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Default Hamtaro

So if anyone has seen the anime Hamtaro. The anime got a english dub back in 2002 which was two years later after when the anime debuted in it's home country Japan. But the english dub used Canadian voice actors to do the english voices of the characters. Although I just thought of one thing is that what if the Hamtaro english dub used LA voice actors? Here is the dream cast I thought of if there was a LA english dub of Hamtaro.

Nika Futterman - Hamtaro

Debi Derryberry - Oxnard

Jim Cummings - Boss

Grey DeLisle - Bijou and Cappy

Candi Milo - Pasmina

Jess Harnell - Howdy

Keith Ferguson - Dexter

Billy West - Maxwell

Tara Strong - Sandy and Penelope

Rob Paulsen - Stan

Elizabeth Daily - Panda

Pamela Adlon - Snoozer

Kevin Conroy - Jingle

What do you guys think?
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Default Re: Hamtaro

~Funimation mullet~
Hamtaro - Cherami Leigh
Bijou - Monica Rial
Oxnard - Brina Palencia
Boss - John Swasey
Pashmina - Cynthia Cranz
Penelope - Mikaela Kranz
Howdy - Mike McFarland
Dexter - Greg Ayres
Maxwell - Matthew Mercer
Sandy - Sarah Wiedenheft
Stan - Alejandro Saab
Snoozer - Colleen Clinkenbeard
Cappy - Jamie Marchi
Panda - Britney Karbowski
Jingle - Barry Yandell
Sparkle - Luci Christian
Laura Haruna - Caitlin Glass
Kana Iwata - Teri Doty
Maria - Brynn Appril
Forrest - Chris Patton
Roberto Avalo - Joel McDonald
Travis Nimura - Dallas Reid
Glitter - Cassieopeia Monaghan
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