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Default Re: One Piece

Originally Posted by Hayworth View Post
What, no Usopp

But I really like most of these! Rick always struck me as more of a Zoro type, but I could see him pulling off Franky with a Big Bull-style performance, if not exactly that voice. Grant as Sanji is the only one I have any misgivings about. Maybe it's that Grant naturally sounds kind of headcold-y and that just seems way too close to David Moo for me hahaha
Usopp WAS there, but I seemed to accidentally delete him. Added him back in; my pick was actually Mick Wingert!

And that's understandable. Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of Eric Vale's Sanji neither, so I was also trying to avoid drawing on him too much.I felt Grant could mix what little bits of Moo's sort of kind of... vaguely worked (and that wasn't much), and what I liked about Vale's, while taking out what I didn't like from either.

Luffy was hands down the hardest to cast, though, which is why I ultimately left it to two voices.
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