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Casting Call BTVA's newest feature. Audition for voice acting projects created by members of BTVA. Project owners can manage the entire project from start all the way through to casting.

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Post GTA Radio Asset - Multiple Roles

Hey, me and a programming friend of mine have been working on a radio asset similar to the radio system youd find in the GTA games (San Andreas, 4, and 5), and we are now finishing up the design and adding some more features to it. At this point, we are looking for voice actors interested in doing a passion project with their free time. Any age, any gender, most of these roles you are free to make up, as they are fake advertisements, news reports, fake news, your own station where you can be the DJ, talkshows, comedy, music, serious or funny, is mostly up to you, with guidance from me and my friend.

What we are looking for is good content to not only test with, but possibly release the asset with, on the Unity Asset Store. You are also welcome to create any art youd like for it if you have some artistic ability.

This is 100% voluntary and the project is not intended to make any monetary gain (profit). This is strictly out of your own free time and wanting to do something fun.

If this sounds interesting to you, please read the Google Doc all about it:

You are welcome to audition here on the casting call:
or by email or Discord.

Feel free to contact me by email, Discord, or on BTVA.
Discord: Dibbie#0408

Any questions about me, or the project, feel free to ask.

Q: Who exactly are you looking for? Im new to voice acting and I wanna try it out
A: Anybody of any skill level or experience. If your new or been doing it for 20+ years, both are fine. This is a open project so theres no specific "roles", just general personas or generic characters you can make into your own.

Q: How will this content be used? Im unfamiliar with 'Unity'
A: Unity is a free game engine for developers/programmers/artists/designers to build 3D or 2D games without the overhead of coding things like graphics rendering and lighting - the Unity Asset Store is an external up-to-date service Unity provides to developers to download free (or paid) "assets", essentially zipped files of content that work specifically with their engine, this can range from anything. What we (me and my friend) are building, is an asset for this store for free, that will allow any developer to emulate the feeling of a GTA radio system into their current project, whatever it may be. If we like your voice, you are providing "sample content" they can preview for the "out of the box" experience, so they get an idea of how the asset works without modifying anything, and can more easily test it out, and replace it with their own content.

Q: How much content are you looking for?
A: You are welcome to provide as much or as little content as youd like. For now, this is an audition, and what you provide will be what me and my friend Josh will be reviewing - if we like your voice/content, we will contact you by the deadline (which is why its important to sign the metadata of your files, so we know exactly who you are), and ask you to create specific content for the asset - and it IS possible that your audition, may be used as some of the content as well.

Q: What are the restrictions for my audition? Am I allowed to swear or make my own character up?
A: You are allowed to swear if you want, adult humor, and dark humor are both allowed. Avoid anything that may come off as racist, sexist, or socially unacceptable, and avoid legally trademarked brands like Apple, or McDonalds, etc. You can make parodies of these brands however, like "Pear" or "McNancys" or whatever.

Q: What are the exact preferences for submission?
A: Preferably, stereo, wave file, lossless/uncompressed - if its multiple files, zipped (.zip, .rar, .7zip), sent to my email:, or you can send it through Discord if you prefer: Dibbie#0408 - my messages are on so you dont need to add me to send files/message me, although your welcome to.

Q: What can I gain from this project, if I happen to be cast?
A: Generic speech time... I wanted to create an open project for VA's to get some experience and an idea in a "not scary" way, for future auditions (if it may be your first time auditioning for something), for a fun project. So in short, you can gain some experience for application, portfolio work, you will get a copy of the asset and demo to show off, credits in the asset, and if you decide to keep in contact with me, I can let you know of future game projects or assets and casting calls I post, as well as any paid or voluntary casting calls I come across that I think youd be a good fit for. As a developer, I communicate with a lot of individuals, and sometimes (albeit, its rare), some developers look for voice actors and for some reason, assume a programmer would know some good references. Id be able to forward that to you, when they arise.

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