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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Default Go West: A Lucky Luke Adventure

Here's an interesting little challenge: we all know of Lucky Luke and how popular the series is... in Europe. There were a few English dubs of the animated adaptations over the years, but most are still a mystery. Let us look at the latest film, for example: "Go West: A Lucky Luke Adventure". It was released in English only in Canada and the UK, but there are no English cast credits to speak of ATM. However, there are several rumors. But first, the movie itself:


Now, many are saying several prominent Canadian voices were part of this and "The New Adventures...", but so far, there is one confirmation: that of Marcel Jeannin as the English voices for both Lucky Luke and Rantanplan. He might be providing both voices in the movie. As for you, the voice-acting know-it-alls, lets see if you can ID any of the English voices from this film? Good luck. And don't believe what Wikipedia says.
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Default Re: Go West: A Lucky Luke Adventure

(sees the tumbleweeds passing by)

Wow. Nearly 4 years and no development. That is, until now.

Upon further listens to the English dub (which is no longer on YouTube at this point), this is not a Canadian dub, and it doesn't have the Canadian voices from "The New Adventures...". It's more likely done in America with some familiar voices. Truth be told, after taking another look at it so far, I think I can ID the following for this dub:

Jeff Bennett as Jack Dalton
Kevin Michael Richardson as Bartleby

Those are the only two voices I can identify. I also think that Fred Stoller may be the voice of Averall Dalton in this film. (I mean, he does sound like him in a way, but I can't put my finger on it.)

Maybe you guys can have some better luck than I do. I don't know much about editing or hyperlinks, but I'm sure you guys can help me out on this one? The English dub of the film is (sadly) now on Dailymotion, but expect some slowdowns.


Please help solve this mystery and get some actors their recognition. Besides, this was the first time America dubbed anything Lucky Luke related since 1983 with the first animated series.
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