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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 18th May


Critical Role Episode 98 - The Mines Of The Many

Matt reveals that the video game Injustice 2 he did facial capture for Deadshot, for a character that wears a mask the whole time.

Battle royale for next week?

Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite fame) confirmed for the 1st June


Bertolt serves drinks

Taryon enters the room of Maryion

Marion has met Taryon's arranged bride Lydia

Grog's carves his name on the floor

Taryon's meets his mum

"Life needs aloe to live" quote from Taryon

To the Grumpy Lily

Truth about Pike's age

"It's like you in Japan baby" quote from Laura, recalling Travis's experience in Japan

Keyleth is trying to be inspiring

A tavern

Ordering drinks

A tavern band

"S*x on the beach" quote from Sam


"Me Grog!" quote from Grog

"Nice boobs!" quote from Grog

"Bidet!" quote from Grog

Wence the barkeep

Corshard sits at the table

Task from Corshard

Mission to kill a being in a mine

"Camilla!" quote from Goliath drummer

Grog gets the female Goliath's name

To the mines

Search for Scanlan?

Getting in touch with Karine the Drow

Into the mine

Pike talks to a corpse

Yet another inspiration speech from Keyleth

Descending the mine

Baby Celestial?

Battle time

Keyleth gets swallowed up


Leave the mine

Pretty funny that NetherRealm Studios did facial capture on Matt for his performance as Deadshot, who's face is covered. Sam revealed that actor Jon Header is to be a guest player on the 1st June.

Learning the current predicament of the Darrington family, Taryon meets with both his sister Marion and his mother (who is currently nameless). Vox Machina decide to visit the Grumpy Lily to meet with "The Many". After arriving, they were lead to another tavern where Corshard might be at. Turns out that he's a patron at the tavern and provides the group details of the debt that is owed by the Darrington's. Corshard informs them that a being is causing havoc in one of the mines that is owned by the Myriad. Vox Machina take the mission of exterminating the creature in the mine. After venturing into the mine and defeating the baby creature, they leave the mine but not clearing the other creatures that are currently inside.

"Life needs aloe to live" a quote from Taryon Darrington. I seriously hope that Critical Role gets some sponsorship from cosmetics companies. Aloe is pretty good stuff.

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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

I don't think I've been able to get into this show, but that's very interesting that they did facial capture for Deadshot. I do wonder why they did that?
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Originally Posted by huzaifa_ahmed View Post
that's very interesting that they did facial capture for Deadshot. I do wonder why they did that?
I think its pretty strange too considering Deadshot has his face covered. Would have been funnier if NetherRealm studios asked Matt to wear a mask or tights over his face with the facial capture markers/dots for more method acting.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew


25th May


Critical Role Level 17 Battle Royale!
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 1st June 2017


Critical Role Episode 99 - Masquerade

New t-shirt Scanlan themed

Plan to destroy the hive in the cave

Great balls of fire

"Create a holocaust" quote from Sam

Mission complete

Back to the Grumpy Lily

Camilla the female goliath is gone

Duala (spelling?)

"So that's a hard yes?" quote from Taryon

Pillow fort

Family meeting with the Darrington's

Sam uses the fate dice

Taryon wants to return to Whitestone to retrieve Doty

"Mama, this is going to be fun fun fun" quote from Taryon

Back to Whitestone

Farmers market in Whitestone

Theobald Cans


Lionel Gayheart the half orc

The meat man

"You're a fancy lad" quote from Lionel

Lionel's self punishment


Scanlan reveals a few things

Kaylie's in Ank'Harel

Lionel's discovery

The story of Scanlan Shorthalt

Into a pub

Lionel wants Chocolate Milk

Grog and Lionel fight

"Up a ducks back" quote from Jon

Lionel grinds on Grog

Lionel wins?

