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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Default Runaway: A Road Adventure

After working on the two sequels, I figured it was time to look at the first game in the Runaway franchise. Unlike the sequels, which are very good at crediting actors, the first doesn't link names to characters. Also unlike the sequels, which tend to have big casts, there are only 6 actors for the English dub, listed as follows:

Marc Biagi
Lani Minella
Jon St. John
Dave Rivas
Chris Wilcox
Max McGill

I think we can easily assume that Lani voices all the female characters, so we can easily skip that side of things.

Longplay: Brian Basco (0.14), Gina's Father (6.52), Don Roberto Sandretti (7.51), Don Carlo Sandretti (8.30), Feodor (26.03), Munchkin Bob (28.58), Clive (29.29), Willy - what a jerk! (36.56), Gustav (1.06.41, 1.15.59), Lula / Lou Lamerre (1.20.19, 1.34.15), Guard (1.31.11, 1.36.45), Wapuchim (2.11.38), Saturn (2.28.55), Joshua Nakayama Smith (2.37.13), Oscar (2.53.00), Rutger (4.05.55), Zombie Johnny (5.03.38)
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Default Re: Runaway: A Road Adventure

Probably should've done this earlier, but I didn't have the time to do this when making the first post. Basically, the entire cast of the first game reprised for the sequel - although, as you can see, they were far from the only actors this time. So, to make headway with the first game, it may be a good idea to compare those clips with their known characters from the sequel. I'll indicate who's who as things go on.

Runaway 2: Marc Biagi as Brian (3.29), Jon St John as Otto (5.29), Chris Wilcox as Zachariah O'Connor (1.39.17), Max McGill as Lt. Col. Chapman (3.09.17), Marc as "Professor Pignon" (3.10.43, yes, it's still Brian, but it may indicate if he play anyone else in the first game), Max McGill as 17 (3.20.44), Dave Rivas as Joshua (4.21.17), Jon St John as Archibald (4.56.57), Jon St John as Professor Simon (5.27.00), Dave Rivas as Rutger (5.56.00), Chris Wilcox as Saturn (6.01.47), Max McGill as Russian Mongrel (7.50.21), Chris Wilcox as Husky Hound (8.03.05)

At this point, I'd say that, as far as the first game goes, the same actors are playing the shared roles. As far as the rest go, I'd suggest that based on comparisons, Max is Don Carlo and Feodor (and possibly the Guard), Jon is Clive (and possibly Wupuchim), and Chris may be Gustav and Lulu. That's all I've really got.
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