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Post Urusei Yatsura

Considering all the talk about Viz Media re-acquiring the licence to the Urusei Yatsura manga, I'd decided to make a dream cast for the Urusei Yatsura anime, if Viz decided to get the licence to the anime. While making the cast, I thought, what if, instead of just Vancouver, Viz decided to get voice actors from not only Vancouver, but actors from Los Angeles, Texas, New York, and even North Carolina (Where most of the UY movies were dubbed, when the anime was in AnimEgo's hands)!

Even though this wouldn't most likely be possible (Even though some of the Canadian voice actors used in this dream cast have come over to America sometimes, Like Brian Drummond voicing Cloned Vegeta in the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Super), This is a DREAM cast, so take lightly:

Brian Drummond as Ataru Moroboshi (A bit ironic, considering Drummond privously voiced another character in a cartoon who's main character is madly in love with him. *cough cough* Pucca *cough cough*)
Mari Devon as Mrs Moroboshi
Jerry Winsett as Mr. Moroboshi (Winsett reprising his role from the AnimEgo movie dubs)
Hynden Walch as Lum (Obvious Teen Titans joke is the obvious)
Shannon Settlemyre as Ten (Shannon reprising her role from the AnimEgo movie dubs)
Rip Torn as Mr. Invader
Paul Dobson as Cherry
April Winchell as Sakura (April would make a pretty great Sakura)
Jeff Bennett as Tsubame Ozuno
Monica Rial as Shinobu Miyake
Jason Griffith as Inaba
Richard Ian Cox as Shuutaro Mendo
Suzanne Goldish as Ryoko Mendo
Sarah Strange as Ryunosuke Fujinami (Ranma voicing Ryunosuke, as if it wasn't obvious enough already)
Michael Sinterniklaas as Mr. Fujinami (Sinterniklaas has voiced Ataru in the AnimEgo dub of the first few episodes of the anime)
Cam Clarke as Tobimaro Mizunokoji
Tara Strong as Asuka Mizunokoji
Steve Rassin as Kousuke Shirai (Rassin has also voiced Ataru, in the AnimEgo dubs of the movies)
Richard Newman as Onsen-Mark
Tom Kenny as the Tomobiki High School Principal
Grey Griffin as Benten
Jessica DICicco as Oyuki
Andera Libman as Ran (Libman voicing a pink-haired character, where have I heard that before...)
Laura Bailey as Kurama
Matt Hill as Rei
Liam O'Brien as Megane
Samuel Vincent as Perm
Johnny Yong Bosch as Chibi
Dan Green as Kakugari
Frank Welker as Kotatsu-neko
Cathy Weseluck as Kitsune
Richard Kind as Mujaki
Michael Donovan as Shingo
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld as Elle de Rosenbach
Michael Donovan as CAO-2
Janyse Jaud as Sugar
Shelby Rabara as Ginger (A bit ironic, since Ginger's Catalan voice actress, Elisabet Bargalló, also voiced Peridot (Rabara's character) in the Catalan dub of Steven Universe)
Pamela Hayden as Pepper
Joey D'Auria as the Dappya ailen

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Default Re: Urusei Yatsura

If Viz Media got a chance to dub the Urusei Yatsura anime, here is what the cast could have been like.

Recording Studio: NYAV Post
Voice Director: Michael Sinterniklaas

Wayne Grayson - Ataru Moroboshi
Julie Maddalena - Ataru's Mother
Mike Pollock - Ataru's Father
Kira Buckland - Lum
Stephanie Sheh - Ten
Patrick Seitz - Lum's Father
Paul St Peter - Cherry
Barbara Goodson - Sakura
Kevin T Collins - Tsubame
Wendee Lee - Shinobu Miyake
Jason Griffith - Inaba
Keith Silverstein - Shuutaro Mendo
Suzanne Goldish - Ryoko Mendo
Karen Strassman - Ryunosuke Fujinami
Michael Sinterniklaas - Mr. Fujinami
Cam Clarke - Tobimaro Mizunokoji
Alex Cazares - Asuka Mizunokoji
Neil Kaplan - Onsen-Mark
Ted Lewis - Principal
Kari Wahlgren - Benten
Cassandra Lee Morris - Oyuki
Rachael Lillis - Ran
Ryan Bartley - Kurama
Mike Pollock - Rei
Liam O'Brien - Megane
Yuri Lowenthal - Perm
Johnny Yong Bosch - Chibi
Dan Green - Kakugari
David Wills - Kotatsu-neko
Michelle Newman - Kitsune
Mike Pollock - Mujaki
Steve Staley - Shingo
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld - Elle Dr Rosenbach
Marc Thompson - CAO-2
Xanthe Huynh - Sugar
Michelle Ruff - Ginger
Erica Mendez - Pepper
Steve Blum - Dappya Alien
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Thumbs up Re: Urusei Yatsura

Originally Posted by littlepaul1002 View Post
Wayne Grayson - Ataru Moroboshi
Ah, harkening back to the Central Park Media dub of Beautiful Dreamer by having Wayne as Ataru again, nice!
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