously not include spoilers in thread titles. Shouldn't be a big deal since thread titles are just the names of the movies.

-The second point of courtesy is to wait until the above-mentioned timeframe has been reached before discussing the movie in-depth.

-The third point of courtesy is to, if you feel so inclined, include SPOILERS just before typing said spoiler, or as a precursor for a lengthy review.

-Once the film has been released and has been released for a full week, spoiler warnings are no longer necessary. You click the thread, you read the comments, you take the risk.
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