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Smile Pokemon Dream Casts

Whether you are going by the anime and/or the games (or any of the Manga) here is the thread for the Pokemon franchise here anyways I will at least start off with this...

(Pokemon- Ocean)

Ash- Saffron Henderson or Cathy Weseluck
Misty- Maggie Blue O'Hara
Brock- Ted Cole
Delia Ketchum- Willow Johnson (Kasumi Tendo)
Gary Oak- Matt Hill or Richard Cox
Professor Oak- Richard Newman
James- Kirby Morrow
Jesse- Kelly Sheridan
Meowth- Scott McNeil or Alec Willows
Giovanni- Paul Dobson
Butch- Scott McNeil
Cassidy- Venus Terzo
Mewtwo- Scott McNeil
May- Andrea Libman
Max- Jillian Michaels
Dawn- Tabitha St. Germain
Paul- Michael Donovan
Nurse Joy- Janyse Jaud (Felicia)
Officer Jenny- Susan Roman
Lt. Surge- Michael Dobson or Ward Perry
Erika- Lisa Ann Beley
Sabrina- Willow Johnson
Koga- Paul Dobson
Blaine- Paul Dobson
Tracey- Brad Swaille
Prof. Ivy- Janyse Jaud or Cathy Weseluck
Prof. Birch- Terry Klassen
Prof. Elm- Garry Chalk
Lorelei- Saffron Henderson
Bruno- Scott McNeil
Agatha- Pam Hyatt
Lance- Trevor Duvall
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Default Re: Pokemon Dream Casts


Ash: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Brock: Eric Vale
Misty: Monica Rial
Jessie: Jamie Marchi
James: J Michael Tatum
Meowth: Todd Haberkorn
May: Luci Christian
Max: Alison Viktorin
Dawn: Cherami Leigh
Iris: Maxey Whitehead
Cilian: Micah Soludod
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Default Re: Pokemon Dream Casts

Los Angeles - Mainstream

Ash: Kath Soucie
Misty: Tara Strong
Brock: Phil LaMarr
Jessie: Grey DeLisle
James: Daran Norris
Meowth: Matt Frewer
Giovanni: Kevin Michael Richardson
May: Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Max: Candi Milo
Dawn: Cree Summer
Tracey: James Arnold Taylor
Gary: Ben Diskin
Professor Oak: Frank Welker
Creature voices: Tom Kenny, Der Bradley Baker, Frank Welker, Daran Norris, Peter MacNicol, Tara Strong

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Default Re: Pokemon Dream Casts

After rewatching Sweeney Todd, I think Johnny Depp would make a great Mewtwo if a proper dub of the first movie was ever made.

As for the regular characters I don't have much lined up, but Grey DeLisle and Candi Milo as Musashi and Nyarth/Meowth do come to mind.

I'm aware of the rumor that Nintendo has Robin Williams as Professor Orchid in mind for a potential live-action adaption of the series, but for the animated TV series I'd rather go for a less high-profile actor. I'm personally interested in hearing John de Lancie in the voice role as a benign change of pace from his better known TV performances (Q and Discord).
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Default Re: Pokemon Dream Casts

(Pokemon- California Anime)

Ash- Michelle Ruff
Misty- Colleen O'Shaugnessy
Brock- Kirk Thornton
Delia Ketchum- Bridget Hoffman
Gary Oak- Derek Stephen Prince
Professor Oak- David Lodge
James- Richard Cansino
Jesse- Dorothy Fahn
Meowth- Tony Oliver
Giovanni- Richard Epcar
Butch- Steven Jay Blum
Cassidy- Wendee Lee
Mewtwo- Patrick Seitz
May- Stephanie Sheh
Max- Brianne Siddall
Dawn- Kate Higgens
Paul- Yuri Lowenthal
Nurse Joy- Philece Sampler
Officer Jenny- Erika Lenhart
Lt. Surge- Peter Lurie
Erika- Karen Strassman
Sabrina- Kate Higgens
Koga- Lex Lang
Blaine- Steve Kramer
Tracey- Johnny Yong Bosch
Prof. Ivy- M.E McGlynn
Prof. Birch- Tony Oliver
Prof. Elm- Michael McConnohie
Lorelei- Michelle Ruff
Bruno- Jamieson Price
Agatha- Barbara Goodson
Lance- Crispin Freeman
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Default Re: Pokemon Dream Casts

Here's who I would've cast in a Studiopolis dub of Pokemon.

