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Default Persona Series Discussion Thread

Hello folks! Since Persona is a rather popular franchise around these parts, I decided it would be a nice idea to make a general discussion thread about it. There's a lot to talk about and a lot to love about the Persona games, so let's give it a whirl. You can talk about whatever you want about the Persona series, here in this thread as you wish.

But to start off with some questions to get the ball rolling:

1. What is your favorite Persona entry in the series so far, and why?

2. What are some things you would like to see in Persona 6 when the times comes for that to take the stage?

3. Who is your favorite character in the series, and why?

4. What are your favorite scenes in any story of the Persona series, and why?

5. Do you have any favorite social links/confidants in the game as well?

6. What are your favorite vocal performances in the series so far?
(last one is relevant to BTVA as a whole)

I'll give my answers:

1. Personally, I'd say 4 is probably my favorite entry. I enjoy that slice-of-life, down-to-earth atmosphere it gives off and it really feels like you're in the experience. The game is very well-written with its characters and tackles it themes really well, and the characters really feel like your typical, everyday people that you'd hang out with and have very believable, real interactions and friendships with. Inaba has a very distinct atmosphere and personality to it and the game does amazingly at bringing a real sense of life and home-like atmosphere. A very memorable game, especially with a lot of slice-of-life cutscenes that add to the attachment, such as the King's Game, which not only is one of the funniest scenes and most well-paced in the game, but also great in that it gives some light of development to the likes of Teddie and Naoto.

2. Honestly, I'm not totally sure what I'd like to see here. But I would love to see a female protagonist being added in again and maybe change things up a bit with a female approach to the story in P6. P3P had a nice touch of adding a female protagonist and I'm a bit disappointed they didn't retouch on that in P4 or P5. Gameplay-wise, the Psy/Nuke spells from P2 and P5 would be very welcome to have back as well. Expand more on P5's gameplay because it's good too.

3. I love most of the characters in the series, but Rise is a personal favorite of mine. I just greatly love and respect how human and multi-faceted her character is. She fears being seen for the act she puts on as an idol and not who she really is, and her character development really touches on that and how she comes to terms with the many sides of her personality and who she is. Plus she's very open-minded, honest, and comes of as very cheerful, cute, and friendly but also being intelligent and kind at the same time, clearly caring a lot about her friends and being very wise and insightful about the world and society too. Her life story really adds a lot of depth to her as well. I find her bubbly, yet warm energy very endearing overall. Not to mention Laura Bailey really sells Rise's character magnificently with a performance so full of charm and charisma, and to this day it's still one of my favorite performances from Laura Bailey overall (along with Lucina, Maka, Lust, and Fiona).

4. I enjoy the King's Game scene in Persona 4, because it's just straight up HILARIOUS. The Iwatodai School Trip in P4 is a personal favorite of mine because it's a nice shoutout to Persona 3, while having character development for Naoto and Teddie, and having a hysterical scene where half the cast acts all drunk. I also think Makoto and Ryuji's awakening scenes in P5 were very well executed and brought a lot of chills. I also liked the last scene in Persona 3, which while sad, added a lot to Aigis's character development and was beautifully executed (in no small part thanks to Karen Strassman's excellent acting in that scene).

5. I like Yosuke's Social Link a lot, because despite his stereotypical wacky teenage guy behavior throughout the game, he shows a lot of depth to his character: he comes to terms with his being in Inaba, a small rural town, and really develops an almost bro-like friendship with Yu. It shows a lot to his character and real development to it and I enjoyed it for that. Kanji's Social Link was also great, showing more of his softer side and how he comes to terms with his seemingly feminine passions such as knitting and sewing, and how he can come to really live true to himself. From the Persona 3 side, Yukari's was nice to see and her character arc was pretty well-written throughout. I also likes Yusuke, Sojiro, and Futaba's confidants in Persona 5.

