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Default Rock & Rule

Well I've watched this movie twice lately, and since I'm using Mok as an avatar right now...why not?

Omar: Cam Clarke

Angel: Kari Wahlgren

Dizzy: Eric Loomis

Stretch: Chris Cox

Mok: Steve Blum

Zip: Daran Norris

Toad: Fred Tatasciore

Sleazy: Wally Wingert

Cindy: Cindy Robinson

Mok's Computer: Nika Futterman

Officer Quadhole: Clancy Brown

Mylar: Dee Bradley Baker

Aunt Edith: Jennifer Hale

Sailor: Greg Ellis

Borderguard: Peter Jessop

Uncle Mikey: Mick Wingert

Carnegie Hall Groupie: Vanessa Marshall

I might think of another cast later...using actors from either Ocean Productions or Streamline Pictures.

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Default Re: Rock & Rule

Ocean cast:

Omar: Kirby Morrow

Angel: Kelly Sheridan

Dizzy: Don Brown

Stretch: Ian James Corlett

Mok: Brian Drummond

Zip: Paul Dobson

Toad: Michael Dobson

Sleazy: Brian Dobson

Cindy: Maggie Blue OHara

Mok's Computer: Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff

Officer Quadhole: Richard Newman

Mylar: Peter Kelamis

Aunt Edith: Lisa Ann Beley

Sailor: Terry Klassen

Borderguard: Scott McNeil

Uncle Mikey: Michael Donovan

Carnegie Hall Groupie: Lalainia Lindbjerg
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Default Re: Rock & Rule

- Omar - Scott Menville
- Angel - Jennifer Hale
- Dizzy - Billy West
- Stretch - Rob Paulsen
- Mok - Steve Blum
- Zip - Jeff Bennett
- Toad - John DiMaggio
- Sleazy - Jess Harnell
- Cindy - Kath Soucie
- Mok's Computer - Grey DeLisle
- Officer Quadhole - Jim Cummings
- Mylar - Tom Kenny
- Aunt Edith - Russi Taylor
- Sailor - Maurice LaMarche
- Borderguard - Fred Tatasciore
- Uncle Mikey - Dee Bradley Baker
- Carnegie Hall Groupie - Grey DeLisle

I might do my own Vancouver version as well.
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