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Default BoJack Horseman

I've had this idea for a while and it seemed pretty appropriate to post today.

Big Green cast:

BoJack Horseman: Doug Rand (doing his Bojack voice)

Todd: Sharon Mann (doing her Clearin voice)

Princess Carolyn: Sharon Mann (doing her 18 voice)

Diane: Sharon Mann (doing her Chichi voice)

Mr. Peanutbutter: David Gasman (doing his Goku voice)

Lenny Turtletaub: Paul Bandey

Herb Kazzaz: Ed Marcus

Pinky Penguin: Ed Marcus

Butterscotch Horseman: Doug Rand

Beatrice Horseman: Jodi Forrest

Tom Jumbo Grumbo: Paul Bandey

Charlotte: Jodi Forrest

Sarah Lynn: Jodi Forrest

Wayne: Paul Bandey

Blue Jay: Ed Marcus

Cat Cop: Ed Marcus

Quentin Tarantulino: Ed Marcus

Ryan Seacrest Type: Doug Rand

BoJack (young): Jodi Forrest/Doug Rand

Sarah Lynn (young)/Sabrina: Jodi Forrest

Laura: Jodi Forrest

Margo Martindale: Sharon Mann

Vincent Adultman: Sharon Mann

Charlie Rose: Paul Bandey

Pig Doctor: Ed Marcus

Neal McBeal: Ed Marcus

TV Doctor: Ed Marcus

Sextina Aquafina: Jodi Forrest

Fangirl: Sharon Mann

Cecil: Ed Marcus

Ayako: Sharon Mann

Marty: Ed Marcus

Gary: Paul Bandey

Brother: Ed Marcus

Derek Jeter: Paul Bandey

Diane's Mother: Sharon Mann

Maggot: Ed Marcus

Prisoner: Ed Marcus

Latin King's Gang Leader: Paul Bandey

Woman: Jodi Forrest

Beyonce: Sharon Mann

News Reporter: Ed Marcus

Vanessa Gecko: Jodi Forrest

Mr. Witherspoon: Paul Bandey

Cameron Crow: Ed Marcus

Angela Diaz: Jodi Forrest

Thief: Sharon Mann

Kenzie: Jodi Forrest

Sloth Lawyer: Ed Marcus

Film Crew Assistant: Paul Bandey

Wallace Shawn: Ed Marcus

Naomi Watts: Jodi Forrest

Dr. Allen Hu: Ed Marcus

Harper: Jodi Forrest

Secretariat: David Gasman

Sebastian St. Claire: Ed Marcus

Ethan / Bradley Hitler-Smith: Doug Rand

Olivia / Joelle Clark: Sharon Mann

Tracy: Jodi Forrest

Mr. Liberatore: Paul Bandey

Goober: Doug Rand

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