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Default Re: Gintama Ocean Dub

Originally Posted by Ichigo341578926 View Post
Well if that wasn't Bill Mondy as Abuto than it was Clay St Thomas, as for Nobume I actually heard Chiara Zanni, and If that wasn't Ashleigh Ball as Sacchan than it could have been Ingrid Nilson.
I listened to a clip of Clay St Thomas and he sounds like a deeper Wally Wingert, which is what I thought Abuto sounded like. I think you may be right.
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Default Re: Gintama Ocean Dub

Originally Posted by Abdullab View Post
oh cool, i just wanted to check this makes this scene even more hilarious although i would have loved to hear mcneil say Makankosappo but the classic special beam attack works too.
Man the best part of ocean gintama dub is when they play on dragon ball and im glad that its ocean although i do wish future episodes make dbsuper jokes, i want to see ocean take a jab on super saiyan blue
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Default Re: Gintama Ocean Dub

Originally Posted by BioZero216 View Post
Michael Dobson's range is so massive that not even I would know. If it isn't him, I'm guessing it's Richard Newman.

Also, this isn't confirmed, but according to TV Tropes and various Wikis, here are some more castings. Again, not confirmed.

Isaburo: Andrew Kavadas

Nobume: Lalainia Lindbjerg

Kamui: Matthew Erickson

Sacchan: Ashleigh Ball

Oboro: Mark Oliver

If these are correct, I predicted all of them correctly and if they aren't, someone on TV Tropes saw my predictions and just took my word for it.

Also, I am 100% sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that Paul Dobson is Heiji Kozenigata and I'm pretty sure Abuto is Bill Mondy.
Also, having just re-listened to them Kamui actually kinda reminds me of a more playful version of Kristian Ayre's Ryura in Inuyasha the Movie: Fire on the Mystic Island.
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Default Re: Gintama Ocean Dub

I'm really enjoying this dub. Daingerfield doesn't sound like Sugita in any way, but he does an excellent job. And I'm quite glad that Saffron Henderson, Ted Cole and Lalainia Lindbjerg are getting more work.

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