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Post Re: Uncharted 4 Multiplayer and Survival Quotes


"Well, then. You obviously have good taste."
"You'll find I'm a man of simple tastes: wine, literature, headbutts."
"Mate, we're gonna make some beautiful music together."
"Ah, it's me then. Haha. Give me a moment to limber up!"
"You have no idea how much this pleases me."
"I'm just glad you didn't pick you know who."
"Not much for the matinee idol types then, eh? Good, me neither."

Start of the game:
"Off we go then. Let's do this show them what we're made of.... and all that. Right?"
"Alright, lets not make a dogs breakfast for this one."
"What's that you say? More blood, danger, death? Oh yeah, count me in."
"Alright, let's make quick work of 'em, lads."
"Here we go running off to gunfire like a bunch of bloody morons. Oh, who am I kidding? I love these bollocks."
"'Once more unto the breach, my friends.' Henry the Fifth. Anyone? Anyone at all?"
"Alright, the rules are simple: get the treasure, drop the bad guys, and maybe we live. Sounds fun, yeah?"
"Alright, everyone. I got an inspirational quote for uhh... umm. Oh, bloody hell, ummm. Huh, I forgotten it. Heh, let's do this."

Throws a gear (Completed):
"Going out!"
"Catch this!"

"Oh, where's my selfie stick?"
"Oh, please keep trying. It's very amusing."
"Eat some dirt!"
"Don't get up, mate!"
"Put. You. Down."
"Oooo, you didn't like that, did you?"
"Down for the count."
"Ooo, you're having a **** day."
"Rough, yeah?"
"This is me in a good mood."
'That was cathartic."
"Had enough, yeah?"
"Breathtaking, isn't it?"
"Take a timeout!"
"Put 'em down."
"Yeah, you're sorry now."
"Merry Bloody Christmas."
"Take a photo; remember this moment!"
"You're down."

"Down and out."
"Ha, sorry mate."
"Wiped them out."
"So long, *******."
"Game over, so soon?"
"You lost. Quit your winging!
"Got that one."
"You either fat ladies singing."
"Not even Drake could've done that."
"Insert fork!"
"**** off!"
"And that's that."
"No where to run now."
"Oh, to slow, mate."
"Stand in my way, you're gettin' it."
"Ladies and gentleman, Charlie Cutter."

"Hey, what's the big idea?"
"How 'bout we split the credit for that one?"
"Soften them up for you."
"Team effort."
"Yeah yeah, teamwork, cooperation, et cetera, et cetera."
"You had help, mate. Deal with it!"
"Tag teamed them."

Downed (Completed):
"******** dropped me."
"Hey, a little help, mate."
"I need help."
"**** it."
"Ah, bollocks. I'm down."
"Hey, I'm down."
"Come on then, pick me up!"
"No no no."
"I'm down."

Call Help (Completed):
"I need help!"
"Come on come on come on!"
"Does no one see me?"
"Help me out, you *******! I mean I mean you you wonderful people."
"Not to be wincher. What? I need some help!"
"Not gonna make it."
"Someone help me!"
"Come on, **** it."
"This is bloody typical this is."
"Somebody wanna maybe help me up?"

"Wakey wakey."
"Ready to rejoin us?"
"Come one, get up!"
"Lets get you up."
"Hold still!"
"Lets get up, shall we?"
"Just in time, yeah?"
"Need a hand?"
"Don't worry, mate. I got ya."
"Stay calm! I'm here."
"You're not done yet."
"Let me help you."
"You still got some kick in ya."
"Quit knacking eh, mate!"
"Oh, you've seen better days."
"Get back out there!"
"You need help, yeah?"
"Come on, up you go!"

Revived (Completed):
"Thank you."
"Woo! Close one."
"Good show. Thanks a lot."
"I'll return the favor."
"You're a bloody hero."
"Oh, you're a gotsee, mate."
"Saved my skin."
"Ah, thanks, mate."
"I'm glad you came along."
"I appreciate it, mate."

Respawned (Completed):
"Lets go find some trouble, shall we?"
"Come on, Charlie. Use your bloody brain, man!"
"No worries, love. I've been through worse."
"Insert over used Henry the Fifth quote here!"
"You can't keep a good man down."
"I really like to punch someone right now."
"That's a right bunch of nu-cents."
"Alright, back at it."
"Right, time to crack some skulls together."
"Right, lets try this again."
"I'm not done with this job yet.
"This all feels.. strangely familiar."
"Who's bloody idea was this little outing, anyway?"
"Charlie Cutter re-enters the frame, and refers to himself in the intel in the third-person."
"There must be an easier way to make a bloody living."

Encountering a mine:
"Move it, Charlie!"
"Bloody hell."
"Oh, bollocks."

Close Match (Completed):
"It's close."
"Even match then, eh?"
"This one's to close to call."
"They're at it in there, mates."
"Aw, ****. This is a close one."

Win (Completed):
"And that's the way it's done, lads and ladies."
"Lets just savor the taste of victory together, shall we?"
"Felt good wiping the floor with those miserable bell-ends, didn't it?"
"They never knew what hit 'em. Well, actually, they probably did. Close quarters and all that, but still. Well done."