Cam Clarke as Brock

Doug Erholtz as Tracey Sketchit

Tom Fahn as Cilan

Maile Flanagan as Ash Ketchum

Danielle Judovits as May

Wendee Lee as Jessie

Mona Marshall as Max

Lara Jill Miller as Iris

Colleen O’Shaughnessey as Misty

Derek Stephen Prince as Meowth

Stephanie Sheh as Dawn

Roger Craig Smith as James

Brian Beacock as Gary Oak

Steven Blum as Butch

Johnny Yong Bosch as Reggie

Benjamin Diskin as Drew

Dorothy Elias-Fahn as Matori

Richard Epcar as Giovanni

Kate Higgins as Zoey

Ali Hillis as Professor Juniper

Megan Hollingshead as Nurse Joy

Dave Mallow as Cyrus

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Cynthia

Jeff Nimoy as Professor Oak

Bryce Papenbrook as Trip

Paul St. Peter as Professor Rowan

Kirsten Potter as Delia

Jamison Price as Professor Birch

Sam Riegel as Barry

Cindy Robinson as J

Michelle Ruff as Bianca

Patrick Seitz as Don George

Stephanie Sheh as Johanna

Brianne Siddall as Ritchie

Steve Staley as Paul

Karen Strassman as Officer Jenny

Laura Bailey as

Troy Baker as
Drake (Orange Islands Champion)

J.B. Blanc as

Steven Blum as Tucker

Johnny Yong Bosch as Brawly

Richard Cansino as Khoury

Susan Dalian as Lenora

John DeMita as Raoul Contesta

Mari Devon as Luana

Henry Dittman as Harrison

Brian Donovan as Todd Snap

David Earnest as Roark

Melissa Fahn as

Erin Fitzgerald as

Quinton Flynn as
Flint (Sinnoh Elite Four)

Sandy Fox as
Brock’s Siblings

Crispin Freeman as

Eddie Frierson as Blaine

Grant George as Cress

Barbara Goodson as Professor Carolina

Michael Greco as Harley

Darrel Guilbeau as Rudy

Kyle Hebert as

Kate Higgins as

Bridget Hoffman as

Megan Hollingshead as

Neil Kaplan as
Charles Goodshow

Janice Kawaye as
Lilian Meridian
Vivian Meridian

R. Martin Klein as Vincent

William Frederick Knight as Pryce

Steve Kramer as
Drake (Hoenn Elite Four)

Lex Lang as
Crasher Wake

Wendee Lee as Brock’s Siblings

Michael Lindsay as Conway

David Lodge as
Flint (Brock’s Father)

Yuri Lowenthal as

Mona Marshall as Luke

Michael McConnohie as Spenser

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Professor Ivy

Vic Mignogna as Volkner

Daran Norris as

Liam O’Brien as

Colleen O’Shaughnessey as Maylene

Tony Oliver as Saturn

Paul St. Peter as Chuck

Tricia Pierce as Ursula

Tara Platt as

Jamison Price as Lt. Surge

Eden Riegel as

Sam Riegel as Burgh

Robbie Rist as Morrison

Cindy Robinson as Bugsy

Michelle Ruff as
Liza (Charicific Valley)