Origins of Lionel

"Were these desert ducks?" quote from Percy

Lionel punches Keyleth

Three facts from ducks as Lionel talks to them

Scanlan apologies to Pike

To Ank'Harel

This started off with Vox Machina finishing off the task that Korshad assigned them. After clearing that, Vox Machina returned to the Darrington estate where Taryon informs the family that the debt as been cleared, but their lives will be different. Taryon promises his family that he will return and will leave Vox Machina, only after he retrieves Doty 2.0. It's too bad the arranged marriage girl Lydia never makes an appearance.

Vox Machina are introduced to an Orc named Lionel Gayheart, played by Jon Heder, and are asked by the Orc to visit the meatman. The meatman reveals himself, although secretly as Scanlan Shorthalt. The feelings were mixed among the group. Scanlan informs the group that he and his associates have discovered another ziggurat in Ank'Harel.

I have to talk about Lionel Gayheart and Jon Heder. At the moment, he's my favourite guest player as his character Lionel a big dork who is a nice person. Lionel just happens to be slightly smarter than Grog, which makes Grog jealous. Grog fights with Lionel which amazingly Lionel wins by grinding on Grog, in which Jon demonstrates on Sam (there's a gif of it). Lionel's backstory was pretty funny and his ability to speak to ducks is amazing. In truth, I think pulling the trigger on Scanlan's return was too early. However it makes sense for Lionel's appearance.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 8th June 2017


Critical Role Episode 100 - Unfinished Business

100th episode

New set, new overlays

Mentioning Orion Acaba

"Tensed your butt-hole" quote from Matt

Trivia quiz starring Sam and Taliesin

Reference to hip hop group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Slayers cake advert

Jon Heder arrives

To Ank'Harel

Hugs all round

Tobacco shop

Secret hideout


Request for duck

Jon strokes Sam

Duck crashes into the mountain

Lionel talks to the duck


Caved in tunnel

Scanlan's mansion


Scanlan reveals he has turned vegan

Sam playing 2 characters

Scanlan's gap year

Skeletons alert

Grog's jealously

Vegan breakfast

Skeletons still outside the mansion

"Like a Jojo stand" quote from Matt

"Let me get this one" quote from Lionel

Scanlan's poem: "Everybody people. Everybody bleed. Everybody need something. Everybody love. Everybody know, how it go" inspired from Everybody by Logic

Scanlan's gift to Grog

Hoodded people

Corpses in the bag of holding

What's in the chest?

To the Ziggurat


Battle on the Ziggurat

Minotaur skeleton

Pike is feeble mind

Scanlan's HDYWTDT

Black orb

Pike talks to the dead

Vessel of the undying king

Scanlan sings: "When people keep repeatin', that you need a place to sleep. When everybody starts retreatin', but you need a really cool keep. Let Scanlan open the door. Let Scanlan open the door. Let Scanlan open the door, to your house. Inspired from Let My Love Open The Door by Pete Townshend
: "You don't need anybody else. When I stand beside you I touch you elf. Whoa oh" inspired from I touch myself by Divinyls
: It's raining gnomes. Hallelujah! It's raining gnomes. Everywhere we go. Short, stout, tough and mean. The handsomest I've ever seen!" Inspired from It's raining men by The Weather girls

Start off with a big congratulations to Critical Role and Geek and Sundry for reaching 100 episodes. I especially liked the thank you to Orion Acaba for his role on Critical Role.

The episode resumed where Vox Machina travelling to Ank'Harel where they visit Scanlan's hideout. They meet Kaylie in her new role in the family business. Venturing to the Ziggurat, they encounter an old enemy, Delilah Briarwood, who escapes into the black orb.

This episode set a new record in being the longest and it went over 5 hours. Resurrecting previous enemies. Vox Machina did kill off Delilah Briarwood. Question is, was she resurrected or even the real Delilah Briarwood.

Scanlan was back with a bang as he spat out new tunes of inspiration. Travis with his sharpness quickly reminded Sam to play 2 characters.