Loss (Completed):
"To quote Shakespeare, 'We just got our asses served to us on a silver bloody platter.'"
"Hey, what the bloody hell happened out there? They treated us like a bloody neroll."
"Well, that all went a bit pear-shaped, didn't it?"
"Not feeling good right now. Feeling really really bad in fact."

Close Win (Completed):
"Victory... by a whiskers width. But you know what? I'll take it."
"Oh, that was a close one, but we pulled it off. Time for popcorn then, right?"
"Well, that got their hopes up in the end of that one. What a right bunch of heart breakers we are. Ha!"
"Eked that one out, didn't we? I nearly had a bloody panic attack at the end of that."

Close Loss (Completed):
"It was within our reach land, and we messed it up... or precisely you lot messed it up."
"Anyone else feel a little bit god-smacked after that one?"
"I'm not gonna lie, mate. I felt my heart break just a little bit after that one."
"We can't win anymore? It's true, but we sure as hell could've won that one against those prats."

More quotes will be added soon.
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Post Re: Uncharted 4 Multiplayer and Survival Quotes


Selection (Completed):
"This is not a negotiation."
"Was there any other choice?"
"The crimes we will commit together. Pure poetry."
"Clearly you know who has the real power here."
"I am wanted on several continents. Now I will you show you why."
"I see you have come to the obvious conclusion."
"You will not regret this, but they will."

Start of the game:
"If you see Drake, leave him for me."
"You must have the will to do what other men do not."
"We have not come this far to be thorted by incompetence."
"We will show strength, we will use force, we will prevail."
"Leave none of them standing, and if they're down, destroy them!"
"Passion is the enemy, mercy defeats us. Do not disappoint me!"
"Today, you shall help me fulfill my destiny."
"They are weak; we are strong. Cut them down! All of them!"

Throws a gear (Completed):
"Catch this!"
"Going out!"

"Beg for mercy!"
"I have crushed you."
"You can not stop me."
"Ruthlessness is my best weapon."
"Now to finish you off."
"Crawl, worm! Crawl."
"Sit down!"
"I will drag you into your grave."
"You pain is glorious."
"Pitiful. Pitiful."
"I am coming for you."
"You are down."
"Welcome to my warrant."
"You are dead the moment I saw you."
"I feel pretty. All so pretty.
"I have filled entire cementaries."
"Fall... and tremble!"
"Greatness walks among you."

"You are finished."
"You have failed."
"And so your story ends."
"Pathetic weakling."
"To your maker you go."
"I dispatch you."
"You are weak."
"Your bones will be crushed."
"Entirely predictable."
"They will write history books about me."
"You crossed me; now you pay."
"Your end has come."
"Another glorious victory."
"You disgust me."
"There is no shame in losing to me."
"Bug off!"
"You were no match for me."
"Enough of this."
"I will crush your beating heart."
"I will rip your spine out."
"Death has come for you, ALL OF YOU."
"I will not be denied."

Assist (Completed):
"That was MY ****."
"Do not steal my **** again!"
"I wanted to see them suffer."
"I will allow you to basken my glory... this time."
"I hurt them, you put them down."
"Insolence. They were mine."
"You ended their misery. WHY?!?!
"What are you doing? I was still toying with them."
"That was my **** to."

"Comrades, assist me!"
"No no."
"Help me up!"
"Can you help me?"
"Ah, down."

Call Help (Completed):
"I will not die; I can not die."
"Can you not SEE ME?!"
"I am surrounded my traitors and fools."
"Aid me and you shall be rewarded!"
"Help me or I will **** YOU!"
"I am dying."
"Help! Hurry!"
"Do not betray me!"
"This is unacceptable."
"Get over here!"

"So weak. So predictable."
"Enough of this! Fight for me!"
"Do you lack the will to fight?"
"Everyone fights."
"You disappoint me."
"I should **** you myself."
"You... are a DISGRACE."
"You bring shame to our cause."
"You are better then this."
"On your feet!"
"You.. infuriate me."
"Get up and FIGHT!"
"Do NOT let this happen again!"
"Don't make me do this again!"
"Get up, coward!"
"I'm tired of watching you crawl."
"Come on, get up!"
"You are weak. GET UP!

Revived (Completed):
"You did not see this."
"Now.. for my revenge."
"I was getting up."
"I'm up. I'm up."
"You have aided a great man."
"Tell no one of this."
"I was not down; it was nearly a ruse."
"Yes, but I didn't need help."
"We'll deny this later."

"How DARE you assumed I failed?"
"And so we begin."
"I admit nothing."
"Doubt me and die."
"I will crush their skulls."
"I will not fail."
"My veins bleed molting steel."
"Onward.. to victory."
"Oh, they will regret the say they crossed me."
"I am a living tidal wave."
"I was born to vanquish the weak."
"This is just the beginning."
"I will not stop."
"Failure disgusts me."

Encountering a mine (Completed):
"Oh, ****."
"Oh, hell."
"Don't blow!"

Close Match (Completed):
"An even contest? I did not expect this."
"I did not except such competition."
"It's close. We should be destroying them."
"Ah, they are making pace with us."
"We are evenly matched it seems."

Win (Completed):
"And they will know us by the carnage we leave in our wake."
"I take pleasure in one thing: the enemies unmitigated destruction."
"And so, another neck snaps beneath my boot."
"You can not cause a revolution with silk blood."

