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Post Hardest Game You've Played?

There were quite a few hard games and hard difficulties I've ever played.

F-Zero GX - This is definitely one of my favorite GameCube games of all time, but it was so hard. Story Mode on very hard pretty much made me furious because I literally want to 100% the game. The hardest chapter out of all them has to be Chapter 7. Here's the reason why:

Cheating and Aggressive A.I.
The Brutal Track (lava, part of the track with no railing, and the first turn)
Black Bull and Blood Hawk have more boost/health

In the end, I managed to beat every single chapter on very hard. If you've beaten all the chapters on very hard, you should call yourself a legend.

Recently, one mission on Modern Warfare Remastered was almost impossible unless you're hardcore. That mission is Mile High Club. The enemies just spawn randomly and you got no time to react. I manage to get the trophy. Do you want to know how? I use this technique.

The Black Series in Trackmania Turbo - I understand that each series gets harder, but the black series is the one you'll struggle. I stopped at the Canyon because I just lost intrest to it and you need to join Ubisoft Club to play online. I was surprised that I got a Trackmaster medal in track #122.
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Exclamation Re: Hardest Game You've Played?

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

My God, what was that?! The gameplay, visuals and story telling was all good. But the combat, was excruciatingly difficult. At first, I thought, I was doing something wrong, with the key combos and all. But then I asked my friends and check some YouTube videos, only to find that a lot of people were having the same problem.
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Default Re: Hardest Game You've Played?

Max Payne 3, full stop.

The game's story mode is especially infuriating on both Hardcore and Old School difficulties, but the former takes that up to eleven. Hardcore difficulty? You will get killed in 2-3 hits from the most regular enemies imaginable. You will be only rewarded with few seconds of Bullet Time, which can be really infuriating, when you deal with enemies who pepper you with bullets.

But wait!

If you think Hardcore difficulty is not bad enough, there's the infamous New York Minute Hardcore minute, which is unlocked by completing New York Minute. This is where everything becomes ridiculously infuriating, because NYMH is a single-life run where enemies and time are ironically your worst nightmare. If you lose time and you die, you will be respawned back from the very first level of NYMH.
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Default Re: Hardest Game You've Played?

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Default Re: Hardest Game You've Played?

I stink at shooters.
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