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Default Re: Voice Over Dreams

This is a bit of a bizarre topic I must say though there's something about the admins posting on it that make seem like a normal everyday topic of discussion.

Anyway, I had this crazy dream last night:

It takes place within the game Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. Ratchet (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) and Captain Quark (voiced by Jim Ward) are searching for Clank when they end up crash landing on a forest like planet.

They find an ordinary house (which they enter) with a massive hallway inside. They walk down the hallway to find the Great Hall of Asgard. But instead of Asgardians, they find little green aliens, tiny red robots and some DC heroes having a feast.

Ratchet decdes to leave Quark behind at the feast to go off and continue looking for Clank. He then walks up to the living room where he finds a brown leather sofa and an overweight Kevin Smith in the corner at a desk trying to hack a computer while drinking a McDonald's cola.

As soon as Ratchet exits, a crazy, out of control Idris Elba shows up armed with lots of knives. Classic Robin (voiced by Casey Kasem) shows up to fight him.

It then goes into a first person mode where the fight is taking place from Classic Robin's point of view. Idris misses him after multiple attempts of knife throwing but then Classic Batman (voiced by Adam West) shows up. However, Idris kills him instantly.

It then switches back to 3rd person mode. Idris somehow escapes while Classic Robin goes back to the feast to tell everyone that classic Batman is dead.

Classic Green Lantern (voiced by Michael Rye), Classic Wonder Woman (voiced by BJ Ward) and Ewan McGregor (who shows up out of nowhere) tell Classic Robin they are sorry for his loss while Arkham series Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy) tells him that there will always be another Batman to take the old one's place.

Unfortunately, the dream ended there. I feel like there should be a sequel in there somewhere.
Crazy man, just crazy. The whole world's going crazy. Or maybe it's just me that's crazy.

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Default Re: Voice Over Dreams

I just woke up from a strange one.

People were asking questions to Crispin Freeman and someone brought up his role as Shizuo in Durarara and it turned out that it was never him at all, it was Sean Schemmel who actually voiced him in the dub...since the beginning despite the fact that Sean only recently had moved to LA, Crispin broke an NDA for whatever reason, also there was a hornet chasing after me and that how I woke up.
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Default Re: Voice Over Dreams

I dreamt about Dave Wittenberg and that if Black Lagoon was dubbed in LA then Dave would have voiced Rock (I honestly find Brad Swaile to sound a lot like Dave Wittenberg, little wonder why Johnny Yong Bosch (who is Brad's LA counterpart) and Erik Scott Kimerer (who replaced Dave in Mahoromatic and also sounds like Brad Swaile and Johnny Yong Bosch) are considered to be Dave Wittenberg's spiritual successors).

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Default Re: Voice Over Dreams

Some of these are really out there.

The only ones I've had are seeing replys to my messages or comments.

One other one is that during the day I watched a One Piece interview with Brina Palencia.

In the dream, for some reason, I was interviewing her.
Jason Aaron gave Boba Fett a kryptonite-like weakness to blind people.
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Nightmare Crusher
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Default Re: Voice Over Dreams

I had a new one last night. This time they had announced a dub cast for that weird TMNT anime. The only casting choice I remember is that Raphael was played by, of all people, Alfred Molina.

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Default Re: Voice Over Dreams

Okay, here goes. I had this dream where I saw Blaze the Cat from the Sonic the Hedgehog series added to the official Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U website before the game was released. It's nuts, I know, but it just kind of happened to me.
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Default Re: Voice Over Dreams

I had a dream where I was at convention, and I got Tara Strong and Karen Strassman together to armwrestle for a video I was recording... that's not weird is it?
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Default Re: Voice Over Dreams

I had a dream where Misty Lee voiced Perfect Cell in DBZ GT. Definitely non-canon.
Jason Aaron gave Boba Fett a kryptonite-like weakness to blind people.
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Jacob M. Keene
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Default Re: Voice Over Dreams

I believe this was a few nights ago: I had a dream where I saw Scar from The Lion King being parodied in some way (not sure if it was on "Mad TV" or "Robot Chicken" or whatever else, I only remember some details, and it was kind distorted), and it sounded like he was voiced by Tony Jay. I looked at Scar's credits on this site, and under "Parody versions," it turned out that he was voiced by Tony Jay in the supposed parody! And I remember the "fool hat" logo on him used as a "parody" sign on this site too!
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Default Re: Voice Over Dreams

I had a dream last night about the Big Green dub, and we were all wrong about who the Old Bastard was again and it turned out to be some guy named Terry Oredthery, I noticed this because I got to meet his characters in real life which started out sounding like Ed Marcus, but eventually got deeper and slightly younger sounding. It sounded like a weird cross between Ed's and Doug Rand's voice.

I also got to meet Chris Sabat and Roger Rhodes, who told me that the Big Green dub was being erased from existence because the Big Green dub and the Funimation dub can't exist in the same universe. I then hugged Roger Rhodes and told him how awesome he could've been as Vegeta and how awesome he actually was as Vile. He responded telling me Vile was a jerk and I noticed he had red hair covering one of his eyes the entire time that he somehow hid in all his photos.

Also in the same dream, I went to Frieza's voice compare, and some of Frieza's pictures were replaced with an anime girl with long white hair with spikes on the top which was apparently Frieza's human form. I think it was Jennifer Bain's and Linda Young's Frieza pics specifically. Also Jennifer's clip cut out for a few seconds when I played it.

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