Loss (Completed):
"Take a look at yourselves. Do you LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?!?!
"History shows there are no invincible armies."
"Well, ****."
"This is utterly humiliating."

Close Win (Completed):
"We have prevailed... barely."
"To truly win, you must DOMINATE your opponent. THAT is NOT what happened here today."
"I only believe one thing only: the power of human will. If it hadn't not been for ME, we would not have won."
"Destruction is our name, our creed. We should have destroyed them."

Close Loss:
"It was so close. Hang your heads! ALL OF YOU!"
"We have lost a close match. Now.., we must live with this."
"That it was so close is regretful. That we did not win is despicable.

More quotes will be added soon.
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Post Re: Uncharted 4 Multiplayer and Survival Quotes


Selection (Completed):
"I trust you know how to surely to have a proper good time."
"I'm rich, darling. I don't need your approval."
"You made the only sensible choice."
"I'm not one for theatrics, but thank you."
"Yes, yes, this will do nicely."
"A word of warning: I don't buy mediocraty."

Start of the game (Completed):
"Death can't be cheated, but it can be delayed for a little while."
"Oh, it's so hard to find good help these days."
"Off we go then to find these so called 'heroes,' and ruin their bloody day."
"Nothing like a brisk constitutional with guns to begin one's busy day."
"I ask that you all give one hundred and ten percent today were that not literally impossible."
"That cocky, little **** Drake better prey he doesn't see me today."
"I have very high standards which I expect all of you to meet."
"This may have an excitement. It's enough to make a proper lady blush."
"Despite my proper appearance, I get off on this as much as the rest of you lot."

"Take this!"
"Going out!"

"You're down."
"Down with you."
"Down you go."
"Prepare to bleed profusely."
"I've made quite a mess with you."
"Don't bother getting up."
"Don't make a scene!"
"Didn't like that, didn't you?"
"Swallow in the gutter!"
"Go to sleep, little one!"
"Have you imbeciles have nothing better to do?"
"You've done quite enough."
"How very undignified."
"Oh, how unpleasant."
"Bunch of failures the lot of you."
"All to easy."
"You're not fit to kiss my boots."
"Enough of you."
"Surprised? Don't be."
"My skills are beyond understanding."
"Had enough yet, dear?"
"Didn't like that, did you?"

"Have a good trip."
"Don't feel bad, my child."
"And so you depart."
"Enjoy the undiscovered country."
"Good riddance."
"What's wrong? Are you afraid?"
"You won't do at all."
"Out with the old."
"And so you expire."
"Away with you!"
"Be gone with you!"
"You'll be leaving now."
"It was bound to happen this way."
"I want what is mine."
"Sloppy work."
"You can't make greatness."
"You have no business here."
"You can't cheat death."
"You're all worthless gutter trash."
"You'll be leaving now."
"Meet your maker."
"Ta-ta for now."

"You had my help."
"We'll split that one."
"We make a splendid team."
"The one-two punch."
"I had a part in that."
"I soften them up for you."
"An even split."
"You couldn't have done it without me."
"We'll call it even."

Downed (Completed):
"Oh, **** it all."
"I been injured."
"I'm down."
"They've injured me."
"I'm down. Help me!"
"I can't believe this."
"I need help!"
"I been hurt."
"How can this be?"
"No, this will not do."

Call Help (Completed):
"I will not die in the gutter, help me!"
"I will not stand for this insolence."
"I cannot fight if I cannot get up."
"You bloody fools, I'm useless in this condition."
"Help me, immediately!"
"I need aid! Hurry **** it!"
"I'm not interested in your excuses, help me up!"
"Revive me before it's too late!"
"Help me, now!"
"**** it all. Someone must help me!"

"Lets make this quick."
"You've been injured, I see."
"Oh, very well, then."
"Let's have a look at you."
"I can help you."
"Get up!"
"Please, enough of these theatrics!"
"Time for you to rejoin us."
"Oh dear, you been hurt."
"Stop fussing about!"
"We need you healthy."
"It's barely a flesh wound."
"You must get up!"
"We can't have you loafing, can we?"
"Do you think I have nothing better to do?"
"These wounds will heal."
"Enough of this, get up!"
"This won't take for a moment."
"I kinda repast you stand, now!"
"On you feet!"

"Right then, thank you."
"Back on my feet."
"You're too kind."
"I won't forget this."
"Thank you."
"Yes yes, thank you."
"Thank you kindly."
"Time for revenge."
"Back to the tusk in hand."
"Your efforts were kindliness.

"Forgive and forget? No and no."
"I have unfinished business to attend to."
"Thugs and charlatans, the lot of them."
"I could have my dirty work done for me, but what fun would that be?
"So very undignified."
"Time to march out into the chaos."
"No one crosses me. No one."
"My work here is not yet done."
"So, who shall I shoot next?"
"Oh, would you look a that. I broke a nail."
"I'm not afraid of death; I'm afraid of not living well."
"Now, I'll make them pay."

Mine (Completed):
"This is a problem."
"Oh, my."
"Dear. Oh, dear."

Close Match:
"A close contest. How interesting."
"Two teams evenly matched."
"Ah, a seeming stalemate."
"I didn't expect it to be so close."

