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Thumbs up Tails voice compare error

in sonic adventure 2 core bringas (voice of tails in sonic adventure and sonic shuffle) did NOT voice tails in sonic adventure 2 instead his brother CONNER Bringas voiced him in SA2 due to corey's advancing age and to prove it i asked Conner on facebook that did he voice tails in sonic adventure 2 and Conner simplliy responded by saying "yes".so fix the compare and use clips of conner from sinic adventure 2.

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Default Re: Tails voice compare error

We know that.
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Default Re: Tails voice compare error

Yeah, the voice compare was created when all the Sonic games were merged into one title but NCZ spent some time to separate. I need to move the clips around to the right places.
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conner bringas, corey bringas, miles "tails" prower, tails

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