Philece Sampler as

Carrie Savage as
Brock’s Siblings

Stephanie Sheh as Lily

Keith Silverstein as Tabitha

Michael Sinterniklaas as Nando

Christopher Smith as Maxie

Michael Sorich as Clay

Peter Spellos as Koga

Spike Spencer as Mr. Sukizo

Melodee M. Spevack as Agatha

Skip Stellrecht as Brycen

Ellyn Stern as Bertha

Doug Stone as Archie

Terrence Stone as Looker

Karen Strassman as

Fred Tatasciore as Bruno

Julie Ann Taylor as

Kirk Thornton as Dr. Namba

Kari Wahlgren as
Dr. Fennel

Debi Mae West as
Roark (Young)

Travis Willingham as Pierce

Wally Wingert as Lance

Dave Wittenberg as

Dan Woren as Dr. Zager

Laura Bailey
Troy Baker
Brian Beacock
Beau Billingslea
J.B. Blanc
Steven Blum
Johnny Yong Bosch
Richard Cansino
Susan Dalian
John DeMita
Mari Devon
Benjamin Diskin
Henry Dittman
David Earnest
Chris Edgerly
Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Richard Epcar
Doug Erholtz
Jonathan Fahn
Melissa Fahn
Tom Fahn
Erin Fitzgerald
Quinton Flynn
Sandy Fox
Crispin Freeman
Grant George
Tom Gibis
Barbara Goodson
Michael Greco
Darrel Guilbeau
Todd Haberkorn
Kyle Hebert
Kate Higgins
Bridget Hoffman
Megan Hollingshead
Neil Kaplan
R. Martin Klein
William Frederick Knight
Steve Kramer
Lex Lang
Michael Lindsay
David Lodge
Yuri Lowenthal
Peter Lurie
Dave Mallow
Mona Marshall
Michael McConnohie
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Vic Mignogna
Jeff Nimoy
Daran Norris
Liam O’Brien
Colleen O’Shaughnessey
Joe Ochman
Tony Oliver
Bryce Papenbrook
Paul St. Peter
Tricia Pierce
Tara Platt
Jamieson Price
Derek Stephen Prince
David Rasner
Eden Riegel
Sam Riegel
Robbie Rist
Cindy Robinson
Michelle Ruff
Philece Sampler
Carrie Savage
Patrick Seitz
Pete Sepenuk
Stephanie Sheh
Brianne Siddall
Keith Silverstein
Michael Sinterniklaas
Christopher Smith
Michael Sorich
Peter Spellos
Spike Spencer
Melodee M. Spevack
Steve Staley
Skip Stellrecht
Ellyn Stern
Doug Stone
Terrence Stone
Karen Strassman
Fred Tatasciore
Julie Ann Taylor
Joe J. Thomas
Kirk Thornton
Kari Wahlgren
Ezra Weisz
Debi Mae West
Travis Willingham
Wally Wingert
Dave Wittenberg
Dan Woren
Michael Yurchak
Rick Zieff

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Question Re: Pokemon Dream Casts

If using the Studiopolis cast, who should voice the Pokémon creatures?
It's matchup time!
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Default Re: Pokemon Dream Casts

Steven Blum and Jeff Nimoy could do some of the Pokemon voices, definitely. Wendee Lee, Philece Sampler, Beau Billingslea, Michael Sorich, Michael Sinterniklaas, R. Martin Klein and Derek Stephen Prince could also provide some.

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Default Re: Pokemon Dream Casts

Based on the games if were a MMORPG like Skyrim, just the main important charecters.