Win (Completed):
"Come now, did we really expect any other outcome?"
"Victory is ours. Now don't spend your earnings in some vapid, tropical drinking hole."
"We have triumphed, but then again, I would accepted nothing less."
"The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, except in this case."

Loss (Completed):
"If you feel content to what just happened, I suggest you throw yourself off of a nearest bridge."
"If you find losing to be acceptable, I suggest you seek other less challenging hobbies."
"I refuse to coddle those with whom I work. We've lost. Learn from it!"
"We have been defeated. Is there anything else to say? I thought not."

Close Win (Completed):
"We shall have to content ourselves to winning with qualifications."
"What should've been total domination was instead us barely winning."
"So very close. Perhaps you meant to give them false hope and then crush their dreams."
"A victory but a small victory. Let’s try a bit harder next time, shall we?"

Close Loss:
"That burning sensation is the shame and frustration of losing a close contest."
"What can be done to avoid such a close loss nest time? Well, I'll tell you. Fight harder, fight better!
"After all that, we have no one to blame but ourselves."

More quotes will be added soon.
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Post Re: Uncharted 4 Multiplayer and Survival Quotes


Selection (Completed):
"You sure you can handle me?"
"Fun fact, I’ve killed at least one living thing in every continent."
"I have quite the reputation. Glad to see that doesn’t bother you."
"I'm not just another pretty face."
"If they didn't pay me, I'd do this for free."
"Guess I have to gear up then, eh?"
"I consider myself a true opportunist: I'll shoot anyone."

Start of the game (Completed):
"You know the drill: Survey the situation, **** everyone you don't like, exit with treasure. Simple."
"I hear some of these skelms ('crooks' in Afrikaans) call themselves adventurers. You know what I call them? Dead."
"Rock up on these jokers and show them who the real professionals are!"
"Some of you might die out there! At least you'll die doing something you love, eh?"
"Some words of advice: Shoot first, shoot often and shoot them when they're down!"
"I need you all on point, chop chop! No ****ing around, eh!"
"We're the best army money can buy. These twits don't stand a chance."
"Now even if they didn't pay me I'd still enjoy shooting strangers."
"I hope that smart ***, the little one, makes some cute remark as I snap his neck."

Gear (Completed):
"Going out!"

"On your ***!"
"Sit down!"
"Target is down."
"Ha, that's a down."
"Sit down!"
"And stay down!"
"No getting up!"
"Oi, going down."
"Put one down."
"This is my house."
"Chop chop."
"Target is down."
"Watch and learn!"
"You can't run from me."
"I can do this all day."
"I'm in charge here."
"I got you."
"Hahaha, wondering how I do it?"
"Stings a bit, eh?"
"What's wrong? That hurt?"
"That's a down."
"Stay down, *******!"
"I know that hurt. Haha!"
"Eat some dirt!
"Dropped you down."
"Oh, that's a down."

"Tsk, amateur."
"You're dead."
"They're out of the picture."
"Problem solved."
"Be seeing you, *******."
"You earned this."
"Leaving so soon?"
"Haha, put 'em down."
"How weak."
"Out of my ******* way!"
"You earned this."
"Ha, you're dead."
"Disappointed in you."
"Oh, that felt good."
"Took out the target."
"What you have, China?"
"One down."
"Remember my name!"
"Off you go then."
"Buzz off!"

Assist (Completed):
"Half the effort, twice the pain."
"Oh, we both got that one."
"Haha, teamwork."
"They couldn't handle both of us, eh?"
"Oi, I had that one."
"Double teamed that one."
"That was my dollars."
"I helped you out with that."
"We both got that one."
"Even split."

"Bull****. This is bull****."
"I'm hit, I'm hit."
"Och, I got knocked down."
"Oh Christ, I'm down."
"Och man, I'm down."
"No no no."
"Ah, ****. I'm down."

Call Help:
"Someone pick me up!"
"Pick me up or heads will roll!"
"Emergency situation, ******* it!"
"Why won't you amateurs help me?"
"Do you want me to die? Help me!"
"Pick me up, I'm gatvol ('fed up' in Afrikaans) with this ****."
"I'm dying here. Hurry **** it."
"Now I'm blooming mad."
"I'm wounded. Help me!"

Reviving (Completed):
"Sleepy time's over, mate."
"Calm down, it's not that bad."
"Oi, you're ok."
"You're down, but not out."
"This won't do, get up!"
"You need to get up!"
"You're ok. On your feet!"
"Ha, got popped good, eh?"
"Enough relaxing. Time to get up!"
"Ag, it's not that bad."
"Still got some kick in you."
"You're not leaving us yet."
"I'll fix you up."
"You're ok."
"Not letting you die."
"Let me sort you out, eh."
"I'm gonna help you. Hold still!"
"Hey, if you can walk, you can fight."
"You're not done yet."
"Get up!"

"Thanks, I needed that, eh."
"Yeah, thank you."
"Lekker." ('nice' in Afrikaans)
"Thanks, China."
"Hey, good work."
"Hey, next one's on me."
"Ah, fixed up."
"Sure, thank you."

