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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 15th December

Final episode of the year


Critical Role Episode 79 - Thordak


A poem from a young Dr Seuss

Sam's t-shirt inception, now shirt cocking

January 5th return

Blizzard entertainment give permission to Critical Role to use their music

Battle against Thordak

"I'm regretting so many things right now, not you" quote from Percy

Scanlan's cutting words: "Oi, what sexual position makes the ugliest children? I don't know ask your momma" quote from Scanlan

"Jesus Sam #3 why didn't you tell me" quote from Sam

Raishan appears, moment of truth, she attacks Thordak

"Thordi la Forge" quote from Vax

Slimey doom

"You're so ugly, you scared the sh*t out of an outhouse"

Skyship being attacked

Jarett is afraid as sh*t

Liam had an orgasm

Sam is reminded about a flute

Sam makes out with his inception t-shirt. Much meta, Sam kiss, wow

Grog likes going into holes

Scanlan's cutting words: "Roses are red. Violets are blue. I'm a Gnome and you're an asshole"

Jarett is toast

Crystal on Thordak's body cracks and his body shrink

Jarett is restored

"Jarett you need to get up and fight" quote from Vex

"You don't know numbers" quote from Sam


Thordak dead

Battle with Fire giant

Battles happening all over the city of Emon

Vax attacks Raishan

Grog's crushes a lizard man head, Riki-oh style

Dragon babies

Flaming rocks

Vex is down

Scanlan sings: "You know Raishan, Vorugal, the Frigid doom. Brimscythe and Umbrasyl we killed in his room. But do you recall, the most f*cked up dragon of all? Thordak the Cinder king. Had a very shiny jem. And if you ever saw it, run the f*ck away from him" inspired from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer performed by many artists.

The episode starts straight to battle with Thordak the Cinder King. Through out the battle, Thordak was talking to himself or to someone. When the crystal on his chest cracked, he shrunk to a much smaller size. Scanlan's Christmas-esque song was god-like. Whilst there are a few Christmas centric songs I like, I hope one day Sam releases a Scanlan Christmas album.

The big talking point is the actions of Vax/Liam in attacking Raishan. Whilst I knew that Thordak wasn't going to be a final boss Should he have attacked or not? Next year should answer that question. As for 2016, it has been excellent for Critical Role.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 5th January 2017


Critical Role Episode 80 - Raishan

Sam speaks spanish


Battle resumes from previous episode

Raishan turns invisible

"I'm taking D.Va" quote from Taliesin

Destroying eggs

"Its a menopause" quote from Sam

"She's got a Death note?" quote from Sam

Keyleth finally killed a dragon

"How do you want to do this?" Sunny-side up" quote from Sam

"Double Ashley is the best Ashley" quote from Sam

"Adele Dalzim's horrid wilting" quote from Matt

Vex second limerick: "Have you heard tale of Scanlan the bold. He won't tell us his age but he's old. With his blade he's a slayer, with the ladies a player, but if he picks up the flute he's pure gold"

"Call the dragon" quote from Scanlan

Vax has lost his wings

Scanlan the counter-spell

"You the man!" quote from Vax

"You got eggs and you gonna lose 'em" quote from Scanlan

"Catchphrase!" quote from Matt


"Mike Tyson's punch out" quote from Taliesin

Vex has fallen

Vex is conscious, just

"I died as I lived, hard" quote from Sam

Keyleth accidentally jumps into lava

Raishan is gone

Scanlan is saved

Grog destroys an egg and solves a puzzle

Make it out of the barrier

Raishan and corpse Thordak gone

Scanlan sings: "I've got Mythcarver in my pocket, got that sunshine on my feet. When I dance and prance around you, you just stop, Ohhh. And I am so very handsome and I think phenomenally, cos there's something about that Gnome that makes you smile, wooh!" inspired from Can't Stop The Feeling! by Justin Timberlake

