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Default Which anime do you have a problem with?

I thought I'd make this topic for those who feel the need to vent on their own personal criticisms of a particular series.

For me, one such show is Magi.

I already expressed in the comment section for a page about the show and it's actors that I don't hate the show; and in fact I do like some of the ideas they build... but my gripes with it are that the main character is a perverted little boy with no and other men seem to respect him for that, the art style being to cutesy with the big eyed, no-nosed, kitty mouth look, which is not helped by the majority of female characters looking to promiscuous making it feel all the more uncomfortable; and while I don't find the show racist... I feel the characters show be depicted based on their backgrounds. Aladdin and Alibaba should be more than with less technicolored hair, and the Morgiana's people in particular should be more darker skinned based on their background, which I'm more than certain is based off Africa and the Sub-Indian continent.

I also feel that some of the voices are kind'a grading to listen to, Aladdin in particular.

But with that said, it's not a bad show... but I feel it could have been much better handled.
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Default Re: Which anime do you have a problem with?

I, too, have a problem with serious stories being told with adorable googly eyes. It is supposed to be taken seriously, it isnt Disney...yet the artwork makes that so hard to swallow. I'll get over it if the story is good enough, but the eyes in Fate annoy the hell out of me. I havent seen Magi, but Erica Mendez was/is a pretty new actor overall. Dubs in general arent super-expensive, but espeically recently (I've explained this elsewhere) long & short, the budgets overall for anime dubs have gone down as Internet streaming (usually subtitled-only) has gone up, it's way cheaper.

I want to watch Code Geass (great dub, great story, great artistry), but Lelouch's face just looks so strange, lol.
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Default Re: Which anime do you have a problem with?

Attack on Titan. I could lampoon a bunch of shonen shows like Naruto, Bleach, and even One Piece (which I am a fan) for their plots but by the end of the day they have good messages about never giving up and friendship and whatever.

Attack on Titan though... I just don't get why anyone would watch it outside of cool music and animation. I'm not opposed to "edgy" anime, I enjoyed shows like Future Diary, Madoka Magica and the aforementioned Fate. They aren't masterpieces but they knew when to take it slow or give you a silly moment now and then. But AoT is WAAAAAY overboard with its edginess to the point where I can't take it seriously which is bad when it takes itself SO seriously. The side characters tend to be more interesting than the main ones and often die, leaving us with mains who have rather weak and uninteresting motivations. The various plot twists/developments I found painfully obvious or just disappointing. I don't see a moral of the story either, is it humanity is just a bunch of selfish idiots? Cuz that's all I get from the show. The dub is alright I guess, I'd probably care more if the characters I liked actually got attention.

I know I'm sounding really whiny but this show just rubbed me the wrong way in almost every way imaginable outside its aesthetic (and I still don't like the general art style). I guess you could boil this down to me expecting a cool humanity fighting for survival and overcoming its weaknesses tale but getting a needlessly nihilistic story. If you like this show, good for you, but I gave this show a chance by watching every episode and won't be watching S2.
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Default Re: Which anime do you have a problem with?

Well, there are quite a few. I won't write full blown reviews on them, though if people want to talk about why I don't like them I'm happy to oblige.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans: It kicked out of the gate in a great fashion but then dragged its minimal plot on for a while before it overly complicated it with a poorly executed political angle. There were good moments that were hurt by awfully slow pacing and weak character work for several of the characters in a fairly large cast. It didn't need to be 25 episodes, it could have been easily done in a cour and a half (18). The second season turned me off by making most of the first few episodes messy narration infodumping of completely new terminology, and I just couldn't take it.

Overworld: This was also very slowly paced. Now, slow pacing isn't a bad thing in and of itself, but there was absolutely no payoff for this speed, and you can only justify that if it's meant to be a chill show (Flying Witch, Tanaka-kun is Always Listless). Plot elements came and went, its most interesting elements were only briefly alluded to in this self-contained adaptation, and the action was exceedingly poor.

Berserk (2016): Admittedly this is beating an already cremated horse. To quote... myself (from the Berserk Movie III page): "To put it in a nutshell, it's mostly issues of pacing and tone; it kinda blazes through the Black Swordsman arc to get to the Tower of Conviction arc ASAP, which hurts it. The tonal thing is a huger problem that's present in the lighting, coloring, and music - it seems focused on making Berserk an edgy action show about a guy with a big sword. Which is kinda missing the point.

Another thing that was an issue for me was the blandness of the voiceover in Japanese, with the exception of Rikiya Koyama as Mozgus (absolutely excellent). The dub will definitely fix that, as long as Crunchyroll (who licensed the dub) hopefully gets NYAV Post to do it."

I may come back and add more for fun.
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Jared Delgado
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Default Re: Which anime do you have a problem with?

Sword Art Online: and this video pretty much sums up what SAO is about:
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Default Re: Which anime do you have a problem with?

If there was an anime that made me really upset and frustrated yet was shilled to death by pretty much by everyone in the anime community as a "MASTERPIECE!!!", That would be ERASED.

My Biggest Gripe was how it never explains why the MC got his time powers in the 1st place. Along with how emotionally manipulative the show can be at times. Plus how obvious who the killer was (let alone the fact that he came off as a rip-off of one of the villains in Persona 4). And don't get me started on how dumb some of the characters act in certain scenarios, or that one sob story with the chocolate bar. I gaved up by the 11th episode. Not even a dub with Ben Diskin and Michelle Ruff won't convince me to rewatch. (It was subbed only at the time I watched it, which was alright save for Satoru, who's seiyuu was clearly a inexperienced newcomer.)
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