Respawned (Completed):
"****ing for fun, and profit since 1991."
"War is my business, and business is good."
"Hard to believe I get paid for this."
"Got a bullet with someone's name on it, eh."
"They got lucky."
"Time to hunt."
"One man's war crime is another man's paycheck, eh?"
"Never met a gunfight I didn't like."
"Time to access my inner viking. Haha."
"I'll fight as long as the checks keep cashing."
"Business is booming."
"You got to live hard, to be hard, China."
"Let the professionals work, eh?"
"Time to wreck someone."
"I was trained to handle this sort of thing."

Mine (Completed):
"No no no."
"Time to move!"
"Oi, not good."

Close Match (Completed):
"They're keeping up."
"It's anyone's game, people."
"We're neck and neck, eh."
"We got a close one here."
"It's still close."

Win (Completed):
"Nothing like a good, friendly stomping to remind you what life's all about."
"I'd say it's time to find the nearest den of iniquity and celebrate."
"I'm not surprised. They weren't very tough, eh? Haha!"
"Looks like we just guaranteed our winning bonuses. Good work out there."

Loss (Completed):
"Amateurs. We let those amateurs beat us. How the hell did they do it?"
"Maybe the better team won, maybe it didn't. One thing's for certain: Whoever won, it wasn't us."
"Well, that was a bit of a misadventure. How the hell did they beat us?"
"They donnered ('beat up' in Afrikaans) us good out there. Nothing else to do but retreat, reflect... and drink ourselves stupid."

Close Win (Completed):
"That was a close shave. Good thing I was around to tip the balance."
"Shouldn't let them get so close to winning. Fills them with all sorts of false confidence."
"Why does winning like that feel so bloody close to losing?"
"Grew a few more grey hairs after that one, eh? And I've already got a few."

Close Loss (Completed):
"Nothing worse than a close loss. Ehh, maybe burning alive is worse."
"Ja, we lost a close one. But look on the bright side: we still hurt an awful lot of them, eh? Ha."
"We put up a good fight, but it wasn't good enough. All we can do is learn from it."
"It was such a close match, anyone could've won it. Except us, apparently."

More quotes will be added soon. Thanks to Raw_Me_Knot on Reddit for the quotes he first posted.
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Post Re: Uncharted 4 Multiplayer and Survival Quotes


Selection (Completed):
"It’s not that I’m arrogant, it’s that I’m the best."
"Watch carefully, maybe you’ll learn something."
"Well, aren’t I lucky?"
"You know I'm a wanted criminal, right?"
"You and me? Okay, if you say so."
"Prepare for an education in pain."
"You know professionalism when you see it."

Start of the game (Completed):
"There's only one reason to do this work and that's 'cause you love it."
"Nothing like a brand new day with brand new people to shoot at."
"Let's head out. We're not on a ******* nature walk.""
"Remember: Treasure's the goal here. All the inflicted pain and injury is just a lekker added bonus."
"Get moving people. You see anyone who isn't us, light 'em up!"
"Everyone get enough sleep? Drink enough water? Ha, if you didn't I don't really care."
"If any of you are feeling soft-hearted or merciful today, you'll answer to me."
"If all of us are coming back alive form this little incursion that I attend to."
"Nothing like a little senseless violence to kick off the day."

Gear (Completed):
"Going out!"

"Got you."
"That's my down."
"One down."
"Down confirmed."
"Sleep it off!"
"Knocked one down."
"Have a rest, pal!"
"Downed one."
"They're down."
"Down you go."
"I'm a ******* professional."
"Hey, one down."
"They're down, alright."
"Where's my spotlight?"
"Almost brings a tear to my eye."
"Dropping in like flies."
"Yup, they're down."
"Put one down."
"Good luck keeping up with me."
"You want to see that one again?"
"Popped you good, eh?"
"Get down!"

"Hey, China. You're out."
"See you on the other side."
"Live and learn, huh?"
"Outta my way."
"KO confirmed."
"Oh, that must've hurt."
"That's a KO."
"Sorry, China. You're done."
"Any regrets?"
"Knocked them out."
"That's lights out."
"Stroppy chum."
"Serves you right."
"Remember my name, you will."
"You're out of luck."
"You're all done here."
"That didn't feel good, did it?"
"You made a bad call."
"Regrets, pal."

Assist (Completed):
"My target, too."
"We got them."
"Teamwork's a beautiful thing."
"Split the difference."
"I got a piece of that."
"You're welcome."
"Good one."
"I pitched in."
"You needed the help."
"We were to much for him."

"Eina, I'm hit."
"I got knocked down."
"Ugh, I'm down."
"Going down."
"**** it. I'm hit."
"I'm down."
"******* it, I'm down."
"Ah, corked one."
"I'm going down."

Call Help (Completed):
"I'm losing my ****, here."
"****, I'm freaking out here."
"I can't go out like this."
"Someone help me, ******* it!"
"Don't let me die!"
"Don't let me bleed out!"
"Someone pick me up!"
"Either you get me up or I die."
"No way I deserve this."
"I'm sick of this, pick me up!"

Reviving (Completed):
"You look like you need help."
"Enough crawling around!"
"Lets sort you out."
"I'll patch you up."
"I don't have time for this. On your feet!"
"You have to get up!"
"Get up or die!"
"Hold still! I'll get you up."
"I've seen worse."
"They don't pay us to crawl."
"It's not bad, get up!"
"Hang on! I'll fix you up."
"I'll get you sorted."
"I'll fix you up."
"You're barely hurt. On you feet!"
"You're hit, but not bad."
"Get up!"
"On your feet!"
"I can help you."
"Time to get up!"

