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Default Re: Naruto

Naruto Shippuden Dream Cast

Naruto: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Sasuke: John Burgmeier
Sakura: Caitlin Glass
Kakashi: Jason Douglas

Shino: Matthew Mercer
Tsunade: Lydia Mackay
Hinata: Brina Palencia

Itachi Uchiha: Chris Patton
Tobi: Sonny Strait
Madara Uchiha: J. Michael Tatum
Orochimaru: Christopher Ayres
Jugo: Patrick Seitz
Kisame: Dameon Clarke
Konan: Laura Bailey
Kakuzu: Chris Sabat
Hidan: Kyle Hebert
Deidara: Vic Mignogna
Hiruko: Chris Rager

I haven't watched either series yet, so some of these may be a tad off.
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Default Re: Naruto

Originally Posted by huzaifa_ahmed View Post
Cho - Rob Paulsen? Kinda want something similar, but deeper.
Itachi - Mark Rolston
Kisame - Khary Payton (see what I did there? )
For Cho, if you want someone who's a little deeper, there's always Dee Bradley Baker, or Michael Gough.

Not to sure about Mark Rolston as Itachi though, and I don't really see the connection between KHary and Kisame.
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Default Re: Naruto

Originally Posted by huzaifa_ahmed View Post
How about switch Mark & George Newbern?
I was thinking George to, and maybe Dawson. She's got a fairly deep feminine voice, but there's still something youthful to her tone, so I'd probably cast Susan Eisenberg or even Gina Torres as Tsunade.

But back to replacing Itachi and Kimimaro--

Probably, Troy Baker for Itachi, and either Steve Blum or DBB for Kimimaro.

... And maybe, Roger Craig Smith for Baki.

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Red face Re: Naruto

Hmm... Rob Paulsen as Obito... I know he can do serious roles, but I just... don't think his voice works for Obito; definitely not in the way Todd Haberkorn nor Vic Mignogna did. With Todd, there's sort of this... raspy, gravelly quality he added to Obito that I just haven't seen anything of Paulsen's, MGS included, to support the idea he can execute the sort of voice that fits Obito.

tbh, I always thought Richard Cansino could have made a kickass Obito... well, as kickass as Obito could be... he was arguably, for me at least, one of the worst parts of the series after his unmasking, with the exception of providing a brilliantly choreographed fight against Kakashi in the anime. Something along the lines of his Legato (Trigun) would sound good for an older version of the Obito voiced by Vic Mignogna.
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Default Re: Naruto

My dream cast for the Boruto series, barring confirmed characters:

Sumire: She screams Christine Marie Carbanos. Xanthe Huynh would work too.
Iwabe: Kaiji Tang.
Denki: Tara Sands if woman, Griffin Burns if man.
Kawaki: Ray Chase.
Shin: Chris Niosi.
Mini Shins: Lucien Dodge assuming a different voice.
Metal: Erik Kimerer.
Chocho: G.K Bowes (please recast Colleen).
Wasabi: Cristina Vee.
Namida: Erica Mendez.

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Default Re: The New Naruto Cast

*Naruto FUNimation Inspired Voice Cast (Pre Timeskip)*

Team 7:
Naruto Uzumaki - Leah Clark
Sasuke Uchiha - Ricco Fajardo
Sakura Haruno - Alexis Tipton

Team 8:
Kiba Inuzuka - Mike McFarland
Shino Aburame - Todd Haberkorn
Hinata Hyuga - Sarah Wiedenheft

Team 10:
Shikamaru Nara - Clifford Chapin
Choji Akimichi - Dallas Reid
Ino Yamanaka - Jad Saxton

Team Guy:
Rock Lee - Josh Grelle
Neji Hyuga - Chuck Huber
Tenten - Luci Christian

Team Gaara:
Gaara - Justin Cook
Kankuro - Joel McDonald
Temari - Colleen Clinkenbeard

First Hokage Hashirama - Kent Williams
Second Hokage Tobirama - Josh Grelle
Third Hokage Hiruzen - John Swasey

Iruka Umino - Robert McCollum
Kakashi Hatake - Alex Organ
Might Guy - Ian Sinclair
Asuma Sarutobi - Eric Vale
Kurenai Yuhi - Morgan Garrett

Jiraiya - Christopher R. Sabat
Tsunade - Stephanie Young
Orochimaru - Daman Mills

Sannin Assistants:
Shizune - Caitlin Glass
Kabuto Yakushi - Alejandro Saab

Sound Ninja 5:
Kimimaro - David Matranga
Sakon and Ukon - Jason Liebrecht
Tayuya - Shelley Calene-Black
Kidomaru - Travis Willingham
Jirobo - R. Bruce Elliott

Itachi Uchiha - J Michael Tatum
Kisame Hoshigaki - Jason Douglas

Mist Ninja:
Zabuza Momochi - Dameon Clarke
Haku - Meredith McCoy

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Default Re: Naruto

Here's my list for a Funimation dub.

