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Dream Casts Be the Voice Director and cast your favorite voices for different shows, movies or games!

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Post General Macross Dream Cast

While it may just be a faraway dream due to Harmony Gold's existance, the hope of a full import for Macross has not left my heart. Thus, let us join together and discuss who we would want for all of these wonderful series... though I'm gonna have to skip on Delta as I haven't watched it yet, though I may update it once I do.

Note: I am aware that both the OG Macross and Plus both had dubs, and both of them are fine (Scratch that, Plus' Dub was freaking great) but let's say that they decide to redub them and no one comes back.

OG SDF Macross:

Ichijo Hikaru: Max Mittleman
Lynn Minmay: Stephanie Sheh
Hayase Misa: Tara Platt
Maximillian "Max" Jeinus: Robbie Daymond
Roy Fokker: Kyle Hebert

Macross Plus:

Isamu Alva Dyson: Doug Erholtz
Guld Goa Bowman: Lex Lang
Myung Fan Lone: Karen Strassman
Sharon Apple: Megan Hollingshead
Lucy McMillan: Wendee Lee

Macross 7:

Nekki Basara: Michael Sinterniklaas
Mylene Flare Jenius: Mela Lee
Ray Lovelock: Jamieson Price
Veffidas Feaze: Carrie Keranen
Gamlin Kizaki: Crispin Freeman

Macross Zero:

Kudo Shin: Xander Mobus
Sara Nome: Erica Harlercher
Mao Nome: Michelle Ruff
Aries Turner: Cherami Leigh
Nora Polyansky: Erica Mendez

Macross F:

Alto Saotome: Ray Chase
Ranka Lee: Christine Marie Cabanos
Sheryl Nome: Lauren Landa
Mikhail Blanc: Johnny Yong Bosch
Ozma Lee: Kaiji Tang

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