Revived (Completed):
"You're good."
"All right, thanks."
"Sure, thank you."
"Ja ja, you're a real hero."
"I'm ready to go."
"Thanks, China."
"Sure, thanks."
"I'm grateful."
"Ja, thanks."
"Thank you."

Respawned (Completed):
"Nothing more dangerous than a man with something to prove."
"I’ve still got some surprises left in me."
"I’m all out of damns to give."
"I’m not a man of many words."
"According to my therapist I've got 'anger issues'."
"The name’s Orca. Get to know it."
"Aw, my heart is breaking."
"There's the hunter and the hunted."
"Let's go find someone to play with."
"Time to go predatory."
"Come out, come out wherever you are."
"Now, I'm pissed off."
"They're lucky I'm in a good mood today."
"Just tell me who to shoot."
"Got a job to do here."

Mine (Completed):
"Aw, ****."
"Oh, no."
"******* it."
"Holy ****."

Close Match (Completed):
"It's still anyone's game."
"Score's basically even."
"They're keeping up!"
"Close match!"
"This one's up for grabs!"

Win (Completed):
"Don’t let winning go to your heads, that’s where the beer’s supposed to go."
"And that, friends, is how you demoralize an opponent."
"Can't say I'm surprised. We're professionals, after all."
"Always feels good, doesn't it? Driving another human being to the brink of desperation?"

Loss (Completed):
"You can run from a gunfight, but you can sure as hell can’t hide from a loss like that."
"Nothing to do but pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and invade some small, defenseless country."
"I can tell you one thing: My therapist is not gonna wanna hear about this."
"Guess the better team won... I can't believe I just said that."

Close Win (Completed):
"You know what a narrow win like that gives the other side? Ja, that's right: Hope."
"I don't much like barely winning, but I suppose it's better than barely losing."
"I don't wanna see anymore close call wins! I want all out humiliation!"
"Okay, we won, but they kept it close which means we need to work on our fundamentals."

Close Loss:
"What's the expression? We 'snatched defeat from the jaws of victory'? Ja, pretty much."
"All you can do after a close loss like that is take your medicine. My medicine comes in kegs."

More quotes will be added soon.
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Post Re: Uncharted 4 Multiplayer and Survival Quotes


Selection (Completed):
"If you’re good maybe I’ll show you my other tattoo."
"Okay, we can do this."
"So, if you’re expecting a bunch of witty quips, you got the wrong Drake."
"I’m guessing you uh favor substance over style?"
"Hey, I know my way around a fight, you might learn something."
"You know what you’re gonna like about me? Everything."
"Are you sure you can hang with me? I’m kind of a big deal."

Start of the game (Completed):
"Just a heads up I’m still getting used to this whole “teamwork” thing, okay?"
"The only way to win this thing is to win it! ...Okay, that - that sounded better in my head."
"The guys in prison used to say “you can steal to eat or you can steal to get rich.” I say, why not both?"
"Let’s go see what these upstanding mercenaries have to say for themselves."
"Remember everyone, these guys are pros. Do not underestimate them."
"For them, stealing is their job. For us, it’s more of a passion project."
"There’s no problem that a thousand rounds of ammo can’t fix."
"My advice? Play dirty and hit ‘em where it hurts."
"So, anyone heard any good jokes lately, huh? ...Or any bad jokes?"

Gear (Completed):
"Have some of this!
"Here you go!"
"Going out!

"Yep, you're down.
"And you're down.
"It ain't your lucky day.
"This is not your day."
"I picked up some new tricks in prison.
"You're grounded!"
"On the ground!"
"Oh, that's a down.
"Get down!
"Going down."
"Got one."
"Time to crawl, *******!"
"You started it."
"You asked for it."
"How'd that taste?"
"I am the worst thing that's ever happened to you."
"I'm just getting started."
"You feel that one?"
"Tiger blood time!"
"Haha, that's like a kick in the huevos, isn't it? ('eggs' in Spanish)
"I'm the original Drake, you got that?"
"I'm wiping the floor with you pinheads."
"You can't lock me up, I'll just escape."
"You could say I'm superb."
"You better watch out, cause I'm coming!"
"Nothing's getting in my way!"

"See ya!"
"Ha, you like that?"
"You don't like that, do you?"
"Get the hell outta here!"
"Don't test me."
"Trust me, you deserve it."
"I am not impressed!"
"Oh-ho-ho, that felt good."
"You’ve seen better days."
"Away you go!"
"Don’t forget to write!"
"Tiger blood time!"
"That's a KO."
"You had it coming."
"Time to tidy up around here."
"That's how it's done."
"You got something you wanna say to me?"
"You don't see moves like this everyday."
"Oh, don't mind me, I'm just ruining your day."
"You wish you had my skills."
"Hope your estates are in order.
"Human steamroller coming through!"

Assist (Completed):
"What a team."
"Hey, I was part of that."
"You're welcome."
"Nice working with ya."
"Okay, but I chipped away at him, too."
"I want partial credit."
"Hahaha, they didn't stand a chance."
"Let's say we split that one, huh?"
"Ah, I almost had him."
"That's my assist."

