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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Default Starvengers


Voice Director: Kenneth Feuerman

US Release: ??? ??, 1980
Japan Release: May 15, 1975
Episodes: 26
Franchise: Getter Robo; Force Five
The Japanese version of this show consisted of 39 episodes. It is also known as Getter Robo G.

Note: I can't find copies of Starvengers credits online, so this is actually from Spaceketeers, another show in the Force Five anthology, and all the shows had the same cast list. It's only here for posterity anyway, as the names are of the annoyingly meaningless variety that bear no relation on the actual voice cast. Ahead of the breakdown, I'm gonna say that I posit that the only cast members are Richard Rossner, Marla Frumkin, and the late John Hostetter.

Homer Winthrow
Richard Rossner.

William Winckler, of all people, met Rossner at a party,
In fact, I was told the “powers that be” thought all our dubbing was superior to many Toei licensees dubbing. For example, our six FIST OF THE NORTH STAR films had great casts, and we were told our dubbing was vastly superior to the 80’s dubbing of FIST. Same for our quality dubbing compared to the Jim Terry FORCE FIVE dubbing of GAIKING and SPACEKATEERS/STARZINGER.

You know, as a funny aside, I met one of the original voice actors for Jim Terry at a Hollywood party, Richard Rossner, and when I told him what we were doing, he thanked me for finally giving the Toei classics the fine dubbing jobs they always deserved! Another bizarre coincidence! You couldn’t make this stuff up!
Doesn't confirm Starvengers specifically out of the Force Five shows, but the vocal similarity is pretty clear.

Paladin Spencer
Rossner again.

Elmer 'Foul Tip' O'Fosell
John Hostetter. His website lists Gaiking, Spaceketeers, and Danguard Ace, all other Force Five shows. Here's a clip containing a variety of confirmed dub roles (all roles he's credited with in the closing credits), and while neither anything in it nor this clip of his "natural voice" looping a role in Return of the Jedi (confirmed on his website) sound much like Foul Tip, but it's clearly a very strained voice that "I could see" Hostetter could certainly be able to do, as nebulous a concept as that is. In any case, I think the remaining clips will suggest that Hostetter was certainly in Starvengers, in addition to the other Force Five shows.

Ceres Copernicus
Marla Frumkin

Dr. Copernicus

Emperor Ramzorch
Rossner. His Harlock has certain similarities, and Ramzorch also shares Rossner's generally nasally voice--that comes through no matter how rough on throat the performance is.

Learned One

Captain Furor

Given that they would often have Marla of all people play originally male roles with as low a voice as she could manage in all five of the Force Five shows, and I theorize that this cast, despite not necessarily being union (who knows? the cast credits don't necessarily mean anything) [I doubt there were any hard-and-out rules in SAG contracts at the time about required crediting--certainly not in animation voiceover], was kept as small as possible for whatever economic factors. Perhaps it was like with shows like Tranzor Z and especially Voltron, where the higher-than-modern day pay (for dubbing anyway) the actors were presumably getting (I maintain my theory union SAG dubs pre-1989 [establishment of the 65-ish an hour with two-hour minimum dubbing contract] entailed paying the actors full prelay rates) meant that they had to keep a very small cast regardless of how strained the cast have to get to manage it all.

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