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Default 8th Wonderland

Here we have a thought-provoking social commentary from 2008 called 8th Wonderland, about a website whose members effectively form their own country. A good chunk of this cast has done voice work, and I very nearly listed everyone I could find a game credit for. And then I realised that was getting silly. So I modified it to those who are either already on this site, or are likely to be in the foreseeable future. I think you'll be intrigued, and perhaps pleasantly surprised.

EDIT: See last post for images.

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Default Re: 8th Wonderland

Wow, this is like a treasure trove of Paris actors.

So that's what Steve Croce looks like, huh?
"You're being unnecessarily brutal and mean, and your replies wreak of your aggression. Pardon me, but I don't turn a blind eye to people like you."
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Default Re: 8th Wonderland

That's what I thought when I watched it, even more so when I got to the credits.

Yeah, that's him. I believe he was in Silence For The Actors as well, but he looks completely different here.

I actually had a weird moment towards the end, when Doug says the line "Goodbye, McClane. May you ******* rot in Hell." In that instant, I had an image of Trunks saying that to Zamasu - even if it's more in line with something Vegeta would say.
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Default Re: 8th Wonderland

Moved the images to the site

BuRGwkG - Imgur.jpg
Matthew Geczy as John McClane

G85jDeM - Imgur.jpg
Les Clack as English Prime Minister

Q2tPiOB - Imgur.jpg
Doug Rand as CTU Manager

uV7AKE2 - Imgur.jpg
Christian Erickson as NASSI President

jTdI5RG - Imgur.jpg
Vivienne Vermes as Anna

fqh9CsG - Imgur.jpg
Nicholas Calderbank as Candidate No. 4

GTdxLwY - Imgur.jpg
Eddie Crew as Canadian Emcee

7Fv7CUw - Imgur.jpg
Bruce Van Barthold as English TV Reporter

UipX4S3 - Imgur.jpg
Allan Wenger as English Doctor

q25G2U5 - Imgur.jpg
Jesse Joe Walsh as Printer

zQJHXzU - Imgur.jpg
Andrea Scheiffer as US TV Reporter

m2XK69e - Imgur.jpg
Antony Hickling as Dany

gW3L9TB - Imgur.jpg
Steve Croce as Passer-by

TAxLxBT - Imgur.jpg
Colin David Reese as Canadian Prime Minister

L9fRWrN - Imgur.jpg
Edward Hamilton-Clark as Johnson

8jpyAe3 - Imgur.jpg
Joe Rezwin as US Emcee

7fQ9loT - Imgur.jpg
George Birt as Historian

SjOyJL0 - Imgur.jpg
Christopher James King as Couturier

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