"Hey, no fair!"
"Ah, what the hell?"
"Oh, ****. I'm down."
"Oh, crap. I'm down."
"Oh, this is not good."
"Ah, I got hit!"
"**** it, no!
"Going down!"

Call Help (Completed):
"Would someone please pick me up?"
"Fading fast."
"Hey, hello? I'm right here!"
"Someone, get your *** over here!"
"I'm not a **** leper. I just need help!"
"I'm dying here!"
"****, this is bad. I need help!"
"You guys got a problem with ex-cons or something?
"**** it, pick me up!
"Come on, help me!"

"My diagnosis? Get up!"
"I bet I can fix that."
"I'll see what I can do."
"No, no, no, no, you're not done yet."
"Oh, hey there, I though I'd stop by."
"Time to get up."
"Hang on, I'm getting you up."
"Alright, let's get you up."
"I'm not letting you die."
"Whoa, you definitely need help."
"C'mon, hold still!"
"Ah, you can still fight."
"Don't let the ******** keep you down."
"You're lucky I'm here."
"Looks like I got here just in time."
"On your feet, c'mon!"
"Here, let me help you."

"Thank you."
"Whew, I almost bought it."
"Oh, you're a lifesaver. Literally."
"I'll return the favor. I swear."
"I'm grateful."
"You're good."
"Nice safe."
"Ah, thanks."

"Let’s just say I’m happy to be alive."
"Oh, I got that tingly, first day of school feeling."
"Maybe I should’ve studied harder in school."
"Heh, these bozos don’t scare me."
"I was robbing tombs before it was cool."
"I guess I wasn’t limbered up enough."
"Let's kick things into gear."
"Let's go ruin someone's day."
"Don't you worry. I'm scrappy."
"I still got some piss and vinegar left in me. Well, vinegar, anyway."
"When you fall off the horse, you get back on it."
"Time to put those prison skills to work."
"So, this is what Nathan’s been doing for the last fifteen years? Sheesh."
"I guess I’m doing this."

Mine (Completed):
"Oh, boy."
"Oh, ****."
"Ah, **** it."

Close Match (Completed):
"We got a close one here."
"We got ourselves a match on our hands."
"This might come down to the wire."
"It's real close."
"They're keeping up!"

Win (Completed):
"I really like to see the looks on the other teams faces right now. Hehe, do you think they're actually crying?"
"Score one for the heroes! Well, hero-esque... hey, at least we're not villains, right? Haha."
"I mean, c'mon. Was there any doubt that we weren't gonna win? We're the good guys. Relatively speaking."
"I'm just gonna luxuriate in this feeling for a moment, okay?"

Loss (Completed):
"I don't know what the hell we thought we were doing out there. Other than not winning that is.
"Hey, losing never feels good. Losing like that is a whole different category of bad."
"They chewed us up and spit us out. That would explain why I feel so slimy and gross."
"Well, tsk, we lost bad. Not gonna sit and analyze it. What else is there to say?"

Close Win (Completed):
"That was a lot closer than it should have been. I mean, c'mon. Those amateurs?"
"Well, I for one wasn't worried at all that we were going to lose. Nah, I wasn't worried."
"Not sure my nerves are gonna survive many more wins like that one."
"Do you know what they call a win like that? Almost losing."

Close Loss (Completed):
"You know the saying, "Close, but no cigar"? Well, we came close, but I don't see any cigars."
"You might say we almost won. But then by that logic, I’m almost the president of France."
"Well, after a close loss like that, all you can do is draw a nice, warm bath, close your bedroom door, and cry like a baby."
"Well, I have nothing to say about that one. Other than we tried, we came close, and we failed."
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Post Re: Uncharted 4 Multiplayer and Survival Quotes


Selection (Selection):
"We will do very bad things together."
"Prepare yourself, I'm not an easy man."
"When I find a partner I like, I hang onto them."
"You can’t be a worse partner than Roman."
"Excelente. (translation: “excellent.”)
"You must have an interest in cruelty."
"Long time no see, amigo." (translation: 'friend')
"There are fates worse than death, you know."
"A menudo me cuido. (translation: “I often take care of myself.”)
"Alambre ol sola la fortuna, Le de la mano." (translation: “Wire alone fortune. Take her by the hand.”)

Start (Completed):
"So many to shoot, so little time."
"We're doing this the old-fashioned way - shoot everyone!"
"So much suffering for a bit of gold! I wouldn't have it any other way."
"I have an abiding interest in treasure."
"These pathetic, little ***** don’t stand a chance."
"Head out, compadres! Track them down!"
"Putting them down is not enough. Make them suffer!"
"Denles mas murete!" (translation: “Give them more death!”)
"A cargo de todo lo ques amaya." (translation: “I’m in charge of everything you love.”)

Gear (Completed):
"Going out!"
"Catch this!"