Wow, that battle went well, not. Turns out that Raishan is much stronger than Thordak. Some absolutely crucial moments in that battle that made Vox Machina live that bit longer. Scanlan's counter-spell and Pike reviving both Vex and Scanlan. Speaking of Scanlan, he finally uses the flute to summon J'Mon Sa Ord, the Brass dragon. Turns out J'Mon wasn't blessed with the best of luck. By some fluke, Vox Machina and J'Mon Sa Ord managed to survive, but Raishan and the corpse of Thordak are gone. Will they give chase or be smart and rest up?
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 12th January 2017


Critical Role Episode 81 - What Lies Beneath The Surface

Critical Role customer support line

"He is a d**k and that's part of his charm" (reference to Brian Wayne Foster) quote from Matt


Battle still resumes in Emon

Zahra and Kashaw are alive

Kerrek/Patrick Rothfuss

Bear hug to Keyleth

Vax gets kneed in the nuts by Kashaw

"You're my favourite thirteen year old" quote from Matt, to Laura

"Turn a wing" quote from Scanlan

Scanlan finally samples suude

Scanlan is out

Scanlan is looted

"Are you real?" quote from Scanlan

"Scooby Doo monologue" quote from Vax

J'Mon Sa Ord takes leave

Patrick Rothfuss trolls on killing Vox Machina

"I was sent here by acquisitions" quote from Patrick

Grog goes treasure hunting


"Talafify" quote from Grog

Grog discovers a deck of many things

"Not ready for E-sports Matt" quote from Liam

Grog found a golden scimitar

"Life has no luster to it anymore" quote from Grog


Kerrek has no qualms in taking loot

New t-shirt idea

"She's our resident thirteen year old" (reference to Laura) quote from Matt

Patrick Rothfuss book in the trilogy

Fire Giants are slain

Fighting is over, residents of Emon are united

Tofor Brotoras makes her appearance


Gilmore is a rune child

Grog's dancing sword

Grog dancing with the sword

Gilmore's rune child history

Return to Whitestone

"Do I look like Brian Blessed?" quote from Patrick

"I thought hed never leave" quote from Vex

Kerrek is drunk and also tries the Sand-keg

Allura drinks the Sand-keg

"Irish wrist watch" quote from Liam

Allura is slightly drunk

Plan against Raishan

Vax cuts Keyleth's hair

In some ways a wind-down episode, even though battles in Emon still happen. Patrick Rothfuss returns with Kerrek (Keyleth's bestie) The centre of the episode was how to deal with Raishan. It was the side stories that were the stand-outs. Grog discovers the deck of many things, which causes raptures in the studio as Travis really didn't know about them. It was a brilliant moment as Critical Role could have ended if Travis picked the "wrong" card. Grog managed to get a scimitar.

Scanlan finally samples suude (illicit drug). As he learned the hard way the effects of suude, the expression "stay in school don't do drugs" doesn't apply to Scanlan.

Vex finally gets a new magic carpet and its an improvement of the previous. Would Vex drop the broom for the magic carpet?

Speaking of Laura, she made an absolutely brilliant role play choice during the Vax gate-crashing the bath tub scene with Percy
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 19th January 2017


Critical Role Episode 82 - Deadly Echoes

Patrick Rothfuss on Skype

No Sam, Scanlan will be jaeger piloted by both Taliesin and Marisha


Liam's Irish poem

Travis sits away from Laura

Female setting for Grog's new sword

New sword is turned to dust

"Pike is just universally cute" quote from Marisha

Equipment swaps

Whitestone's Sun Tree is colourful

Taliesin plays as Scanlan

The island of Raishan

Exploring the island

Grog gets back the deck of many things

Undead entities

"Can I pet your wings?" quote from Keyleth

Flame skulls approach

Battle with Flame skulls and wins

Scanlan takes his other dose of Suude, gains meta-magic abilities

Gravity has changed direction

Corpses tumbling upwards

Giant skeletal hand reaches up, Attack on Titan style

Keyleth high fives from across the ravine

Keyleth and Vex finally high five

Empty fountain

Trading with Grog

Hundreds of bodies falling back down to the ravine

Chamber of Raishan

Scanlan sings: "When the blight has come. And the land is dark. And your health is down to 23 HP" inspired from Stand by me by Ben E King
: "Rock glyph, you don't have to turn on the blue light. Rock glyph! You don't have to give our bodies to the spikes" inspired from Roxanne by The Police
: "Hey Percy you're so fine, you so fine you blow my mind hey Percy hey Percy. Hey Percy you so fine, you blow my mind with your gun, with your gun" inspired from Mickey by Toni Basil

