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Default Men In Black

A Little Tie-In for Men In Black III as Well a cast for another Animated Series.

Clancy Brown - Kevin Brown/Agent J
Khary Payton - James Darrell Edwards III/Agent K
Tricia Helfer - Elle/Agent L
Richard McGonagle - Chief Zed
Keith Szarabajka - Agent D
Dwight Schultz - Jack Jeebs the Pawnshop Alien
John DiMaggio - Frank the Pug
Dana Snyder & Kevin Michael Richardson - The Worm Aliens (The Worm Guys)
David Sobolov - Dr. Zan'dozz Zeeltor
George Newbern - Agent X
Brian Bloom - Troy the Symbiote
Michael T. Wiess - Buzzard
John Kassir - Edwin Bug/Edgar Bug/Queen of Bugs, The Twins
Vicki Lewis - Aileen
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Default Re: Men In Black

What if Womb Music got their hands on MIB?

Director - Margaret Tang

Agent M - Kimberly Brooks
Agent H - Clancy Brown
High T - Michael J Gough
Pawny - Drew Massey
Agent O - Susanne Blakeslee
Vungus the Ugly - Jon Curry
Agent J - Mark Moseley
Agent K - Steve Blum
Young Agent K - James Arnold Taylor
Agent L - Holly Fields
Zed - Jess Harnell
Frank the Pug - Jay Gordon
Jack Jeebs - Charles Klausmeyer
Edgar Bug - Bill Schneider
Worm Guys - Jess Harnell, James Arnold Taylor, Jon Olsen, Jon Curry
Boris the Animal - Piotr Michael
Alpha - Peter McHugh
Serleena - Bobby Holliday

Additional voices - Steve Blum, Clancy Brown, Kimberly Brooks, Jon Olsen, Michael J Gough, Drew Massey, Susanne Blakeslee, Jon Curry, Jon Olson, Mark Moseley, James Arnold Taylor, Holly Fields, John Olsen, Jess Harnell, Jay Gordon, Charles Klausmeyer, Robbie Rist, Robbie Ross, John Olson, Bill Schneider, Piotr Michael, Peter McHugh, Bobby Holliday, Dwight Schultz, Catherine O'Connor, Jan Olsen, Mark Allen Stewart, Billy Joel, Michael McColl, Michael Beattie, and Jon Olsen.
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Default Re: Men In Black

I dig it
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