"Hurt you, hahaha!"
"Hahaha, you're down!"
"They're down."
"One down."
"Put that one down."
"Got one down."
"Sorry, culo, you're down." (translation: '***')
"Better stay down!"
"They’re on the ground!"
Eso es mio! (translation: “That’s mine.”)
"No escape, cabrón! (translation: 'dunb***.')
"Say hello to my little friend!"
"Enjoy your last breath!"
"Time to crawl!"
"Get up! I dare you!"
"Hurt you, pendejo!" (translation: 'stupid')
"Got you, pendejo!
"Time to bleed, pendejo!
"Shut up and die."
"Step into the inferno!"
"I will cut you down. All of you!"
"You’re the problem; I’m the solution."
"You've never seen anyone like me!"
"How does it feel to be broken?"
"Face me and die, pendejos!"
"You think I care about treasure? Heh, I care about victory!"
"It’s the last day of your sorry life."

"Hahaha, goodbye!"
"Farewell, pendejo!"
"The game is up for you!"
"Adiós!" (translation: “goodbye.”)
"You're dead, cabrón!"
"You got off easy!"
"I know what I’m doing!"
"So little imagination!"
"I shut you down!"
"Vete a la mierda!" (translation: 'Go to hell!')
"Comer mierda de muerte!" (rough translation: 'Eat death ****.')
"The game is up for you!"
"Die like a dog!"
"Sientate!" (translation: 'Sit down!')
"Tonto del culo! (translation: 'Silly ***!')
"It’s all over for you."
"Life is cheap, amigo."
"This is what ruthlessness looks like."
"I am a hunter, and you are all in season!"
"I am to devious to be stopped."
"Your failures give me power."

Assist (Completed):
"That was me, too."
"We both got that one."
"We put them down."
"We took them down."
"I don't like to share."
"**** it, I wanted that one."
"Needed my help, eh? Typical."
"Acknowledge my help!"
"We hurt them together! Ha, good!"
"Nice, took them down together."

Downed (Completed):
"No, no, I'm hit!"
"I've been hit!
"Ah, I'm hit!"
"Me cago en la leche!" (translation: 'I **** in the milk!')
"Mierda, I'm down!"
"This is bull****."
"Oh, ******* you!
"******* it, I'm down!"
"**** it, I'm down!"

Call Help (Completed):
"Estupido, help me immediately!" (translation: 'Stupid')
"Estoy hasta los cojones." (translation: “I’ve had enough of this.”)
"If no one helps me, you'll regret it!"
"I can't take much more of this!"
"I'm losing strength!"
"Hurry! Get your ***** over here!"
"I’m bleeding out, compadres!"
"Someone, someone help me up!"
"El Madre que bien, get over here!" (translation: ‘The Mother that well’)
"Que puta la! Someone, help!" (translation: ‘What a *****!’)

"Grinch your teeth, it helps the pain."
"Here. it helps the pain."
"I'm here so **** up already."
"******* it, get up!"
"Enough of this ****, get up!"
"Back in action."
"Time to get up!"
"Alright, enough crying. Time to walk!"
"We need you on your feet, amigo!"
"On your feet! I don’t care how much it hurts."
"You have two options: get up or die."
"You’re gonna make it, amigo."

Revived (Completed):
"Gracias, mi amgio." (translation: 'Thank you, my friend.')
"Muchas gracias." (translation: 'Thank you very much.')
"Many thanks."
"I'm up, thank you."
"You got here just in time."
"I'm grateful."
"I'll return the favor."
"I owe you, companyero." (translation: 'companion')

"This is not my day."
"They won't get the best of me!"
"Good, they’re playing rough."
"I know what to do."
"They won’t stop me now."
"Ha-ha, the sound of gunfire. Music to my ears."
"Do not second guess me."
"You see, I’m a man of focus."
"Back to work."
"I spit in the face of danger."
"I will not be treated like this."
"Nothing I can’t handle."
"Punto más tiempo." (translation: ‘Point more time.’)
"Now, to turn the ties as they say."

Mine (Completed):
"Oh, mierda!"
"****, ****!"
"Que es esto?" (translation: 'What is this?')
"No, no, no!"
"Madre dios." (translation: 'Mother God.')

Close Match (Completed):
"I don't like it when it's this close!"
"How are they keeping up with us?"
"It’s still anyone’s game."
"The match is still close."
"They’re keeping it close, amigos."

Win (Completed):
"We have beaten them! This calls for the best tequila, someone bring the glasses!"
"We had them on the run, compadres! And now they're in the ground!"
"You hit a dog hard enough it learns obedience. I think we hit those dogs hard enough, don’t you?"
"A convincing display of mastery. A much of it my doing of course, but you helped too."

Loss (Completed):
"It’s unforgivable to lose in such a manner. May my ancestors forgive me."
"A crushing loss delivered by amateurs and dogs. Tell me then. What does that make us?"
"I do not care for the taste of my mouth right now. It’s the taste of ashes."
"I will not long align myself with a group that allows itself to lose like that."

Close Win (Completed):
"****, that was too close. Next time we will eradicate them from the face of the earth!"
"I’d like to see us try a little harder to truly humiliate them next time?"
"I take little pleasure in winning by such a slender margin, but if that’s your thing, so be it."
"A victory, amigos, mi hijos, but not a very convincing win. (translation: ‘friends, my children’)

Close Loss:
"If there would’ve been a few more seconds, we may have won. Unfortunately, there weren’t and we didn’t."
"There are no words that can describe a close loss. Our total failure insists the initiative."
"They will pay for it for inflicting upon us that close loss. At least inspected, they will pay!"

More quotes will be added soon.
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