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Default Watchmen

Nite Owl - Neal McDonough

Rorschach - Steve Blum

The Comedian - David Sobolov

The Silk Spectre - Vanessa Marshall

Doctor Manhattan - Miguel Ferrer

Ozymandias - Troy Baker

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Default Re: Watchmen

Steve Blum is perfect for Rorschach.
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Default Re: Watchmen

As unfamiliar as I am with Watchmen, I'll give this a shot anyway.

Comedian - Ron Halder
Rorschach - Paul Dobson
Doctor Manhattan - Trevor Devall
Nite Owl II - Scott McNeil
Silk Spectre II - Tabitha St. Germain
Ozymandias - Sam Vincent
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Default Re: Watchmen

It's been a while since I read it, but I think this is close to how I pictured them sounding like:

Rorschach - Michael Wincott
Silk Spectre - Cathy Cavadini
Nite Owl - Gary Cole
Dr. Manhattan - Rick D Wasserman
Comedian - Powers Boothe
Ozymandias - Simon Templeman
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Default Re: Watchmen

The “Heroes”
Rorschach (Walter Kovacs)-Liam O’Brien
Nite Owl II (Dan Dreiberg)-Yuri Lowenthal
Silk Spectre II (Laurie Juspeczyk)-Tara Platt
Ozymandias (Adrian Veidt)-Brad Swaile
Dr. Manhattan (Jon Osterman)-Brian Drummond
The Comedian (Edward Blake)-Travis Willingham
30’s Heroes
Captain Metropolis (Nelson Gardner)-J. Michael Tatum
Dollar Bill (Bill Brady)-Troy Baker
Hooded Justice (Rolf Muller)-Christopher Sabat
Mothman (Byron Lewis)-Steve Blum
Nite Owl I (Hollis Mason)-Johnny Yong Bosch
The Silhouette (Ursula Zandt)-Colleen Clinkenbeard
Silk Spectre I (Sally Juspeczk/Jupiter)-Wendy Powell (Old) Alison Keith (Young)
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Default Re: Watchmen

Rorschach-Steve Blum
Nite Ow II-Gabriel Mann
Ozymandias-Troy Baker
Dr.Manhattan-Jonathan Adams
Silk Spectre II-Kari Wahlgreen
The Comedian-Clancy Brown
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Default Re: Watchmen

Walter Kovacs/Rorschach: Steve Blum (Vincent Valentine, Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII)
Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl (II): Roger Craig Smith (Steve Rogers/Captain America, Avengers Assemble)
Laurie Juspeczkyk/Silk Spectre (II): Vanessa Marshall (Dinah Lance/Black Canary, Young Justice)
Dr. Jon Osterman/Doctor Manhattan: David Kaye (Supreme Intelligence, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes)
Edward Blake/The Comedian: Clancy Brown (Alex O'Hirn/Rhino, The Spectacular Spider-Man)
Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias: Troy Baker (Van Kleiss, Generator Rex / Loki, Ultimate Spider-Man)
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Default Re: Watchmen

Captain Metropolis - Troy Baker
The Comedian - Ron Perlman
Dollar Bill - Nolan North
Hooded Justice - Travis Willingham
Mothman - Steve Blum
Nite Owl (Hollis Mason) - Rob Paulsen
The Silhouette - April Stewart
Silk Spectre (Sally Juspeczyk/Jupiter) - Jennifer Hale

Dr. Manhattan - Diedrich Bader
Nite Owl (Dan Dreiberg) - Jason Marsden
Ozymandias - Dee Bradley Baker
Rorschach - Will Friedle
Silk Spectre (Laurie Juspeczyk) - Mae Whitman

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Default Re: Watchmen

Main characters:

Walter Kovacs/Rorschach-Steven Blum*
Daniel Dreiberg/Nite Owl II-Nolan North
Jonathan Osterman/Dr. Manhattan-Troy Baker
Laurey Juspeczyk/Silk Spectre II-Kari Wahlgren
Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias-Roger Craig Smith
Edward Blake/the Comedian-Fred Tatasciore

Other characters:

Hollis Mason-Maurice LaMarche
Sally Juspeczyk-Tress MacNeille
Edgar Jacobi-Jeff Bennett
Bubastis-Dee Bradley Baker

*I can't think of anyone who could fit the role better
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Default Re: Watchmen

Watchmen (NYAV Post)

Marc Thompson - Rorschach
Ted Lewis - Nite Owl
Eileen Stevens - Silk Spectre
Jon Avner - Dr. Manhattan
J. David Brimmer - The Comedian
Kevin T. Collins - Ozymandias
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