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Default Metro Exodus

After finishing the game on Ranger Hardcore NG+, it remains as the funnest experience I've had. In honour of that, I'll present a dream cast itself.


Artyom - Norihiro Inoue
Anna - Junko Minagawa
Miller - Kenyu Horiuchi
Stepan - Hiroki Yasumoto
Katya - Atsuko Tanaka
Nastya - Sakura Tange
Duke - Ryotaro Okiayu
Damir - Shinji Kawada
Alyosha - Kenta Miyake
Tokarev - Cho
Yermak - Katsuhisa Hoki


Artyom - Troy Baker
Anna -Laura Bailey
Miller - Michael McConnohie
Stepan - Chris Hackney
Katya - Wendee Lee
Nastya - Stephanie Sheh
Duke - Sam Riegel
Damir - Keith Silverstein
Alyosha - Johnny Yong Bosch
Tokarev - Jason Miller
Yermak - Patrick Seitz
ψhεrε τhε gσσδ mεετs τhε βαδ.
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