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Default The Boss Baby

Here's my cast for "The Boss Baby":
Nolan North as The Boss Baby
Grey Griffin as Tim Templeton
Rob Paulsen as Ted Templeton
Jennifer Hale as Janice Templeton
Kimberly Brooks as The Triplets
Kari Wahlgren as Staci
Eric Bauza as Jimbo
Tom Kenny as Francis E. Francis
David Kaye as Eugene Francis
Nika Futterman as Big Boss Baby
James Patrick Stuart as Adult Tim Templeton a.k.a. The Narrator

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Default Re: The Boss Baby

Voice director as Margaret Tang

Boss Baby as Clancy Brown
Tim Templeton as Tara Strong
Ted Templeton as Charles Klausmeyer
Janice Templeton as Holly Fields or Catherine O’Connor, but not both
The Triplets as Bobby Holliday, Catherine O’Connor, and Margaret Tang
Staci as Sumalee Montano
Jimbo as Bill Schneider
Francis E. Francés as Jay Gordon
Eugene Francés as Jon Curry
Big Boss Baby as Claudia Anne Christian
Adult Tim / Narrator as Piotr Michael

Additional Voixes: Jon Olsen, Jon Olson, John Olsen, John Olson, Jan Olson, Jen Olsen, Jemma Olson, Jane Olsen, Mary Kate Olsen, Ashley Olson, Jean Olson, Jane Olson, Jan Olsen, Jan Rabson, Robbie Ross, Jon Olsun, John Olsun, Judd Olson, Jim Olson, Jim Henson, Jon Olsen, John Olson, Jean Olsen, June Olson, and Michael Jackson.
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