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Default Jennifer C. Johnson

Jennifer C. Johnson (aka Jennifer Johnson) voiced Topaz in Sonic X, not Lindsey Thorndyke, as confirmed by Ms. Johnson herself via email:

This is consistent with the way the cast credits for Sonic X changed throughout the series. Though not exactly episode-specific, names are added and discarded (but mostly added) during sporadic updates (my last check confirms 13 different cast lists). As such, Johnson was added in Episode 12 alongside Amy Birnbaum (Helen), Kathleen Delaney (Rouge), Andrew Paull (Topaz' commander [known as Cowboy in the original Japanese version]), and Pete Zarustica (Albert Butler) - one episode after her debut.

Meanwhile, while Rogers does claim the role on her Facebook profile (under "Photos"), there is proof of her erroneously taking the word of her fans as truth in other instances. One such example: Madame Muchmoney from Pokemon, who is played by Carol Jacobanis, as confirmed by the latter's website.

P.S. Johnson's resume on her official website also states that she was in Pokemon as well. Despite also inquiring about this series, results remain inconclusive as to how she was involved.
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Default Re: Jennifer C. Johnson

And it would also seem that Veronica Taylor was actually Lindsey Thorndyke. As she posts here.
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Default Re: Jennifer C. Johnson

Glad to have that mystery solved. Looks like she was the one that went under the alias, "Jennifer Blood"? Now if we can find out the rest of the 4Kids cast of "One Piece", we'll be in business.
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