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Default Re: Unpopular Opinions

Originally Posted by RetroPokeFan View Post
I love me some Tara Strong but most of her recent performances haven't exactly wowed me as of now.

She hasn't been terrible or anything, it's that most of her more recent roles sound almost identical to one another and I really wish voice directors would take more advantage of her voice because we could get some pretty knockout performances from her.

That and she's kinda declined a bit as Harley Quinn though that's mostly due to voice direction (especially on Amanda Wyatt's case).
I agree other than Ashi in Samurai Jack.I feel Tara is on autopilot these days not like getting into the Character as she did years before but to be fair i don't blame her for this im sure actors with a similar situation have done this.

Atleast use her range more often. Tara actually has a bigger range than people give credit for

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Default Re: Unpopular Opinions

I don't know if it' unpopular or not, but is it unfair or insensitive to bring up 4Kids whenever New York based voice acting is mentioned?
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Default Re: Unpopular Opinions

I think the Suburbs are the most depressing place to live in. Here you pay more for bills, the places you need to go aren't within walking distance so you have to drive constantly, and driving in these areas alone is a mess in itself, your friends live far away from you, and the schools in these kinds of neighborhoods are separated.

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Ask me about unions
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Default Re: Unpopular Opinions

This thread is off track. I think you should consider starting a blog.
"Good VO in a game takes THREE things. Having good actors, as crucial as they are, is not enough. You need good actors, good writing, and a good director. Oh, and ample time helps a lot too. If you've ever wondered why one of your favorite actors is amazing in one game, and not quite as stellar in another, there is a good chance that the budget or other circumstances didn't allow for much exploration or digging, and the work was just blasted through." - Liam O'Brien
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