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Default Okami Dreamcast

Who do you imagine voicing the characters from Okami? For me its

Okami Amaterasu/Shiranui-Kate Higgins
Issun-Greg Ayres
Waka-Phil LaMarr
Narrator-James Arnold Taylor
Eastern Nippon
Sakuya-Kira Vincent Davis
Sasuno-David Lodge
Kushi-Laura Bailey
Mr. Orange- Mike McFarland
Mrs. Orange-Wendee Lee
Mushi-Laura Bailey
Mushi’s Momma-Laura Bailey
Kokari- Colleen Clinkenbeard
Karude-Christopher Sabat
Princess Fuse-Stephanie Sheh
Yatsu-Yuri Lowenthal
Mr. Bamboo-Brad Swaile
Kaguya-Hunter McKenzie Austin
The Spider Queen-Kira Vincent Davis
Crimson Helm-D.C. Douglas
Orochi-D.C. Douglas
The Satomi Canine Warriors
• Tei (Brotherhood)-Fred Tatasciore
• Shin (Faith)-Samuel Vincent
• Chi (Knowledge)-Derek Stephen Prince
• Rei (Honor)-Eric Vale
• Ko (Wisdom)-Benjamin Diskin
• Gi (Duty)-Travis Willingham
• Chu/Ume (Loyalty)-Meredith McCoy
• Jin (Justice)-Christopher Sabat
Western Nippon
Rao-Laura Bailey
Queen Himiko-Bridget Hoffman
Otohime-Eileen Stevens
The Water Dragon-Fred Tatasciore
Orca-Nolan North
Yoichi-Quinton Flynn
The Emperor-Mark Hamill
Hayazo-Phil LaMarr
Tobi-Johnny Yong Bosch
Blight-Mark Hamill
Ninetails-Laura Bailey
Oki-Matt Hill
Samickle-Samuel Vincent
Kai-Meredith McCoy
Lika-Jessica Boone
Kemu-Steve Blum
Tuskle-Meredith McCoy
Isshaku-Steve Blum
Lechku and Nechku-Fred Tatasciore and Benjamin Diskin
Yami-Kate Higgins
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Default Re: Okami Dreamcast

Ah, one of my favorite games of all time! And oh boy, do I have an awesome list in mind!

Amaterasu: Dee Bradley Baker (The guy is excellent at animal noises, after all!)
Issun: John DiMaggio (Seems like a weird pick, but I think he could totally nail Issun's smart-aleck, perverted attitude).
Sakuya: Ali Hillis
Waka: Quinton Flynn

Susano/Nagi: Fred Tatasciore
Kushi/Nami: Corri English
Mr. Orange: Wes Johnson
Mrs. Orange: Diana Sowle
Mushi: Leah Clarke
Mushi's Mom: April Stewart
Kokari: Zach Callison
The Spider Queen: Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn (With a sinister, terrifying edge to her voice of course)
Mr. Cutter: Corey Burton
Mrs. Cutter: Tress Macneille
Mr. Bamboo: Paul Eiding
Kaguya: Monica Rial
Princess Fuse: Tara Strong
Yatsu: Craig Sechler (He came to mind since he voices Skyrim's male ghosts)
Tei: Kevin Michael Richardson
Gi/Take: Vic Mignogna
Jin/Ume: Joey Naber
Chu/Hayabusa: Craig Sechler
Crimson Helm: Gregory Baldwin
Orochi: Gregory Baldwin (Doing an impersonation of Mako Iwamatsu's Aku voice)

Rao: Stephanie Young
Queen Himiko: Nicole Oliver
Blight: Steve Blum
The Emperor: Wes Johnson
Hayazo: Rob Paulsen
Otohime: Laura Bailey
Orca: Billy West
The Water Dragon: Charles Martinet
Tobi: Troy Baker
Demon Lord Ninetails: Daniel Riordan (As Alduin, he showed that he's awesome at voicing arrogant, smug demonic entities)

Oki: Fred Tatasciore (Doing his Frost Tiger voice)
Samickle: Ron Perlman
Kai: Stephanie Sheh
Ishaku: Jim Cummings
Kemu: Andre Sogliuzzo
Marco: Sean Astin
Hakuba: Laura Bailey
Sado: Tress Macneille
Azumi: Jennifer Hale
Yami: Frank Welker (If Yami could talk instead of roar, Jonathon Adams would be PERFECT for him)
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