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Default Afro Samurai

I finished reading the Manga about a year ago, and while I watched the Anime beforehand and really enjoyed the voicework, I started imagining my own voices for the side characters, and while I imagined the same voices for Afro, Ninja Ninja and Justice, I decided to try something a little different with them just for this dreamcast. Also this is based solely off the voices I imagined for these guys, so the regions are going to be all over the place, sorry if this bothers anyone. So here we go.

Afro Samurai: Will Smith

Ninja Ninja: Will Smith

Justice: Greg Eagles

Jinno: Jan Rabson

Otsuru: Lara Cody

Brother 4: Don Francks

Brother 6: Jason Wingreen

Dharman: Charlie Adler

Shichigoro: Kirk Thornton

Sasuke: Bob Bergen

Sword Master: Adam Hunter

Takimoto: Rino Romano

I've sadly forgotten most of my other choices since then, probably should've done this while it was still fresh in my mind. I'll get back to this and edit it later if I remember them, or if I come up with anything new.

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Default Re: Afro Samurai

I can't do a prelay version of this show - it was already an American cartoon. A Japanese dub of this show, kind of like how Animatrix got a JP dub on release, would be cool.

Afro - Kenyu Horiuchi

Ninja Ninja - Koji Ishii

I could just use Tessho Genda who does both dark & comedic roles. Masashi Ebara's probably better though.

Jinnosuke/Kuma - Tomokazu Seki (think Mitsunari Ishida!)

Justice - Wataru Takagi or Norio Wakamoto

young Afro - Junko takeuchi

Brother 1 - Masaharu Sato

Brother 2 - Masaki Terasoma

Brother 3 - Seiji Sasaki

Brother 4 - Keiji Fujiwara

Brother 5 - Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Brother 6 - Akio Otsuka

Otsuru - Marina Inoue

Sword Master - Unsho ishizuka

Sasuke - Daisuke Kishio

Dharman - Nobuo Tobita

Okiku - Miyuki Sawashiro

teen Afro - Daisuke Namikawa

Rokutaro - Kazuhiko inoue

Foo - Ken Narita

Ivanov - Hiroki Yasumoto

Soshun - Shuichi ikeda

Oyuki - Atsuko Tanaka

Yashichi - Kappei Yamaguchi

I guess. May review this after rewatching this show.
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