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Default Re: New 2D TMNT Series in 2018

Since theres a 1000 character limit to commenting on the show's page, I though I may as well post my full first impressions here.

So I just watched the first few episodes and... I'm kind'a mixed. Let me just bring up the positives first.

1. I like the animation, kind'a similar in expression and fluidity to Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! or even Avatar to some extent; granted it's not really on par with Avatar but it's decent.
2. I do like the voice over work, I think my favorite of the bunch is Brandon Mychal Smith as Michelangelo!
3. There is actually fair amount of jokes in the show that I do think are pretty funny; admittedly I didn't burst into laughter but I did get some chuckles.
4. The action is actually pretty creative, especially with the character's weapons.
5. This new take on April O'Neil, as this sort of rowdy teenager.

Now for the negatives...

1. Raph is the leader?! Seriously guys?! Look I get this is a different take on the franchise, but to make Raphael, the most hot heated, punch first ask questions later guy as the leader?! Really?! Look if you really want to break the norm, why not have April of all people lead the Turtles? Or heck, at least give each character a moment to lead per episode, let them take turns, that I think could change the pace more.
2. Splinter is a couch potato! Again I get this is meant to be a comedy, so I can understand the gimmick of making Splinter this more grouchy old coot, but at the same time he is essentially the Turtle's father, so at least make him somewhat caring about his sons and stand in as the voice of reason to set them on the right path! You can still make him funny sure, but still...
3. There are jokes that just aren't funny. Yeah that may not seem surprising, but like I said there are jokes that actually are good, in fact there are more good jokes here than there are of the bad ones, but when there is a bad joke... well I can't say the joke would be disgusting in anyway, but sometimes they do either fall flat or even seem rather... suggestive for a lack of a better term.
4. All the Turtles are basically Michelangelo! You know how the original comic made all the Turtles the same character, then in the first cartoon they did differentiate them save for Raph and Micky, then finally all four of them had their own distinct characterization? Well now we're kind'a back to somewhere in between the first comic and 80's show, in that all the Turtles are the same.... well to an extent anyway. Donatello is still technically the brains of the bunch, and again Raph is the muscle head, but aside from that they're all basically Michelangelo; heck Leonardo in some scenes seem more of a Micky and Micky himself is.

All in all I think this show is okay... at best. The animation is fine, the characters are tolerable, and the show is still pretty creative, and there are still plenty of jokes that are funny, but nothing more than that.

It's not a bad show by any means, but it does feel like a couple steps backwards in how The Turtles evolved. I guess another problem would also be that this show is a product of the current landscape of children's television animation, in that companies like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network seem to be pushing for more comedy based programs than anything involving action or drama; there are still shows that do have action and drama but currently they are too far and in between. Hopefully however this is just a trend and soon it will cease and creative teams will get back on track on making more developed programs.

As is, like I said, this show is is perfectly fine, it has it's dumb moments but overall it's harmless. I give it... 6.5/10, a Grade C product.
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Default Re: New 2D TMNT Series in 2018

I know it's pretty early to say right now, but what are the chances of the main ensemble of TMNT villains showing up here. Are we going to have Shredder, Rocksteady & Bebop & Kraang make appearances?
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