Naruto Uzumaki: Colleen Clinkenbeard (using her Gohan voice).
Sasuke Uchiha: David Matranga.
Sakura Haruno: Luci Christian.
Kakashi Hatake: Chuck Huber.
Sai: Chris Patton.
Yamato: Jason Liebrecht.
Hiruzen Sarutob/Third Hokagei: Jon Swaysey.
Iruka Umino: Eric Vale.
Zabuza Momochi: Robert McCollum.
Haku: Lindsey Seidel.
Orochimaru: Either Dameon Clarke or Wendy Powell (if you want him to have a female voice like in the subbed version).
Kabuto Yakushi: John Burgmeier.
Gaara: Aaron Dismuke.
Temari: Colleen Clinkenbeard (using her Momo Yaoyorozu voice).
Kankuro: Christopher Bevins.
Baki: Chris Sabat.
Rock Lee: Austin Tindle.
Neji Hyuga: Josh Grelle.
Tenten: Trina Nishimura.
Might Gai: Ian Sinclair.
Hinata Hyuga: Leah Clark.
Kiba Inuzuka: Clifford Chapin.
Shino Aburame: Justin Briner.
Kurenai Yuhi: Stephanie Young.
Shikamaru Nara: Mike McFarland (using his Jean Havoc voice).
Ino Yamanaka: Amber Lee Connors.
Choji Akamichi: Greg Ayres.
Asuma Sarutobi: Sonny Strait.
Jiraiya: R. Bruce Elliot.
Tsunade: Jamie Marchi.
Shizune: Cynthia Cranz.
Kimimaro: Justin Cook.
Sakon and Ukon: Todd Haberkorn.
Tayuya: Kate Oxley.
Kidomaru: Cris George.
Jirobo: Mike McFarland (using his Yajirobe voice).
Itachi Uchiha: J. Michael Tatum.
Kisame Hoshigake: Kent Williams.
Deidara: Vic Mignogna.
Sasori: Patrick Seitz (Hiruko) and Micah Solusod (true form).
The Masked Man: Eric Vale (using his America voice as Tobi and his Tomura Shigaraki voice for his "Madara Uchiha" voice).
Zetsu: J. Michael Tatum (using his Dororo voice for his White side and his Scar voice for his Black side).
Hidan: Jerry Jewell.
Kakuzu: Chris Sabat.
Konan: Monica Rial.
Pain: Matt Mercer (Yahiko) and Vic Mignogna (Nagato).
Killer B: Chris Sabat.
Danzo Shimura: Brian Mathis.
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Default Re: Naruto

Here’s one that’s sure to surprise you—in the vein of the Family Guy/Star Wars specials, this is a hypothetical one-off episode that sees characters from Naruto in a typical episode of the original 60’s “Mission: Impossible” show; the humor lies in seeing characters we know and follow acting like professionals (for once). Assuming the respective VA’s of each character are retained, we have:
-Tsunade as mission control (“Your mission, should you choose to accept it...”)
-Kakashi as Jim Phelps—keeping up the mystery of his face, it’s almost always seen obscured by some random object (like a house plant) or at a certain angle.
-Naruto as Rollin Hand—given Naruto’s constant use of the transformation technique, he’s perfect for the resident master of disguise and magician. (And yeah, it would be funny to hear Maile Flanagan channeling Martin Landau.)
-Ino as Cinnamon Carter—Ino’s mind possession ability letting her ‘become’ other people is a decent comparison to Carter’s method acting.
-Shino as Barney Collier—a good bet considering both make good use of ‘bugs’, among other things.
-Rock Lee as Willy Armitage—the ‘muscle’ of both respective teams.
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Default Re: Naruto

More Boruto Characters:

Shinki: Kyle McCarley.
Yodo: Lauren Landa.
Urashiki: Greg Chun.
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Default Re: Naruto

I recently got into Naruto and after watching the entire original series (well, minus the fillers) I decided to make a fancast for the fun of it:

Team 7:

