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Default Gunbuster English Dub

One of the most criminal things to have happened to this Anime is that it has never (and probably never will) receive an English dub of any kind, so let's see if we can add something to this a little.

Funimation Cast

Noriko Takaya - Cherami Leigh
Kazumi Amano - Shelley Calene-Black
Koichiro "Coach" Ohta - Troy Baker or Chris Sabat
Jung Freud - Colleen Clinkenbeard
Captain Tatsumi Tashiro - R. Bruce Elliot
Smith Toren - Todd Haberkorn
Kimiko Higuchi - Alexis Tipton
Reiko Kashiwara - Kira Vincent Davis
Linda Yamamoto - Ashly Burch
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Neo Shadow King
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Post Re: Gunbuster English Dub

Sure, why not? Here’s my attempt at one:

Takaya Noriko: Erica Mendez
Amano Kazumi: Carrie Keranen
Jung Freud: Lauren Landa
Ohta Koichiro: Kirk Thornton
Smith Toren: Robbie Daymond
Kashiwara: Laura Post
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Default Re: Gunbuster English Dub

Given the popularity of other works by Hideaki Anno, one wonders why it never got a dub in the first place.
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Default Re: Gunbuster English Dub

Late 80s/Early 90s Tokyo Cast:

Rumiko Varnes - Noriko Takaya
Deborah DeSnoo - Kazumi Amano
Jeff Manning - Coach
Carrie Sakai - Jung Freud
William Ross (duh) - Tatsumi Tashiro
Mary Malone - Kimiko Higuchi
Toby Williams - Smith Toren
Gerri Sorrells - Reiko Kashiwara
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Default Re: Gunbuster English Dub

Originally Posted by Mr.M!c View Post
Given the popularity of other works by Hideaki Anno, one wonders why it never got a dub in the first place.
By the time it got popular in English-speaking countries, the split audio tracks were lost to time. If a dub is made, they'll have to redo the sound effects and use rips of the OST.
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