It was funny when Matt used a Jojo's Bizzare adventure reference with the stand. I guess Pike's stand would be Sarenrae.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

15th June 2017


Critical Role Episode 101 - Thar Amphala

No Jon Heder


Doty is compared to an iphone

What to do with the Ziggurat

Slim jim out of a wrapper

Broken physics engine

Does Lionel want a jewellery box?

Pike back-packs


Out of the Ziggurat

Vax talks to the Raven Queen

Scanlan and Taryon discuss Lionel's future

Back to Whitestone

Eskil Ryndarien

Cassandra learns of Delilah's resurrection

Grog's new dish

Chained oblivion

"I love this table!" quote from Liam

Vax and Keyleth speak to Eskil Ryndarien

Vex is looking for chalice

Vax meets up with Kynan Leore

30 soul rock

"A new hope" quote from Taryon

Goodbye Taryon

Grog asks an important question

In the land of Shadowfell

Life in the Shadowfell

Gloom stalkers

"This is terrible. I haven't had this much fun in a long time" quote from Scanlan

Capture members of the cult

Scanlan sings: "Just the two of us. You can't quit me if you try. Just the two of us. Me and your and eye" inspired from Just the two of us by Bill Withers

Thar Amphala

The remnants

The ritual of seeding

A short episode with no Jon Heder, so Matt played the character of Lionel Gayheart. Vox Machina bust out of the Ziggurat in Ank'Harel. Return to Whitestone where Percy breaks the news to Cassandra about the re-appearance of Delilah Briarwood. Taryon says his goodbyes as he repairs Doty 2.0. Vox Machina with Scanlan enter the black orb from Whitestone's Ziggurat. Now in the Shadowfell they seek out Delilah Briarwood.

Critical Role set change now has a table where each member are sitting much closer together. I'm not a fan of clip-on mics as they don't always pick up sound, especially when they move around.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

22nd June 2017


Critical Role Episode 102 - Race to the Tower

Sam's t-shirt-ception is back

Ashley's amazing hair


Plans to reach the tower

Brownish-red coloured Gorilla-esque creature

Scanlan magical illusion of a little girl

Making weed

Huge teleporter

Acquires a Gloom Stalker

Mr Mephistopheles

Grog beats up another person

"Old D&D Dungeon Master from the cartoon" quote from Matt

Grog pops his head

More planning

"Matt's thinking about all the other people he would be playing D&D with" quote from Taliesin

Little Rascal Gnomes

"I didn't know the whispered one takes the special ones too" quote from young robed person

Inner voice from Vecna


Tower falling

"You're a dipsh*t!" quote from Vex

Scanlan turns into a Beholder

Delilah Briarwood

Death Knight


"My teeth hurt" quote from Ashley

Leroy Jenkins!

Scanlan is no longer a Beholder

Twins dead

Scanlan insults Delilah

"Hey! You know what the problem is with your face? I can see it!"

Vax is back

Grog is banished

Vax is dust again

Percy's HDYWTDT on Delilah

Vex is alive

Hoovering Vax's dust

Taryon is crying

"Liam can be Taryon now" quote from Sam

Grog returns

To the Feywild

Scanlan sings: "Counter Spell! Baby don't hurt me. Don't me hurt. No more" inspired from What is love? by Haddaway
: "I'm beautiful. I'm beautiful its true. You saw my face, in a crowded place and you didn't know what to do. Cos I just took a sh*t on you" inspired from You're beautiful by James Blunt

This episode ended pretty poorly. Started with Vox Machina acquiring a Gloom stalker (named Mr Mephistopheles). They even break into a house and interrogate a person for information. Seeing weapons, Vex concludes that an invasion to the other realm (home world) is on the cards. Rushing to the tower to stop the ritual; an inner voice from Vecna is heard. Finally reach the top of the tower, they encounter Delilah Briarwood, Death Knight and Vecna. Vox Machina were completely beaten as the twins die. Vax is turned into dust. Vex dies and is resurrected. Grog was banished away from the tower. Although Delilah was defeated, Vecna was proven too powerful as Keyleth transports them to the Feywild to retreat, while Vax is still in dust.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