Naruto Uzumaki-Haley Joel Osment or Alanna Ubach
Sasuke Uchiha-Steven Yeun
Sakura Haruno-Mae Whitman
Kakashi Hatake-George Newbern
--Pakkun-Jess Harnell

Team 8:

Hinata Hyuga-Cherami Leigh
Kiba Inuzuka-Eric Bauza
--Akamaru-Dee Bradley Baker
Shino Aburame-Christopher Daniel Barnes
Kurenai Yuhi-Claudia Black

Team 10:

Shikamaru Nara-Jason Marsden
Ino Yamanaka-Natalie Lander
Choji Akimichi-Sean Astin
Asuma Sarutobi-Diedrich Bader

Team Guy:

Rock Lee-Dante Basco
Neji Hyuga-Robbie Daymond
Tenten-Alyson Stoner
Might Guy-Daran Norris
--Ningame-Daran Norris

The Sand Siblings:

Gaara-Jason Spisak
Kankuro-Corey Feldman
Temari-Janet Varney
Baki-Anthony Ruivivar

The Hokage:

Hashirama Senju/the First Hokage-James Remar
Tobirama Senju/the Second Hokage-Clancy Brown
Hiruzen Sarutobi/the Third Hokage-Bruce Davison
--Enma-Jim Ward
Tsunade Senju/the Fifth Hokage-Ming-Na Wen
--Katsuyu-April Stewart


Mizuki-Scott Whyte
Zabuza Momochi-Nick Chinlund
--Haku-Caitlyn Taylor Love
Gato-Wayne Knight
Orochimaru-Steven Blum (eh, what the heck!) (main form); Eric Bauza (as Shiore); Oded Fehr (as the Fourth Kazekage); Misty Lee (female form)
--Kabuto Yakushi-Gideon Emery
--Team Dosu
----Dosu Kinuta-James Urbaniak
----Zaku Abumi-Scott Menville
----Kin Tsuchi-Tara Strong
--Sound Ninja Five/Four
----Jirobo-Dave Boat
----Kidomaru-Rick D. Wasserman
----Sakon and Ukon-Dee Bradley Baker
----Tayuya-Julie Nathanson
----Kimimaro Kaguya-Robin Atkin Downes
--Manda-David Sobolov
Itachi Uchiha-Sam Witwer
Kisame Hoshigaki-Clancy Brown


Iruka Umino-Neil Patrick Harris
"Konohamaru Army Corps"
--Konohamaru Sarutobi-Tara Strong
--Moegi Kazamatsuri-Misty Lee
--Udon Ise-Debi Derryberry
Ebisu-Greg Ellis
Tazuna-Stephen Root
Inari-Kath Soucie
Tsunami-Kath Soucie
Haiza (flashbacks)-Chris Cox
Kotetsu Hagane-Andrew Kishino
Izumo Kamizuki-Keith Ferguson
Ibiki Morino-Wade Williams
Anko Mitarashi-Jennifer Hale
Hayate Gekko-Gavin Hammon
Teuchi-Paul Eiding
Ayame-Rachael MacFarlane
Jiraiya-Kevin Conroy
--Gamabunta-Jim Cummings
----Gamakichi-Tom Kenny
----Gamatatsu-Debi Derryberry
Yugao Uzuki-Maria Bamford
Homura Mitokado-Richard McGonagle
Koharu Utatane-Suzanne Blakeslee
Genma Shiranui-Charlie Schlatter
--Shikaku Nara-Andre Sogliuzzo
--Inoichi Yamanaka-Neal McDonough
--Choza Akimichi-Brad Garrett
Hiashi Hyuga-Phil LaMarr
Hizashi Hyuga (flashbacks)-Phil LaMarr
Hanabi Hyuga-Darcy Rose Byrnes
Yashamaru (flashbacks)-Dee Bradley Baker
Shukaku the One-Tailed Tanucki-Trevor Devall
Tsume Inuzuka-Nika Futterman
--Kuromaru-Chris Cox
Hana Inuzuka-Mary Faber
Shibi Anurame-Stephen Stanton
Fugaku Uchiha (flashbacks)-Daniel Dae Kim
Mikoto Uchiha (flashbacks)-Jennifer Hale
Aoba Yamashiro-Chris Cox
Shizune-Maria Bamford
--Tonton-Maria Bamford
Nawaki Senju (flashbacks)-Rachael MacFarlane
Dan Keto (flashbacks)-Brian Bloom
Raido Namiashi-Brian Bloom
Kurama the Nine-Tailed Fox-Tony Todd

So what does anyone think? I have yet to watch Shippiden so I'll make a fancast for it once I finish it.

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