Very long episode with the main focus of Vox Machina and others traversing the island of Raishan. The island itself is filled with traps. The best one was the reverse gravity ravine with the ascending corpses. Marisha and Taliesin dual playing Scanlan, especially the songs was somewhat interesting. Whilst I like the "Rock glyph" choice by Taliesin, I did raise an eye brow with the "Hey Percy" choice by Marisha. It goes to show amazing talented Sam Riegel really is.

Raishan the final boss, or is there another twist in the tale, like in JRPG's where the supposed final boss isn't really the final boss.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 26th January 2017


Critical Role Episode 83 - The Deceiver's Stand

Patrick Rothfuss in the house

Marvel characters, read by Sam Riegel


Raishan in human female form

Scanlan's onyx dog is unleashed

Keyleth offers an ultimatum to Raishan

Battle with Raishan

Egg puns

Scanlan's fourteenth limerick: "Gern Blanston wept and wepto. His wonderful broom had been swepto. First our Vex spied it, then she shanghaied it, cos it turns out she's a total klepto"

Grog attacks eggs and Thordak's corpse

Wraiths attack

In unison, Travis, Taliesin and Marisha sing "My Boyfriend's back" by The Angels

Raishan is restrained

Onyx dog reverted back to statue form

Scanlan's cutting words: "You're so dumb, you get your yearly checke up from Dr Dranzel"

"We don't do anything with dignity" quote from Vex

Scanlan's lifeless body in a pool of urine

Scanlan's cutting words 2: "You so dumb, when thieves stole your horse, you chase them down and said you forgot the saddle"

Scanlan has fallen

Raishan is visible

Raishan is feeble mind, Marisha falls off her chair, the moron

"That's karma for trying to kill Pike when she's not here" quote from Laura

Sam is playing Marvel puzzle quest

Percy dead

Kerrek's HDYWTDT

Percy is saved

"FIX HIM!" quote from Grog

Traversing out of the island

Traps and closed off areas

Allura and Kima teleported into the ocean; then saved

Back to Whitestone



Eskil Ryndarien

Vex and Eskil teleport to Kymal

Kaylie teleports to Whitestone

"Get used to it!" quote from Sam

Scanlan sings: "Scanlan singing in the dead of night. Take your broken bones and learn to fly" inspired by Blackbird by Paul McCartney

Started with Sam reading out the names of Marvel characters in a unique way that I wish Marvel make these characters. My favourite is Jugs-or-not (Juggernaut).

A very intense episode this turned out to be. Raishan being the final boss. The battle was going poorly with Scanlan down. For once I genuinely cheered for Keyleth's actions with feeble mind spell to Raishan that swung the battle in Vox Machina's favour. Even with feeble mind cast, Raishan still managed to take out Percy. A surprise HDYWTDT as the second guest player hits the finishing blow.

Afterwards, Percy was revived but Scanlan was not able. I loved Grog's "Fix him!". Brilliant from Travis. As Vox Machina tried to escape the Island of Viscan, more traps awaited as both Allura and Kima were teleported to the ocean. Both were saved and they managed to travel back to Whitestone. In an attempt to save Scanlan, Kaylie is needed but will she want to save him?
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 2nd February 2017

Critical Role Episode 84 - Loose Ends


No Sam Riegel, skiing in Utah

Yes Ashley Johnson, Yes Patrick Rothfuss via Skype


Try to resurrect Scanlan

Travis casts aside his pride, sings a song inspired from the Washington Redskins fight song

"Hail to Scanlan Shorthalt. Hail to victory. No can make me laugh faster. Please bring him back to me"

