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Default Mario in Real Time

Before he voiced Mario characters in the games themselves, Charles Martinet voiced them at various electronics trade shows and expos during the early-mid 90s. Using motion-capture technology, he voiced floating Mario heads and actually interacted with people who'd walk by.



Donkey Kong (3:33 and 6:10)

It's fun to get an idea of what Martinet would sound like if he voiced his Mario characters for extended periods of time. It's also cool hearing his original take on Wario's voice, as well as DK with full human speech! (Also the totally random Illusion of Gaia reference.)

Martinet's website claims that he voiced Donkey Kong. I'm guessing these events are probably what he was referring to, rather than the games like Mario Kart 64 or Mario Party (which I always believed were stock sound effects).

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Default Re: Mario in Real Time

I've heard it said that he still believes himself to be the only person who voiced Wario. And now this.

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Default Re: Mario in Real Time

I remember watching these a while back. It's pretty cool to hear Martinet's earlier performances as Mario and Wario, as well as his take on Donkey Kong. Now I'm wondering what it would've been like if DK had full human speech in the games (DK series, Mario spin-offs, Smash).
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Default Re: Mario in Real Time

Interesting how DK isn't that far from his normal voice.

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Default Re: Mario in Real Time

Charlie's Donkey Kong actually kinda sounds like Richard Yearwood.
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Default Re: Mario in Real Time

Charles voice is actually my favorite now, if he can tweek that with more of a muscle oaf in it I'd like to hear it more in a cartoon or game.
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