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Nightmare Crusher
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Default Re: Dynasty Warriors 9

Originally Posted by Luigikun View Post
Still, the actors did the best they could and still enjoyed it.

Do you find some performance noteworthy of praise?
I recently finished Liu Bei's story and I thought his actor was pretty darn good. Zhuge Liang too, although he's often misdirected to sound too emotional.

I haven't heard too much of him yet, but the guy who does Gan Ning might be my favorite voice for him.

I really don't think most of the cast sounds bad. Certainly not up to 8's standard, but serviceable. It's the dub itself that's a mess with aimless direction and inconsistent pronunciations.
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Default Re: Dynasty Warriors 9

Just from Nightmare crusher's clip from who knows how many pages
Most of the voices sounds alright although most of the cast on Wu ehh... especially Lu Xun and the male of the Sun family minus Quan, most muscle type also have pretty goofy voices too, Cao Cao has potential I like him the most of everyone though Sun ShangXiang and Gan Ning are a close second, my favourite character Jiang Wei was a huuuuge improvement from his helium days(although I still prefer Josh Seth and DW3 voices for his case), actually of the entire teams Shu's women had the best luck especially Bao
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Default Re: Dynasty Warriors 9

I've put close to 35 hours into the game and...it's pretty middle of the road to be honest and the open world is as lifeless and dull as I expected. It's got all the elements need such as random quests, houses and novel but untimely dull exploration. I'm also surprised no one has pointed out how utterly OP the grappling hook its. It makes any castle siege a joke.

The voice cast, well it's ok, sorta. Given the story behind it via the reddit post, I can't really blame the VA's. It just sounds like Koei is being cheap as usual. The games performance on the non-pro PS4 is hilarious as well.

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