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Default Voice acting birds

It's a well-known fact that parrots can imitate human speech to a surprising degree (Alex the African gray being the most famous example). And it's not just parrots who can do this, some other birds like crows, magpies, and mynahs have been known to do so as well.

So...what if a parrot or some other bird were to actually voice an animated character? Like, the bird says something and that thing is recorded and synced up to the character?

The character's dialogue would have to be extremely limited, the bird would have to be really well-trained to sit in a recording booth, and there wouldn't really be a point to it other than to show off (since we could just as easily use Frank Welker or Dee Bradley Baker).

But I still think the idea would be interesting. Has something like this ever happened before, and if not, would it be possible for it to happen?
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Default Re: Voice acting birds

Oh, we actually had a similar discussion behind the scenes with this, but it was for the game Fallout 4, where the dog character was voiced and motion-captured by a real dog. We decided it was too weird and for now we should just leave them off.
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