6. I have a lot of highlight performances throughout the series, as the series has had some remarkable dubbing and casting choices over the years (PCB is an excellent studio), but if I had to pick, some of them would include Vic Mignogna as Junpei, Liam O'Brien as Akihiko, Michelle Ruff as Yukari, Yuri Lowenthal as Yosuke, Troy Baker as Kanji, Laura Bailey as Rise, JYB as Adachi, Max Mittelman as Ryuji, Cherami Leigh as Makoto, and Robbie Daymond as Akechi. Those are some real highlights for me. Overall though there are many great performances throughout the series, even if there are some glaring exceptions.

Anyways that's just my side of the input for now. Feel free to discuss as you feel.
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Default Re: Persona Series Discussion Thread

If you want my thoughts than here:

1. Haven't played any games but I'd have to say five. It's impressive how it went to actually discuss real issues present in Japan, not to mention the graphics are stunning!

2. I have no clue TBH. Maybe a Switch port...ha ha never going to happen. All I care is that it's good.

3. Yukiko hands down. I loved her the second I heard her theme and as time went on I grew to love her. For a traditional Japanese girl she's surprisingly deep not to mention I love Amanda Winn Lee's performance. She's also a fantastic contrast to Chie. Some of my other favorites are easily Yukari, Futaba, Ann and Yosuke.

4. Ann's awakening. Call me crazy but I find it cooler than Makoto's. I love how she manages to avenge Shiho after Kamoshida did the unthinkable to her and prove to him that she's not just his plaything.

5. Yukiko, Ann, Tae, Futaba, Yosuke and Yukari all have great social links.

6. I love Amanda Winn Lee as Yukiko, Erika Harlacher as Ann and Michelle Ruff as Yukari. Yes I know I'm listing my three best girls (despite one of them being tied with Futaba) but I enjoy all of their voices to the point were if they aren't voiced by said actor I just don't love them as much. And that extends to the Japanese version as well BTW. Part of the reason I drifted away from Ann a bit was because she felt a bit generic with her Japanese voice. I also loved Troy Baker as Kanji, Vic Mignoga as Junpei, Laura Bailey as Rise, Erica Lindbeck as Futaba, Cherami Leigh as Makoto (despite how much I hate the character...), Yuri Lowenthal as Yosuke, Robbie Daymond as Akechi... list goes on and on really ha ha.
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Default Re: Persona Series Discussion Thread

Persona 5 is the best Persona Game second choice is Persona 4

Here’s my ideas for Persona 6
The Main Character should be Female With Green Hair( I got this idea from Final Fantasy VI and Jojo Part 6 since they both female leads with Green Hair)
The Personas will be Fairy Tale Characters
The Mascot will be a Frog who wants to be Human His Persona will be Prince Charming or Pinocchio
The Velvet Room will be a Library
Voice Compares are awesome
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Default Re: Persona Series Discussion Thread

I'm generally more of a mainline fan but I do enjoy Persona quite a bit as well.

1. It's kind of close between 5 and 3 but the nearly perfected mechanics of 5 kind of wins out for me.

2. I'd like to see an older cast for Persona 6. I know the series is sort of tied to youth and high school but a middle-aged salaryman having to balance time between his job and saving the world would be pretty interesting and you'd have an entirely different set of themes you could use to make for a slightly more mature narrative. I also wouldn't mind if they dropped the mascot characters.

3. Favorite character is a tricky one. I like a lot of the cast but a favorite... hm... Junpei has one of the more varied and compelling story arcs with a wide range of behavior and emotional reactions. Yosuke, Tatsuya, and Futaba are kind of the same, but Junpei just seemed to have the fullest story.

4. The opening of Persona 3 was a great setup. Hell, most of the Full Moon Operations had great atmosphere and were thematically consistent while being varied in tone. I think P3 in general was really helped by its themes and how universal they were.

5. Iwai and Yoshida in P5. Sayako and Ai in P4. Obviously various reasons for each of them but in general I just really enjoyed how each developed over the course of their arcs.

6. Vic was fantastic as Junpei. He really gave a character that could have just been a token 'bro' a lot of depth via his performance. Again, honorable mentions go to Yuri as Yosuke and Erica as Futaba.

... I kinda can't help but add that Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker is probably my favorite dub in gaming. Everyone involved was great but Amanda Miller and Kaiji Tang were absolutely fantastic and while playing it I kept thinking that cast would be incredibly fun in a Persona game.
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