Pike's poem: "Here lies Scanlan the bard. A Gnome who sang soft, but died hard. To anyone who hears us both far and wide. Bring us back our diry friend atleast one last time. He may not be tall, a brute or rough. He may be little but his heart is buff. We are a party and every party needs a clown. Without our friend to reign us in, will burn down your whole f*cking town. You see I love this Gnome very much. He's small like me but he's touched. He's raided and slain, he's pooped whilst he sung. But if he's gone forever I won't be the same. Now that he's learned that he is a dad, the journey that all of us had can not be in vain, will not be in waste. Please Scanlan open your eyes, and see your daughters face"

Scanlan is saved

Eskel and Vex still at Kymal

Grog and Kerrerk talk about resurrection

Kerrek's arse sweat

"I wish I could hear that" quote from Taliesin

Pike and Percy decorate Scanlan's room

Vex and Eskel return to Whitestone

Samantha smacks Kerrek on the face

Kerrek takes his leave

Back to Emon, to Greyskull keep

Travis pulls a chiwawa face

Debating whether to bury Cenokir's wife's ashes

Ashley and magazine subscriptions

Back to Vasselheim

Birth heart tree


Lamor wants Keyleth's The Spire of Conflux

Burying the ashes of Cenokir's wife, finally

The crucible

Earth Breaker Groon

"Show me!" quote from Groon

As the title of the episode implies, this was cutting off the loose ends after the end of the Chroma Conclave. First and most importantly the resurrection of Scanlan. Hats off to Travis and Ashley for their part. Ashley tearful as she has experience from resurrecting Pike, whilst Travis (being a Dallas Cowboys fan) sings a song inspired from the Washington Redskins fight song. Thankful from the dice gods, Scanlan was successfully revived.

Moving onto the side quests, the burial of the ashes of Cenokir's wife. As ever, typical of Vox Machina the moral conundrum but thankfully it wasn't a big deal. Vox Machina visit the crucible to see Earth breaker Groon, he challenges Grog.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 9th February


"Daisy chain of assholes" quote from Liam

Battle with Earth Breaker Groon

"Morpheus is fighting Neo" quote from Matthew

Groon doesn't move

Brian Wayne Foster provides popcorn

Quivering palm

"Sweep the leg Johnny" quote from Travis

Should Vex flash at Grog?

Groon powers up and heals

"I got a little turtle head poking out" quote from Travis

"You learned to be a dick" quote from Sam


"Cure, whatever" quote from Laura

Titan Gauntlets awakened

"What's my mother's name" quote from Scanlan

Scanlan leaves

"We save the continent why does everything feel like sh*t?" quote from Vax

Sam receives a mid-game hug

Gilmore discovers an evil book

Keyleth is spying on Scanlan and Kaylie

"Travel and sex" quote from Liam

Back to Marquet

Taryon Darrington

Dottie the metal golem, the biographer

"Little elf girl" quote from Taryon

"This is going to be fun fun fun" quote from Taryon

Sam Riegel, absolute legend. Have to start with Scanlan. Him letting it all out was amazing which really gave perspective to how much Scanlan was holding in. The faces of the other cast members when Scanlan revealed he's leaving was touching. I believe that they felt that Sam was really leaving.

Taryon Darrington, Sam's new character. Wow, isn't he fun fun fun. Laura/Vex taking great offence was funny. Loved Dottie the metal golem who is Taryon's biographer. Taryon himself is probably an Artificer, especially with his rod of many transformations.

Personally I think its a fantastic move by Sam to rest the Scanlan character and start a new one. Whilst I don't think Scanlan is gone for good, I am expecting fun fun fun with Taryon and Dottie the metal golem.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 16th February


Critical Role Episode 86 Daring Days

Sam's fact about Loot Crate


Treev Bonebreaker

Mechanical arm of Anna Ripley is given to Treeve

"Are you familiar with levers?" quote from Taryon

List of Taryon

Books of Taryon

"50 shades of Taryon"

Back to J'Mon's palace

Taryon teleports

Doty takes down: "Today is the greatest day of Taryon Darrington's life. The day that he experienced the wonder of the gods"