Billy West as Professor Oak
Yuri Lowenthal as Bill

Eric Stuart as Brock
Rachel Lillis as Misty
Diedrich Bader as Lt. Surge
Lauren Tom as Erika
Tara Strong as Sabrina
James Sie as Koga
Corey Burton as Blaine
Graham McTavish as Giovanni

Lori Alan as Lorelei
Kevin Michael Richardson as Bruno
Tress McNeil as Agatha
Crispin Freeman as Lance
Tom Kenny as Blue


Wally Wingert as Professor Elm
Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Lyra
Johnny Yong Bosch as Ethan
Josh Keaton as Silver

Sam Riegel as Falkner
Mona Marshall as Bugsy
Tara Platt as Whitney
David Kaye as Morty
Fred Tatasciore as Chuck
Danica McKellar as Jasmine
Jeffrey Combs as Pryce
Megan Hollingshead as Clair
Kim Mai Guest as Janine

Derek Stephen Prince as Will
Tricia Helfer as Karen

S. Scott Bullock as Petrel
Rob Paulsen as Proton
Cree Summer as Arianna
Lex Lang as Archer


John DiMaggio as Professor Birch
Jessica DiCicco as May
Yuri Lowenthal as Brendan
Spike Spencer as Wally

Kari Wahlgren as Roxanne
Greg Cipes as Brawly
Dwight Schultz as Watson
Olivia Olson as Flannery
Patrick Warburton as Norman
Kath Soucie as Winona
Eamon Pirruccello as Tate
Madeleine Hall as Liza
Carlos Alazraqui as Juan

Maurice LaMarche as Maxie
Nolan North as Tabitha

Clancy Brown as Archie
Karen Strassman as Shelly
Steve Blum as Matt

John Kassir as Drake
Nika Futterman as Phoebe
Grey Delisle as Glacia
Fred Tatasciore as Drake

Troy Baker as Wallace
Gabriel Mann as Steven


Michael McConnohie as Professor Rowan
Danielle Judovits as Dawn
Will Friedle as Lucas
Jason Marsden as Barry
Daran Norris as Looker

James Arnold Taylor as Roark
Kimberly Brooks as Gardenia
Olivia D'Abo as Fantina
Janet Varney as Maylene
John DiMaggio as Crasher Wake
Jamieson Price as Byron
April Stewart as Candice
George Newbern as Volkner

David Kaye as Cyrus
Dee Bradley Baker as Saturn
Cindy Robinson as Mars
Vanessa Marshall as Jupiter
Dwight Schultz as Charon

Philece Sampler as Cheryl
Carlos Alazraqui as Buck
Lacey Chabert as Marley
Crispin Freeman as Riley
Lara Jill Miller as Mira

Vic Mignogna as Aaron
Susan Blu as Berta
Khary Payton as Flint
Robin Atkin Downes as Lucius
Sumalee Montano as Cynthia


Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Professor Juniper
Jason Spisak as Cheren
Tania Gunadi as Bianca
Kath Soucie as Fennell
Dee Bradley Baker as Cedric Juniper

Nolan North as Cilan
Rob Paulsen as Chili
Dave Wittenburg as Cress
Cree Summer as Lenora
Steve Blum as Burgh
Elizabeth Daily as Elesa
Keith Szarabajka as Clay
Michelle Ruff as Skyla
Brian Bloom as Brycen
Olivia Hack as Iris
Clancy Brown as Drayden
Tabitha St-Germain as Roxie
Bumper Robinson as Marlon

Karen Strassman as Shauntal
Liam O'Brien as Grimsley
Laura Bailey as Caitlin
Phil LaMarr as Marshall
Scott McNeil as Adler

Jeff Glen Bennett as Corless
Christopher Ayres as Rood
Charlie Adler as Zinzolin
Mark Hamill as Ghetsis
Brad Swaile as N

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Default Dream Cast: grim and gritty Pokemon reboot

What if some American animation studio would make darker and edgier remake of Pokemon series? I'm not saying that it would be good idea, but it would be interesting.

Will Friedle - Ash Ketchum
Tara Strong - Misty
Matthew Mercer - Brock
Wally Wingert - Professor Oak
Colleen OShaughnessey - Nurse Joy
Jennifer Hale - Officer Jenny
Benjamin Diskin - Gary Oak
Kari Wahlgren - Jessie
Nolan North - James
Rob Paulsen - Meowth
Steve Blum - Giovanni
Troy Baker - Mewtwo
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pokemon, pokemon special

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