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Dream Casts Be the Voice Director and cast your favorite voices for different shows, movies or games!

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Default Cast-By-Cliq (Casting Game)

Note: I'm unsure where to put this, this seemed like the best fit, if this is wrong please give me an idea of the correct forum or move the threat to the right one.

I'll just cut to the chase: basically the point is to make a dream cast of a animated movie, animated show, or non-fmv video game BUT everyone in it must be a part of the same dubbing scene (i.e. work on the same projects and are a part of the same company cliq thing; so no Samuel Vincent and Crispin Freeman together) and you fill out a solid chunk of the cast to the best of your ability or as comically miscast as possible.

Here are the rules:

1. No doing the same dubbing scene/ media work combo twice in a row.
2. Only animated movies and tv shows, and no fmv games.
3. English voiceovers only.
4. If the voiceover switches between voice acting scenes or moved between multiple ones thruout their career, they can count in each one they participated in.
5. Voicedubs by noted on-camera actors, internet celebrities, or old-style celebrities count as their own cliq; they can't be mixed with voiceover actors who don't often do on-camera work.
6. No need for mentioning extras, just list as many roles as you can.
7. The voiceover must have at least one role on this site and/ or IMDb. No need to link to the cast's pages on here or IMDb.
8. No using pseudonyms for the filled-out cast.
9. Make sure choose a media work and casting cliq for the next person to use after you've listed your cast. Only one has to be used by the next person, but using both is fine.
10. It can't be something already dubbed by the scene chosen unless you radically shift or change the cast.
11. Have fun !

Starting Post:

Dragon Ball Z: The Tree Of Might... as dubbed by Animax Asia

Son Goku/ Kakarot- Darren Pleavin
Turles- Dave Bridges
Son Gohan- Andrea Kwan
Krillin- Russel Wait
Piccolo- Dave Bridges
Tien Shihan- Russel Wait
Yamcha- Scott Evans
Chiaotzu- Sarah Hauser
King Kai- Rick Thomas
Cacao- Darren Pleavin
Daiz- Russel Wait
Amond- Scott Evans
Rasin- Rick Thomas
Lakasei- Rick Thomas
Bulma- Candice Moore
Chi Chi- Andrea Kwan
Master Roshi- Rick Thomas
Puar- Darren Pleavin
Oolong- Russel Wait
Great Ape- Scott Evans
Shenlong- Rick Thomas

up next: Ed, Edd, N' Eddy/ Blue Water

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