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Default Vinland Saga

Seraphim Digital Cast (Sentai Filmworks):

Thorfinn: Leraldo Anzaldua
Askeladd: John Swasey
Bjorn: George Manley
Thorkell: Rob Mungle
Canute: Blake Shepard
Floki: Andrew Love
Thors: David Wald
Yfla: Maggie Flecknoe
Helga: Luci Christian
Einar: Adam Gibbs
Ketil: Mark X. Laskowski
Arneis: Emily Neves

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Post Re: Vinland Saga

And wouldn’t you know, the Anime now is a thing. So we can properly start guessing.

Thorfinn: Erica Mendez (Child) Ray Chase (Teen)
Askeladd: Neil Kaplan
Bjorn: Jamieson Price
Thors: Richard Epcar
Leif: Keith Silverstein
Helga: Tara Platt
Ylva: Michelle Ruff
Halfdan: Michael McConohie
Floki: Greg Chun
Thorkell: Patrick Seitz
Canute: Robbie Daymond
Ragnar: Wally Wingert
Willibald: Kaiji Tang
Sweyn: Steve Kramer

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Default Re: Vinland Saga

I just do not think that a US based cast is appropriate for this show. Though I'm sure it's not the best at capturing the accents of the age, I think a UK cast would be far more fitting than standard dub fare. It won't happen but a man can dream.

Here is my best attempt at a UK cast (and no it is not just The Sniper 2). Gonna include some characters that probably won't be in the anime adaptation.

Thorfinn (child) - Claire Morgan
Thorfinn (adult) - Rasmus Hardikier
Askeladd - John Eastman
Thors - John Hopkins
Thorkell - Timothy Watson
Floki - James Goode
Leif Erickson - Alex Norton
Canute - Adam Howden
Einar - Matthew Gravelle
Gudrid - Lauren Coe
Snake - Mark Healy
Hild - Kellie Bright

Might add more to this later.
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Post Re: Vinland Saga

And since I'm further ahead in the Manga, I might as well put some of the characters who will likely not be appearing in the Anime (Unless they make a second season), here's who I imagine they would be voiced by:

Einar: Sugita Tomokazu/Crispin Freeman
Ketil: Tobita Nobuo/Doug Stone
Sverker: Noda Keiichi/Michael McConohie
Thorgil: Miyake Kenta/Chris Tergliafera
Olmar: Sakurai Takahiro/Grant George
Arnheid: Ohara Sayaka/Bridget Hoffman
Snake: Suwabe Junichi/Liam O'Brian
Gardar: Yamadera Koichi/Steve Blum
Bug-Eyes: Takagi Wataru/Michael Yurchak

Gudrid: Hanazawa Kana/Cristina Vee
Sigurd: Ono Daisuke/Matthew Mercer
Karli: Some Random Baby (LOL)
Hild: Park Romi/Laura Post
Baldr: Ise Mariya/Laura Stahl
Vagn: Genda Tessho/Paul St Peter
Garm: Canna Nobutoshi/Tony Oliver

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