Back to Whitestone

Jarett Howarth

Jarett hands Vex a bag of suude

"Boulder paper shears" quote from Marisha

Beating up Taryon

"Show me what you have learned?" quote from Grog

Taryon cries

Taryon's daddy issues

Life lessons with Vax

"Something about your eyes make me feel ashamed" quote from Taryon, to Keyleth

Doty takes down: "The battle adraw, Taryon decided it was better to lie then tell the truth. And embarked on a new adventure pretending to be their humble intern; when in actuality they were working for him"

Truth's about Taryon

Taryon Gary Darrington

Marian Darrington (sister)

Howard Darrington (father)

Taryon pays, 16,000 gold

"The full Scrooge McDuck" quote from Taliesin

Vex showed Grog the deck of many things

Grog and Vex search Scanlan's room

"What's your name?" quote from Taryon, asking Percy

Tera, Earth Ashari village

Taryon eats dirt

Cinnamon challenge

"I have a kit for that" quote from Taliesin

To the Water Ashari

Docks of Emon

Docks master Abban

Grog eats seagull poop

Captain Adella

Set sail on the Ozmit sea

First of the side quest complete with the submission of Anna Ripley's mechanical arm to Treev Bonebreaker. Returning to Whitestone, Jarett hands over a bag of suude to Vex. Much to her surprise it belonged to Scanlan. Part of Taryon's "initiation" he was ganged up on by Vox Machina. He and Doty managed to survive and he revealed his truth. After visiting Tera, Earth Ashari village; Vox Machina and Taryon venture to the docks of Emon, where they hire a ship for a vovage to the Ozmit sea with Capatin Adella.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 23rd February


Critical Role Episode 87 Onward To Vesrah


Days on the ship

"Heavy fart" quote from Matt

Doty takes down: "With an efficiency and effective leadership role model for everyone, the red head continues to propel us forward, faster and faster. To everyone's surprise and respect, including the captain, as the salt licks my nose and the sweet smell of adventure in the air. I know that with her on our side we will be strong and we will be protected."

Boat figure is male

"We're not having sex" quote from Vex/Laura

"Any hand action going on?" quote from Sam

Taryon has Flag semaphore skills

"Grab my hero's hand" quote from Taryon

"I am a damsel and I am in distress" quote from Keyleth

Boat battle



Battle over, possible people in the other boat?

Taryon asks for towels

Rescue a person

Person saved

Thetin Grouse (spelling?)

Island of Anamn

Vax does Van Damme splits

No sponsor from Hallmark

"You can play with me" quote from Vex

Ulan (spelling?), leader of the Water Ashari

Uvender (spelling?), actual leader of the Water Ashari



History of Keyleth's mother

Whilst sailing on the Ozmit sea, the traveling ship containing Vox Machina and Taryon were attacked by pirates. After fending off the pirates, they find a prisoner by the name of Thetin Grouse (spelling?). Keyleth finally reached the Water Ashari where meets the leader, Uvender (spelling?) and is tasked with the possibility of not killing a Kraken.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 2nd March


Critical Role Episode 88 - Tangled Depths

Loot crate, International edition


Information gathering of the Kraken

Sea-shell bra

Fade to feathers

Taryon is knowledgeable of various knots

Reverse cow-girl

Rusty trombone

Durant(spelling?) the dwarven guide to the lodestones

Rusty Doty

Emerald green lodestones

Lodestones are magnetic

Through the portal

Trinket swims

"What is a whale?" quote from Trinket

Taryon picks up a skull

Kraken has arrived

Travis's Apple watch thinks he is working out

"I would like to watery rage" quote from Travis

Grog in the Kraken

Keyleth in the Kraken

Grog and Keyleth are vomited out

Somewhere in the world, Scanlan is eating calamari

Turning into eels saves everyone

Vax is swallowed

Kraken is angry

Kraken vomits Grog and Vax out

Percy casts friends on Grog

Grog goes through the portal with both middle fingers aimed at the Kraken

Massively long episode from start to finish; just over 5hrs30mins. Part of Keyleth's Aramente was to retrieve lodestones from the Kraken and not to kill the Kraken. Unfortunately, Vox Machina did battle the Kraken. It was a very tough battle knowing full way not to kill the Kraken with Vax now dead and the group just barely escaping. A personal highlight for me was Matt actually getting pissed at Marisha for being indecisive.
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