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Casting Call Audition for voice acting projects created by members of BTVA. Project owners can manage the entire project from start all the way through to casting.

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Default Transformers Evolution: The Webseries

I'm making a stop motion webseries based off my fan fiction over on dA and TFW. The first episode will be released in the spring of next year, and what I'm dubbing "phase 1" will air for the rest of that spring into the fall.
Those who are not in Phase 1 will receive a PM from me telling them when they are going to be in the series. Also, if you sign on you HAVE to finish your role.
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Default Re: Transformers Evolution: The Webseries

Here are all the characters who need voices!
- Violen Jagger
- Steeljaw
- Windblade
- Chromia
- Tankor
- Brainstorm
- Swerve
- Wheeljack
- Dai Atlas
- Young Scientist
- Que
- Optimus Prime
- Menasor
- Superion
- Silverbolt
- Springer
- Ratchet
- Motormaster
- Thunderhoof
- Cyclonus
- Fracture
- Drift
- Cyclonus
- Bumblebee
- Strongarm
- Grimlocke
- Fixit
- First Aid
- Hot Spot
- Rook
- Alpha Bravo
- Air Raid
- Skydive
- Slingshot
- Firefly
- Streetwise
- Blades
- Drag Strip
- Dead End
- WildRider
- Offroad
- Breakdown
- Gears
- Huffer
- Powerglide
- Groove
- Viper
- Megatron
- Tailgate
- Windcharger
- Cosmos
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