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Default Re: Which manga or anime should be released in English?

To be honest, I really want to see Super Robot Wars OG: Record of ATX (manga) and Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars / Inspector / The Animation (three anime) in English. That franchise is relatively unknown in the western world despite the GBA games and Endless Frontier that have been officially localized, and I would give anything to hear the anime dubbed. Or at least get it with English subs. (I've even resorted to making fanmade casts since I keep hearing Orion Acaba in my head as Axel, while Michael McConnohie is Kai.)

Another series I would love to hear dubbed or see with subtitles is Future GPX Cyber Formula, along with its Double One, Zero, SAGA and SIN OVAs. Practically nobody in the west knows about the entire series, even though it's fairly popular in Asia. Not to mention Yzak and Gilbert's character designs from Gundam SEED were based on Henri and Nagumo from Cyber Formula. Granted, Gilbert is completely a Nagumo copy down to design, personality and even voice actor (Shuuichi Ikeda).

The entire Saint Seiya franchise (classic show, Hades arc, Lost Canvas, Omega, Soul of Gold, all movies) also deserves an official dub or sub. Better than the one with surfer dude Hyoga, thanks.

Violinist of Hameln is one of the most hilarious manga I've ever laid my eyes on. I would love to get an official English release for it.

And finally Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (anime, manga), Ginga Densetsu Weed (anime, manga), Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion (manga) and Ginga: the Last Wars (manga). None of these anime and manga have ever been released in English. ...Not that it affects me since I'm Finnish (we already have most of these in our language), but it just doesn't feel right that English-speaking fans of the Ginga franchise can't find the series anywhere. The first series is of course quite old (from the mid-80s), but what's stopping dubbing studios or sub publishers from releasing old stuff? ...I'm actually rather tempted to make fanmade casts for the anime series now. (Maybe I should translate all the Ginga volumes to English based on the Finnish releases? ...I'd be happy to give my translations to an English publisher for free, so they'd only need to pay the license fees.)

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Default Re: Which manga or anime should be released in English?

KonoSuba would be an interesting one to see dubbed in the future.
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Default Re: Which manga or anime should be released in English?

Originally Posted by MilanTheVillain01 View Post
KonoSuba would be an interesting one to see dubbed in the future.
Definitely. I'm surprised it and Re-Zero's haven't come out yet.
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Default Re: Which manga or anime should be released in English?

Mr. Osomatsu (soon to start its sequel in 3 months) is one of the recent offerings from Pierrot that I'd like to see get a dub, so it could kind of be the entry-way for curious people to see Akatsuka's works and the original Osomatsu. Some of its jokes may be tougher to localize, but I feel if done right, it could be pretty nice.
It's certainly more likely than anyone getting the 1980s Osomatsu-kun show, which is very solid itself writing and animation-wise, and giving that a dub. Even if other countries have still released their own versions in recent years, the USA isn't those countries. I'd never say never, since stranger things can happen, but best to focus on the "now".

Adding in another vote for Polar Bear Cafe, that'd be nice. I'm hoping Ocean can dub the rest of Gintama after Sentai's license for the early episodes expire, and if things go well sales-wise with Crunchyroll's DVDs. I'd really love to hear how everything would sound all together.

The recent remake of Mahojin GuruGuru currently running on Crunchyroll could be a good candidate for the franchise to get its first exposure in English. As for Gin, would really love that! I feel like Discotek could be the best bet for even just a sub release, but I'm wondering how long it may be until other companies consider the crowdfunding route for dubs. It's a weighty risk considering that the success would also rely on the sales numbers. But after the Skip Beat! Kickstarter, I'm curious to see what else could come.

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