29th June 2017


Critical Role Episode 103 – The Fate-touched

Matt's birthday

No power at Sam's

"It's dark" quote from Sam

In the Feywild

"Where's Vax?" quote from Vex

25000G in value needed to resurrect Vax

Pulling out Delilah's eye

Scanlan pulling his own eye out

"Burrowing eye ball? Are you sure?" quote from Percy

Trinket as sacrifice

"Don't cry on camera and then have to blow your nose a bunch" quote from Laura

Matt asks everyone but Liam to leave

"We're jacking off" quote from Laura

Raven Queen

"Performing illicit acts" quote from Travis

"We were just jacking off the whole time" quote from Sam

Vax is back

"He's obviously naked" quote from Pike

"Level 5 Paladin, Level 12 Rogue, Level 1 nudist" quote from Matt

"It's like going to Philadelphia and not eating a cheese steak" quote from Grog

Captain Planet

"We need a god-tage" quote from Sam

To Vasselheim

Grog and Scanlan lose their memories from the Feywild

Group split off

Acolyte Shelia

Temple of Renewal

Pike asking for help

"Do you remember the movie Contact?" quote from Pike

Fortress of the Sun

Vasselheim adventures starring Grog and Scanlan

"The popo" quote from Scanlan

"Gerald Butler" quote from Scanlan

"It all seems so stupid" quote from Sam

Squabble with Vasselheim's security

Grog as a giant eagle

"I shat there before" quote from Scanlan

Island of Renewal

"Gotta kill'em all" quote from Travis

Escaping the Shadowfell, Vox Machina find themselves in the Feywild. Vex learns of the death of Vax, with the remains of his armour and ashes. Keyleth revealing that it would cost 25,000G worth of diamonds to resurrect Vax. Camping in the Feywild, Vax magically appears infront of Pike, which alerts the other members. Vax reveals that his time is limited, assuming they defeat Vecna. Taking a trip Vasselheim with the plan to ask for help from the deities of the world, Vox Machina split off into two groups. One group was successful, the other not so much. Heading to the fire Ashari to give warning of the possible Vecna invasion, Vox Machina then head to the Island of Renewal.

Big highlights for me were the talk between the Raven Queen and Vax and the adventures of Grog and Scanlan.

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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

6th July 2017


Critical Role Episode 104 - Elysium

Ashley and Liam on Skype

Taliesin marvel quiz

Critical Role at Gencon 2017

Pike tries to talk to Sarenrae

Trying to reach the tower


History of Sarenrae

"Sh*t" quote from Vex

Sarenare is beautiful

Teleported away from the Island of Renewal


Fortress of the Sun

"Like the goth kid in summer" quote from Matt

"Sun-tree bro" quote from Keyleth

Tree racism

"Dick tree" quote from Sam

Tsundere tree


Fortress of the Sun

Dawn father Pelor

Vex volunteers to be Pelor's champion

Trial of the Zenith


Battle against the Planars

Vex turns into a Red Dragon

Vex into oblivion

Pelor asks an important question

Vex digivolved

Vex, champion of Pelor

Sega's Nightrap

A short episode this as Ashley and Liam were in the east coast. Ashley in New York to shoot season 3 of Blindspot. After landing on the Island of Renewal, Vox Machina headed towards Sarenrae. Turns out that they couldn't figure out how to reach her. Pike, already a believer, had no issue. As for the rest, they struggled but became believers of Sarenrae. Finally reaching Sarenrae, the goddess gives Pike a power-up and teleports them close to the Fortress of the Sun.

Arriving near the Fortress of the Sun, Keyleth decides to speak to a local tree. Unfortunately, local tree was in a grumpy mood (which provided some good comedy) and stated the obvious to Keyleth as to where they could find Pelor.

Reaching the Fortress of the Sun, they meet Pelor where he asks who would volunteer themselves to be a champion. Vex volunteered and was tasked a trial. She succeeded and evolved into a new Vex.
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